Big Brother 2's Krusta suing CBS

Yes, the Nyquil-chugging, towel-turban wearin’, crawdad munchin’ waitress from Louisana is suing CBS over the Justin-with-the-knife incident.

Does she not recall that she defended him when she was evicted?

She must be jonesing for Nyquil real bad and needs the cash. :rolleyes:

Krusta: GO AWAY.

  • s.e.

Fox should have a new show lined up. Call it Whiny Little Bitches Stuffed in Bags and Beaten Against Trees. At least then she’d have some valid reason to complain against “personal injury.”

Interesting, she didn’t seem disturbed by it at the time.

Is she trying to get her name back out there for publicity purposes (didn’t she want to be an actress?) or, since she isn’t financially secure (and she could have been if she had followed through with her marriage to Mike Boogie!).

Unbelievable. Krista, the bulb in your fame spotlight has burnt out…build a bridge and get over it.

Are we talking about Nyquilla? Goodness, why can’t she just GO AWAY?

(BTW, when’s the next installment of this horrible show supposed to start? :))

The fun begins again on July 10th.

Did she drink Nyquil on the show, or was it something she said she did at home?
Is that something people actually do to get a buzz?
(boy, am I ever out of it!)

They didn’t show her drinking NyQuil on the show, but it was on the live feeds, which I followed through a message board. I don’t know if it was a one-time thing or not, but I do know that one night she got drunk, they ran out of beer, and she downed some NyQuil to keep her buzz going.

Kent mentioned the NyQuil thing when he was evicted.

BB also provided them with Tylenol PM.

And yes, people do NyQuil shooters for a buzz. I’ve only had it when I’ve been sick, but man, does that stuff pack a punch! :eek: