Big Brother Final Four speculation - OPEN SPOILERS

I think he actually would. I would hope people vote based on gameplay, and not on wah he hurt my feelings.

Me too. Dick has by far been the best at strategy, which I think & hope people will vote for in the end. Daniele’s only strategy was to win competitions and let daddy protect her. I think he deserves it more than she does. I think it’s also a great way for the jury to give both Dick and Daniele a big f-you.

From what I’ve read, this kind of gesture of love disintegrated during the challenge. Apparently, Dick was looking pretty ragged near the end (over 7 hours!) and Daniele was not interested in letting him off the hook because she still wanted Zack to lose - despite the fact that she went out after only 2 hours and Dick was visibly suffering. While Dick was still competing, Daniele finally said “I love you.” After he went out, though, Dick asked her to tell him that she loved him again and she refused.

Nice girl.

This is as I’ve read it on message boards, so it may be somewhat biased.

I saw that too, but the banter was described as jovial. Sort of like she did with Nick. Tell me you love me. Shut uuuuuup. This was on Survivor Sucks.


Whatever transpired, it sure affected Dick. He started treating Zach nicely right away. Pats on the shoulder. No hard feelings. All that sort of thing.

Unexpectedly, Dick won the second part of the HOH competition. Daniele seemed perturbed that he didn’t throw it to her, but then again it is entirely possible she would seem perturbed regardless of the plan or outcome. In any event, it will be Dick versus Zach in the live final round tonight on the CBS show.

Well, tonight should be fun to watch, then, at least. I’d say it’s anybody’s game. Zach, I’d think, would be more likely to win at something physical, but if it’s a question-and-answer type of game all bets are off. Zach did do a lot of studying while everyone ignored him. Who do you guys think Zach would take to the final two? I keep going back and forth in my mind on it.

That’s a tough one. It’s almost like the wine goblet in Princess Bride. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to reward Dick for the behavior he detests. On the other hand, he knows Daniele will get credit for her Janelle-type skills. However, he knows that Dick may very well get votes for savvy play. Nevertheless, there are airheads on the jury, like Amber and Jameka, who might just vote for who was a better friend. Then again, Zach wasn’t friends with either of them.

Zach’s whole being is a string of non sequiturs. Figuring out his thought process is difficult. He reminds me of what a chess grandmaster told me years ago when trying to recall his opponent’s move in a particular position: “It’s very difficult to remember bad moves.” Zach is so scattered that by the time he reaches the end of his thought process, he finds that he is starting over.

Plus, there’s the Jen factor. She might vote with a coin flip. She really doesn’t care.

There’s also the America’s Player factor, which of course Zach doesn’t know about. I’m guessing America would overwhelmingly vote to give the money to Dick over Zach or Daniele.

It just occurred to me that there is a presidential address on tonight. I hope it’s not scheduled during Big Brother.

Oh, fuck, no. Are you kidding me? AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGH, that pisses me off.

[…after checking schedule…]

Looks like we’re okay, Val. The stupid address isn’t until 9:00, and CBS doesn’t even have it on their schedule. (Only two networks do.)

You know, I wondered because I checked the schedule and couldn’t find the address anywhere. So that’s definitely a relief. The president has managed not to ruin my day (today, at least).

I guess that’s a moot point now, eh?

Now Dick can win and feel that all of his awful behavior was validated :mad:

Even worse, I think he deserves to win over Daniele.

What awful behavior? You mean yelling? I’ll give you the tea incident, but aside from that, he was always inside the line. He used intimidation as a tactic. And as much as Zach moralized over it, he never even tried to stop Dick. He let it go on with Justin, Amber, Jameka, Eric, and Jen without so much as a whisper of protest. If Dick were to win Miss Congeniality, then you could say his behavior was validated. But for the game, intimidation was just his tactic. Frankly, it’s CBS’s fault for populating the house with pussies who would put up with it. Maybe they were counting on Nick and Dick being enemies.

My household is done with this season I’m afraid. We can’t stand one more second of Daniele. I hope Dick wins.


Even if Dick wins, Daniele is going to benefit from the win, because the man is not going to withhold any of that money from her.

Well yes, but to me it’s about making a point. Dick, despite using tactics that were questionable at times, actually strategized enough to not only keep himself in this until the end, but also to keep Daniele in it until the end. Therefore, in my mind, he deserves to win. Daniele deserves to lose because I hate her. :wink:

I’d also be interested to look back at Dick and Daniele in six months or a year and see how they’re getting along. You just know that Dick is going to give Daniele part/most of his money if he wins. I hope he’s not naive enough to think that’s going to fix their relationship outside of the house. I really can’t see Daniele being ever-grateful to her father. Instead, she’ll continue to act like the spoiled little princess that she is. Keep in mind that money was at the center of their rift to begin with. Throwing money at this situation is not going to instantly make their relationship better. I kind of feel back for Dick because I think he thinks things are going to be better for them now and I highly doubt if they will.

I’m not sure that Dick and Daniele will ever have a relationship free from turmoil, but I could actually see this experience being a turning point in their relationship.

Because this gave them an opportunity to meet on neutral ground, as more or less equal adults. Could the money throw a new monkey wrench into the works? Sure, but between Daniele’s whinyness and her dad’s loudmouthed jerkishness, I’m not sure that a calm, stable relationship is in the cards.

(The above thought process inspired in large part by my Grandmother’s recent death. (No sympathy please, I’ve had my fill of sympathy, especially since it was totally unexpected by really for the best). Anyway, people who met my grandmother as adults talk about how sweet and kind and generous and fun to be with she was. People who knew my grandmother when they were children–like my mom and her siblings and cousins–talk about how controlling she was, and strict and how she wouldn’t let her children do various things).

If it is a game then I’d have to say Dick’s behavior was a prime example of poor sportsmanship. He gloated when he won, pouted when he’d lose, taunt people, swear at them, belittle them, bully them, etc.
If this is a no-hold-barred type game with no rules then the jury members are fully justified in using it as a reason NOT to vote for him.

I’m wondering if Eric has told anybody at the Jury House that he was “America’s Player”. I’ll bet Jessica knows. I assume he is not supposed to the spill the beans so we can have reaction shots when the Chenbot reveals it LIVE, but first…

He’s also not supposed to spill the beans because his last “task” as America’s Player is to campaign for America’s choice of Dick or Daniele.

Does Eric stand to win any more money if he accomplishes this last task? If so, it would be a good strategy for him to tell Jessica all about it. It would go a long way towards convincing her to vote the way he (and America) wants. Assuming there is a real relationship between them, she would see that it is to her advantage to help fill her boyfriend’s wallet. Since they are no longer under constant surveilance, even though it might be a contractual violation, I don’t see how CBS could be wise to any private discussions to this effect.