The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 14 -- "The Meemaw Materialization"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Pretty meh in both the A and B lines tonight. Meemaw is a bitch and worse than that she was not funny.

Previews suggest the revelation of the biggest secret yet!. Do we finally find out Penny’s last name? I bet she is from hardy German stock, maybe it’s Ottovordemgentschenfelde :slight_smile:

AFF’s first (or second) question after discovering there was a diamond ring?

Asking Penny if she knew? Strange, and obviously a setup for AFF/Penny falling out.

It is a sitcom… it got a laugh… it really doesn’t go any deeper than that.

Meemaw isn’t a bitch, she is just a tough Texas lady who is protecting her Moon Pie from the only woman who has ever hurt him.

The producers have said that we’ll never know Penny’s maiden name, so the big secret ahs to be about Howard’s father. Especially based on the blurb posted online for next week.

Meemaw didn’t live up to the hype.

Well, they’ve introduced Meemaw. Perhaps they’ll bring her back and do more with her.

Meemaw was better left unseen.

What is it with Raj and strange women? His first girlfriend was even less socially adapted than he was. His current girlfriend has an alarming love of cemeteries. This latest girl, pretending to be a bartender/screenwriter, is actually a killer robot who wants to eliminate the human race.

I expected Meemaw to be played by someone more famous. Someone up their with Christine Baranaski and Keith Carradine. Like maybe Candace Bergen, or God help us Betty White. But at least I recognized her, and remembered her from a few past roles (like an aging trollop on House MD). I thought she was just fine.

The actress is June Squibb. In my opinion, her best role was Kate Grant in Nebraska. This character makes Meemaw look like a softie.

I recognised her but couldn’t pin down where from. But she was really good, very relaxed and confident, so she ought to do another show. She could easily carry a dramedy as lead, along the lines of iZombie.

I thought Meemaw could have been handled better. She came off as a right bitch, but when it was revealed Sheldon’s grandfather (who was the only one who encouraged him in his studies) was exactly like Sheldon, it became clearer that she knew marriage to Sheldon was going to be a challenge. Since Amy had broken up with him, Meemaw feared Amy wasn’t up to the task. She treasures her Moonpie and doesn’t want to see him hurt.

I think Raj and Claire dynamic could work. She doesn’t want anything from him except his knowledge (for now.)

It’s special relationship, isn’t it, between a boy and his grandmother?

*Golf clap

Well since next week is the 11th I guess the big reveal won’t have anything to do with Adam West who’ll be guest starring on the 25th.

Yeah, I could see that!

I kinda thought that too, but the revelation that Sheldon’s grandfather, the only one who encouraged him in science, might have been a lot like him goes a long way to explaining their dynamic, and also Sheldon’s special relationship with his grandmother. Also, that Sheldon didn’t pop up out of nowhere, but actually is the result of recessive genes. Also maybe explains why his mother handles him as well as she does. Those are his mother’s parents, right? not his father’s.

I thought her preternatural blondeness made her look like one of those kids from Village of the Damned, all grown up.

She has Emily beat by a mile and a half.

Really ugly rumor about the rest of the season:

[spoiler]You’ve been warned![spoiler]The big reveal is that Bernie is pregnant. :eek::eek::smack::smack:

If that happens, I’m totally Kramer: “I’m out!”[/spoiler][/spoiler]

I really liked Claire as well. Much better dynamic than Emily, and cuter, too.

I actually like sexy / creepy Emily, but yeah, I gotta admit, you’re right!