Biden Is President, Congress Is Blue. Now What?

Assume that Mr. Biden becomes President, and the Senate/Congress is now in control of Democrats. What can and should be done in the next 2-4 years that we have control?

My suggestions:

  1. Fix Obamacare so that the Supreme Court will allow it to stand.
  2. Ensure that someone like Trump can’t be elected again. This would probably require a Constitutional Amendment so it might be right out.


That is literally impossible. How exactly would you define “someone like Trump” in such a way that you could legally exclude them?

My first hope is a simple return to competence. Put reasonable and experienced people in charge of the various federal agencies, appoint judges who are qualified, and repair relationships with our friends abroad.

In other words, just do your job.

After that, pick a few initiatives to make the country better. Some kind of Universal Health Care would be good. And address climate change.

I don’t oppose more sweeping reforms and improvements, but I don’t need or expect them.

I’d like to see an actual 21st Century national infrastructure initiative. I mean power smart grid, high speed internet, 5G, roads & bridges & airports, re-investment in science and medical research.

How about a required examination by a board of Psychologists to determine the values, ethics, skills and temperament of the candidate.
Again, Something like this is a “Blue Sky” wish of mine and would probably require a Constitutional Amendment.

Still, someone exactly like Trump but just a little bit smarter, could easily wreck Democracy forever.

I don’t know, but I’m not impressed that all the answers are not in the form of poems starting

Biden is Prez,
Congress is Blue…

I don’t know how well it would work, but I’ve always thought that one of the requirements for being president is that you hold a lower elected office first. For example, if you had to be elected at least twice to mayor or governor, I think that would weed out people like Trump. Do you think he’d have run for president if he had to in politics for 8 years first?
Also, it would give the locals the chance to make sure someone as bad as Trump would have less of a chance of getting through. If he first ran a county or state like he’s running the country, he’d be less likely to get elected a second time and even if he did, we’d have a track record to look at.

Exclude anyone who meets any or all of the follow criteria:
Won’t release their tax returns
Has slept with a porn star
Has paid money to a porn star to deny that they slept with them
Has described their own daughter as a piece of ass
Has publicly admitted to sexual assault
Has publicly called any other countries a “shithole”
Has gone bankrupt even one single time
Owes a lot of money but won’t say who it is owed to
Openly mocks the disabled
Openly mocks veterans

That would be a good start. Now in the normal universe we diverted from a few years ago this kind of thing was handled by the party. However, we have seen that this does not function as a safety in all scenarios.

As for the OP, first priority is to restore the Justice Department and tell them that while they are not being encouraged to dig up dirt on Trump, they are certainly free to pursue anything they happen across. Expose the rot of the Trump administration (and by extension Trump’s enablers in the Republican party) and once America understands just how corrupt they were, Biden’s blue team should have a free hand to do whatever they want.

Trump is going to jail
His lackeys are too


This is definitely better than nothing.

That’s another. Release of “x” years of tax returns required.

Wouldn’t that have cost us people like Eisenhower, though ? IIRC, he hadn’t held elected office before taking the oval.

I would start with mandatory disclosure of income sources for not only the President but congress as well. Invasion of privacy? Don’t run for federal office.

Biden is Prez
Congress is Blue
Justice is sweet
And long overdue

Biden is Prez
Congress is Blue
Let them eat cake
But get healthcare too

Biden is Prez
Congress is Blue
Stop the regressive
Judicial review

Biden is Prez
Congress is Blue
D.C. gets statehood
Fuck you McConnell you irredeemable piece of garbage

Ideally the democrats should focus on the following issues in no particular order (or I’m not sure what order).

  1. health care
  2. Protecting and defending democracy from domestic and foreign threats (including the republican party as an institution).
  3. Climate change
  4. Social justice for marginalized groups
  5. Income inequality

However I’m cynical, I don’t expect the democrats to do much of anything even if they win. But it would be nice.

To become an officer in the military or join a group like the FBI you have to get security clearances, undergo medical exams and undergo a rigorous background check. Trump never would’ve passed these.

The Democrats will do lots! And the Republicans will block it all in the Senate.

I said this in another thread: the first thing Biden has to do is make a pitch to the Republicans to join their colleagues in actually governing the country. We can craft good, bipartisan bills on health care, immigration, and the environment.

(I do not favor eliminating the Filibuster…because my side is going to need it again some day!)

Yep. I fully expect the high minded fervor to end the minute they gain control of the white house and congress. Infighting will begin immediately as the Democratic members of the house turn on each other and try to oust Pelosi. Which is why we can’t have anything nice.

Even if the Senate has a Democratic majority?

Filibuster. Like I said, I don’t want to scrap that. It was a mistake to take it away from blocking Judicial appointments: look what it’s brought us!