Big Bang premier guest stars announced.

Katey Segal and Michael McBrayer are playing Penny’s mom and brother. We all know Penny’s brother is a drug dealer, not the type I’m used to McBrayer playing, that’s for sure. It looks there are going to be a lot of parents in the premier. Wonder how they’ll work them all in.

Dean Norris from Breaking Bad is also a guest star. How they gonna fit all these people into a half hour show?

Do you mean Michael McBride or Jack McBrayer?

I wonder if we’re finally going to find out Penny’s last name.

And will we finally learn Penny’s last name?

And will we find out what happened between Leonard’s dad and Sheldon’s mom (nudge-nudge-wink-wink)?

They’re love child. No, wait. Jack McBrayer. Same same!

Jack McBrayer played Ray’s drug dealing brother on “Archer” as well. Looks like he’s found a new niche.

Her last name has to be mundane. Otherwise Howard would have made fun of it.

It’s old age setting in. Forget you saw this. Wait, maybe I can play it off-- I meant They are love child-ern. . … Nah, it’s senility.

I love Katey Sagal playing Penny’s mother. I wonder if there’ll be any shoutouts to 8SR?


I think Katey Sagal playing Penny’s mother as Gemma Teller would be perfect

Maybe he did, offscreen. We only see a few minutes of their lives every week.

BBT has referenced a lot of geek obsessions, have they ever mentioned Futurama? That was another show that was quite understanding of geek culture, and put a lot more effort into it than most shows did.

I hope Katey brings her Peg Bundy wig!

And I still thinks Penny’s middle name starts with an “R” and her maiden name is “Cade”