Biased commentary by commentators who were supposed to be neutral

And let’s not even start of John Madden’s adoration for Bret Favre and Tom Brady.

Yeah, in college football, the commentators tend to get boners for certain players and not let up, even when the team is getting crushed.

Case in point… Texas A&M vs. Arizona State this past season. The commentators would NOT shut up about Mike Bercovici, despite the game ending up in a 38-17 beating by A&M.

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This is a famous one from English RL.

The bias is probably deserved, but still it’s funny.


I like this version better:


IMO a teams own play by play/color team is OK to be biased. They’re paid by the team and listened to by fans. So, local broadcasts will nearly always be biased. I also think the Olympics have a hint of this, being as we’re Americans (most of us, anyway) watching an American broadcast. They’re going to Homer for the USA But,. I do think we do a pretty good job of being realistic. They’ll cover the Americans in sports we don’t traditionally do very well, but definitely let you know who the real players are… and pretty typically with a healthy dose of respect. If we were to create some massive upset, you bet there would be some excitement!

What bothers me are national media types or national broadcasts… where the announcers ignore the play on the field in favor of talking points about their favorite team or player. Peter Kings absolute sexcapades with Tom Brady, or Maddens ball washing of Favre for example.

But he’s the Celtics announcer: he’s supposed to be biased (and I’d expect the Lakers announcer to be just as biased the other way). It’s not like Tommy never admits the other team made a good play, or that a Celtic didn’t. I think once he even grudgingly admitted that a call against the Celtics was correct.

You know, what popped into my mind when I read the OP was listening to Bill Walton announce a game where one of the players (a low minutes sub IIRC, so not very involved, but still present) was Luke Walton. The only way you could have noticed they were related was when one of the other commentators brought it up. Bill said “I couldn’t be prouder”, then went on neutrally commenting on the game. I was kind of impressed.

I’m not sure whether Bill spent half an hour before the game in a room somewhere jumping up and down and yelling “That’s my boy! Look! That’s my son!” just to get it all out of his system, or seeing your son be not quite as accomplished as you* makes it easier to be chill about it.

  • I suspect that inch-for-inch, Luke was actually a better ballplayer than his dad, but as they say, you can’t learn height.

Heinsohn has nothing on Johnny Most.

Heinsohn was on the national network broadcast during the NBA Finals. He wasn’t supposed to be a Celtic homer.

Eh, you hire Larry Munson to cover the Sugar Bowl you should have a good idea what you’re going to get if Georgia makes the game. :slight_smile:

Ned Jarrett later apologized to Dale Earnhardt who finished second, who told him to forget it, he had kids too.

I disagree. He called the game in front of him and there was nothing particularly pro-American about it. Given the circumstances it was a miracle that they one but I bet he would have said the same thing too if a US’s arch-rival like Afghanistan beat them in basketball.