Biden to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS

Fantastic choice. Hopefully will be a smooth confirmation.

I’ll admit, in general, I don’t think race should be considered when selecting a person for a job.

HOWEVER, in the case of the supreme court, they make decisions that will affect everybody. The member’s personal life experience is something that would factor into their opinions. So it makes perfect sense that we need persons on the supreme court that represent the life experiences of the population (as best we can at least). A person’s race and gender most certainly impact life experience. Therefore, a black woman is the logical choice for the vacancy on the supreme court.

I’m hoping for a smooth confirmation as well. Hopefully any traffic tickets she has gotten won’t be brought up as a “rap sheet” (which was complete nonsense).

Hey, hope she flies right in. Also hoping for at least 1 conservative to…well, leave the Supreme Court.

Biden may be down in the polls and getting crap from all sides, but he does have over 2.5 years until a re-election campaign.

Apparently, Lindsey Graham is a fan. Weird thing with South Carolina Republicans. Storm Thurmond supported RBG’s confirmation.

I thought he was a fan of Childs?

My WAG is that Republicans go easy on this one, since it’s a liberal replacing a liberal. A few may even vote to confirm to “prove” they’re not racist dickheads.

But if Biden gets the opportunity to replace a conservative justice, then the GOP will go into full opposition mode.

I too think the Republicans will go relatively easy, but because they can’t stop it anyway (and, to a lesser extent, because coming out to strong against a Black woman would leave them open to being called racist dickheads). The strongest opposition would be people trying to raise their profile in conservative circles and play to the base.

But if they get another couple of seats, then I would expect a much fiercer resistance, regardless of who that nominee is replacing.

Nominee would likely pass anyway, as there are some Republicans (e.g. Collins) who tend to support all nominees regardless of ideology, so the Republicans would need a more comfortable margin to actually sink one.

I’m really surprised Biden didn’t go with Clyburn’s favorite. I’d have preferred Childs as well simply because she didn’t’ graduate from Harvard or Yale. I hope it’s smooth sailing for her, but I’m not hopeful.

While he was one of only three Republicans to vote for her last year when she was nominated to the US Court of Appeals, he doesn’t seem to be keen on her for the SC. He was hoping for South Carolina’s Childs.

Not to say Graham won’t eventually vote to confirm her (or not), but his initial response was to say the radical left has “won.”

I think the ferocity of the GOP opposition will be determined by what Collins and Murkowski are saying. If one or both of them come out in favor of KBJ, the rest will be opposed but not energetically. If neither of them seem inclined, then the knives will be out and who know what will happen? Graham’s statement about the “radical left” is not a good sign for what’s going on behind the scenes.

Well, i, too, hope for a quick confirmation. I’m excited to see she has experience as a public defender. I think that’s a perspective currently missing on the court.

Excellent pick. I really wish Biden hadn’t telegraphed his intentions, even though I think the intent is spot on.

I think this is probably accurate. There will be lots of showboating and grumbling about how this pick is politically motivated, something something cancel culture, something something dogwhistle about black people, women, black women. But she’ll get in. If Biden gets the opportunity to replace a conservative justice, they’ll rise up in righteous fury to say, “No! We let the last hack get in because we’re super bipartisan, but this is too far!”

While I agree with the political logic of this, I don’t know that there’s much substantive difference anymore between the Republicans “going easy” on a nominee and “full opposition mode.” They’ll try to tar her as a socialist radical because it’s what their base wants and its good for their fundraising. They’ll all vote against her except maybe Murkowski and Collins. And she’ll pass, because with the elimination of judicial filibusters they don’t have any way to stop it. I’m not sure what the extra “oomph” would be that Republicans would pull out to oppose Biden replacing a conservative justice.

She’s related by marriage to Paul Ryan.
I don’t know her religion, but I hope she’s not Catholic. There are far too many of them on the Court. But why do they always have to be Ivy Leaguers?

It’s more a question of magnitude than tone. If Biden’s replacing a conservative, it’ll be the same bullshit but amplified to the top story on Fox News every day for weeks. And if Murkowski and/or Collins indicate a vote to confirm, they’ll get the Cheney treatment.

(Not that it will make any difference with the makeup of the current Senate. And if they win back the majority in November, it won’t make any difference after that, either.)

I listened to his speech on the radio today and cried. She sounds awesome.

They both voted to confirm her to the Appeals Court just last summer.

Which is encouraging. But the spotlight on a SCOTUS pick is 1000 times brighter. (And, at any rate, I was talking about them voting for Biden’s hypothetical pick to replace a conservative, not Jackson.)

I am fully confident that if Republicans take back the Senate and Clarence Thomas departs this world the same day the new Senate is sworn in, McConnell will stonewall a vote on Biden’s nominee for the rest of his presidency.

Any chance any of those doddering old idiots will think they are voting to confirm Jackson Brown?