Bible not used in obama re-swear!!!!

I think I’d like to do it Roman style and grab my balls.

Obviously neither of us has any way of knowing, but I’m quite confident there was a bible that was within easy reach at the White House.

The simplest answer is that they didn’t use a bible because there’s no reason to use a bible, the only reason to use it is symbolic. The whole swearing in ceremony is symbolic itself, once that was complete whatever symbolic purpose there was in using a bible was exhausted. Since this secondary swearing in was just being done to quell murmurings on the fringe there was no reason to go at it with the full ceremonial gusto of the “original” swearing in ceremony.

When I am sworn in as president, I am totally swearing the oath on a stapler.

Can someone link to the inevitable whackadoo speculation that the televised inauguration was all a sham and the “secret” oath in the White House involved Michelle and the kids in burkhas, a copy of “On the Origin of Species”, and a phone call from Osama Bin Laden?

You know it’s out there.

While wearing a paperclip necklace.

You know that where the word “testi” fy comes from right? :slight_smile:

That was part of the pranking of the departing administration: they removed all the Bibles.

When I’m sworn in as president, I’m just going to swear.

“Do you solemnly swear …”

“Fuck, yeah!”

He just better keep wearing that flag pin so I know he doesn’t hate America.

When I’m sworn in as President, I’m going to swear on the latest issue of the TLA Video catalog.

“…that you will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States…”

“No shit, muthafucker”

I’ll use the Necronomicon.

“Do you solemnly swear to ensure that as many Americans as possible are eaten first ?”

“I do. *Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn *!”


And the Gideon people haven’t had a chance to come in and replace them yet.

In the entire White House maybe, but not necessarily in the West Wing. All the offices had been cleaned out down to bare carpets and empty desks. I read one story that said some staffers didn’t even have phones or computers in their offices. I’m sure office supplies were quickly brought in, but any Bibles would only be brought in as private property by staffers, and how many people bring Bibles to their first day of work?

Me too. If I’m sworn in, I’ll grab your balls.

“…and will to the best of my ability…”

“Oh I got the ability, biatch.”

“…preserve, …”

“Preserve this! Hooha!!”

“…protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…”

"Damn fucking straight, Judgy Robby Rob…"

First swear: Obama, who left this motherfuckikng Bible here?
Re-do: Obama, who left this motherfucking book here?
TBS re-do: Obama, who left this mellon farmer here?

Rush and his dittoheads have so little to bitch about. They are grasping at what little they have. Somehow the bible which was there for the first swearing in, has lost its miraculous powers. Barack should carry one around everyplace and swear in 3 times a day facing the gravity hot spot that is Limbaugh.

I think “who it is left this melon farmer here?” might work too. Or even adding, “so help me God, yo” at the end.