bibliopage's job at thread directing

I think we should give bibliophage
a hand in directing us to threads.

Everytime I look at a thread it seems bibliophage is saying your questions was already asked here and directs us there.

It must be awfully hard to keep track of what has been asked especially in the last week when threads move quickly.

(clap clap clap)
Got my respect.

Yup, I’ve been very impressed with bibliophages ability to point me in the right direction. Especially after I spend time trying unsuccessfully to find topics. Thanks bibliophage !

I have bibliophage on my AOL IM. Damn! He can’t have a life. He is on here more than any other Mod/Admin. At least the ones I can watch. Kudos.

He’s also moved about as many threads already as I did in my entire time as a mod… I’ve no idea where he finds the time.

bib, where do you work, and do they have any openings?

Well I need to say Kudos to bibliophage as well.

In the last few days he’s come to my rescue in a series of threads where I screwed up so badly, I needed a mod to clean it up.

Ironic, considered the other day I mentioned here how I never e-mail the mods. I don’t because I think they have enough on their hands.


Somehow, I don’t know who’s been more cursed by my recent spat of crappy posts- him or me.

Him for having to change it, or me for my embarassment.