Biden will recognize Guaido as Venezuela's leader

I suppose it was too optimistic to hope for a change. US foreign policy doesn’t change much no matter who occupies the White House.

Why do you want change, though? Seems like Guaido is better than Maduro.

This doesn’t seem to be supported by reality.

It has to be noted here that even The Council of the Socialist International recognize deputy Juan Guaidó as the leader of Venezuela.

That is how immature Maduro is.

I don’t think the US’s many previous forays into regime change have had good results. And Guaido already failed his first coup attempt and has no more legitimacy than Maduro.

Maduro is remarkably incompetent at running his country, but I think the US sanctions are just making a bad situation worse.

There is no contradiction on realizing that sanctions and the attempted coup in Venezuela by the Trump administration were, besides stupid, making the situation worse and realizing that Maduro should go.

How does recognising someone who’s widely considered a US puppet help that, though?

The fact that other nations and international organizations do recognize Guaidó.

BTW that does not also remove the reality that Guaido is not looking as being so capable.

:slight_smile: It’s been two years and Maduro is still President. I don’t really see the benefit of ignoring that reality.

I don’t think you can quote where I said that we should ignore it.

Not you, I meant the US and EU and those other countries.

Same there, can you quote where they are ignoring it? Besides the US, other nations are not negotiating with Maduro while he is president.

Not negotiating with Maduro is one thing. But he is still president. That’s the reality. What’s the benefit to pretending Guaido is the leader when he isn’t?

Uh, that is not a cite that anyone is ignoring Maduro, they continue to pressure him to do the right thing.

I didn’t say they are ignoring Maduro, I said they are ignoring reality by recognising as leader someone who isn’t actually president and has no power.

I think you just misunderstood what I wrote.

That is part of the measures to pressure Maduro, it is not the only thing being done.

I just think, if it’s not working, why continue? And it’s not the US’s job to ‘fix’ Venezuela, especially when they have such a history of aiding coups and supporting terrible regimes in Latin America.

Again, it is not just the USA, and I already granted that the US is not helping here.

What do you think would help?