"Beyond meat" (vegan) burgers really do taste and feel like meat.

It doesn’t taste like a beef burger, more like a similar styled pork product.

It prices about 4 times more than beef (I live in Ottawa) but doesn’t shrink as much when grilled. All-n-all, if you are looking to cut down on your meat intake you have a serious alternative (to satisfy any intermittent cravings you might have).

I agree, those burgers are really good. I wish they were cheaper, though.

I tried one, taste was okay, but I got seriously ill after it. I’ve read that some people just react poorly to whatever protein is used in them, and I am definitely one of those people.

I love my veggie burgers and veggie dogs and, contrary to common stereotypical thinking, they are very filling. In fact, I find a veggie dog more filling than a whatever-meat-it’s-made-out-of dog, although I really enjoy a regular dog or a high quality beef burger as much as anybody.

Spouse and self like these quite a bit. I pan fry them, and they get a nice, crispy crust with a decently ground-beef-like texture. The flavor is good, but they’re best with cheese and toppings/condiments. They have an odd smell right out of the package (I think the protein gives off a little bit of ammonia), but that goes away as soon as cooking starts.

The local Whole Foods has a food stall that sells the burgers, plus their bratwursts and sweet or spicy Italian sausages (all vegan). The sausages are surprisingly good.

I have heard that the Impossible Foods burgers are even better, but they’re not available for preparation at home yet.

I haven’t gotten a “beyond meat” burger yet but I did try an Impossible Burger at a restaurant and it was good.

Agree on Impossible Burgers. I like meat, but would like to eat less, and Impossible Burgers make that easier–great taste, great texture. I don’t think I’ve tried a Beyond Meat but would happily do so.

How’s the sodium? So far my preferred fake meat products are not even worth it due to the sodium content. Regular burgers might increase my cholesterol, and the substitutes do increase my blood pressure.

If you have a moral issue with meat then I understand these, but everything I’ve read indicates they are no better for your health and may in fact be worse.

A friend of mine tried one and had an allergic reaction. She has no idea what ingredient she reacted to.

There’s substantially more sodium in this product (380mg/113g) versus regular lean ground beef (~73mg/100g). I suppose its because its pre-seasoned with salt (unlike ground beef) to the taste of the producers.

Hey thanks.

See, I just don’t understand all this. I finally caved in to the hype a couple weeks ago and tried an Impossible burger. It basically tasted no different than a damn dressed up Boca burger, albeit s bit more soft and tender. I was massively underwhelmed. I’d eat one again if it was served at a party or function but i wouldn’t pay for one.

I will try Beyond Meat. But unless it is a significant difference from Impossible Boca, well, then i will keep on not eating veggie burgers. Well shit, i don’t really eat any kind of burger, meatless or not. So i guess i should just shut up and go away. :v:

I’m not as concerned about the health implications, but more about killing the planet with cows.

I’m not sure the sodium comparison tells us that much. Does anyone/any restaurant NOT put salt in meat burgers?

I tried both Beyond and Imposible burgers. The new version of Impossible is pretty darn close to tasting like beef. I don’t think most people would have difficulty in a blind taste test figuring out which is which, but if you handed an Impossible burger that was prepared correctly (I’ve had them about a dozen times, and there is definitely a difference in how well they are prepared) without telling me, I very well probably would not notice. At White Castle’s, it’s more meat-like than the normal sliders! (But I still love the sliders, because when I want White Castle, that’s the flavor I want, and the Impossible burgers don’t really have that steamed oniony flavor the regular burgers have.)

The Beyond Burger wasn’t as impressive to me, but still miles better than the usual faux meat products like Boca burgers, which I dislike very much.

I’m not a vegan by any stretch, but I do like the options, and I am waiting fir Impossible’s product to hit retail (right now, it’s only available to restaurants, I believe, although I read something about them going to retail this year.)

I did not know this was in the plan! :eek:

It tells me what I wanted to know. (The sodium content.) I’m not familiar with the product. Is this not something for use at home?

Beyond Burgers you can buy at the meat case of your grocery store. The Impossible Burgers (not the subject of the OP, but a related, competing product mentioned by others) is, AFAIK, not available for retail sale yet.

It’s not useful to prepare the sodium content of a prepared food (such as the plant burgers under discussion) to an unprepared food. When ground beef is cooked into hamburgers, sodium is added. Maybe some people just cook up plain ground beef without any flavoring but I wouldn’t want it.

I suppose you could use potassium salt if sodium was a real issue and in that case you wouldn’t want any prepared food with a lot of sodium.

Some of us are not supposed to eat sodium or potassium. Both are bad for the kidneys.

Tried one, and followed the directions for cooking, and it was still quite red. But it said it wouldn’t brown like normal meat, so I ate it. It wasn’t bad, but left me with a weird feeling in my stomach.

I’ve since seen others cook them, and they clearly do get brown. So I think mine was undercooked.

My point is, don’t just follow the really short cooking time instructions blindly, and wait for it to brown.

Carl’s Junior also seems to have them here in the US, but Hardee’s doesn’t, for some reason. I’d hoped to try one prepared by a professional, but we only have the latter here.