Bible not used in obama re-swear!!!!

In big red letters on Drudge’s page.

Really. Fuck off Drudge.

What? This crisis doesn’t rate flashing sirens?


Pfft. Should be glad he didn’t use the Koran.

It’s because the Lincoln Bible caught fire after he placed his hand on it.

As much as Drudge is a fucknugget – both for this latest bit, and just in general – I was very surprised to read that there was no bible used.

Obviously, the original oath was binding and legal. The only reason to have a do-over is to give the Freepers and assorted other deficients a healthy slice of STFU. So why give them extra ammo at the same time?

Hey, Teddy Roosevelt didn’t use a bible, and he was a Republican.

In the end, who cares? Washington was President for 7 weeks before he took the oath.

Maybe they can do a re-re-do.

He also mentioned non believers in his address. He’d better not count on Pat Robertson’s vote for re-election.

He used a HIDDEN CORRAN!!!

There’s a part of me that thinks this is tardbait.

I think when he started on the morning of the 21st his prayer meeting with

“There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet” just to fuck with people. Maybe something more subtle. “So… which way is Mecca?”

Cripes, can’t he do anything right?


Of course not. He’s a negro.

Maybe a stack of prayer rugs rolled up by the door as people walk in…

It’d be nice if I could open up the Drudge Report every now and then, just for a good chuckle and appreciation for his fine journalistic skillz.

Unfortunately, that page is (and always has been, and always will be… it’s part of the charm, you know :rolleyes:) the worst eyesore, ever. If Drudge’s content didn’t give me a headache, his page design sure as hell does.


This should make everybody happy: let’s just have him swear in every freaking morning. Then we can know for sure he’s super-duper definitely president and didn’t forget the oath overnight. Because it’s not winning the election that made him president, it’s saying the words in the magic oath in the precise order and doing the special pinky swear.

ETA: Oh, and let’s have him literally swear on a stack of Bibles. Maybe five and a half feet high.

The right wing fuckwits will continue to try to distract him (and all Americans) with their braying. Happily, this is a man who can focus on what is important.

This just proves it beyond all doubt.

Obama is the anti-christ.

That was my thought. I figure he’s got one of those Korans on a CD that he hid in the Sears Catalog he actually placed his hand on.

I’m sure the Lincoln Bible was returned to whatever archive or Library that it was borrowed from on tuesday, then when Roberts showed up yesterday at the Oval Office for the Mulligan, Obama was just moving in and there was no Bible available. There probably wasn’t even a stapler or a paperclip available, much less something as extraneous as a Bible. It wasn’t necessary for the redo (not that the redo itself was even necessary), and it wasn’t worth the time it would have taken to send somebody off to look for a Bible, so they just said the magic words and got it over with.

At first blush, it seems to give the winngnuts ammunition, but on close examination it really gives them nothing. The legal significance is zero and the political significance is confined to wingnuts only. The only people who would care about this are the same mouth breathers who already think he’s a Muslim. Let them carp. The more they scream about garbage lke this, the more they marginalize themselves.

When I am sworn in as the POTUS, I’m swearing in on a stack of Onion Newspapers and Fark Political Wars.