Big Brother Final Four speculation - OPEN SPOILERS


Please stay out if you’re looking for spoiler boxes. This thread is for those of us who like open spoilered discussions about the show. It includes information from the CBS show, as well as the live feeds and Showtime. Thank you.


Obviously, we all know that there was a whirlwind double eviction Thursday night that resulted in a Final Four of Dick, Daniele, Zach, and Jameka.

This is just fascinating. The strongest, most gutsy alliance duo ever, and two independent floaters. Zach has put Dick and Daniele on the block. All that matters is who gets POV. A final two of Zach and Jameka, while massively disappointing on so many levels, would be a perfectly fitting ending to this season of backdoors and tirades. Great stuff.

So Zach finally grew a brain and put up Dick and Daniele. I was screaming at the TV Thursday night. At Eric, for not trying to make a quick deal with Zach to get to the final two after Zach won the veto. And at Zach for not realizing that it was a great chance to get Daniele out and make everyone fend for themselves to the end. I was so afraid Zach was not going to put both of them up but thank goodness he did. I’m rooting for him or Jameka to win at this point.

I don’t think Zach can win against Jameka, but it is his best chance. He certainly cannot win against either Dick or Daniele. But I’m not sure Jameka has the wherewithall to win the POV. She just doesn’t have the fire under her ass that’s required in a fight to the death. I see it as a battle between Zach and Daniele. Dick has TOO much fire, and tends to burn up.

So, as I see it…

If Zach gets it, Dick will do what he does best and work Zach over. But to no avail. Jameka votes out Dick. If Jameka gets it, she votes out Dick. If Daniele gets it, she takes off herself and votes out Jameka. If Dick gets it, he takes Daniele off, and she votes out Jameka. So no matter what happens, Zach and Daniele are in the final three.


If Dick is with them, it will be a Dick and Daniele final two. Daniele will win the endurance HOH. Dick will win the game. If Jameka is with them, Daniele will win the endurance HOH and take Zach with her to the final two. Daniele will win.

Therefore, it seems to me that at this point, Dick or Daniele will win the game.

I was doing the exact same thing. Out of the remaining players, she’s the best at challenges, she’s got another player that is openly playing FOR her, and she’s not so bad a player on her own. Why in the world would you keep her in the house?

Zach has always wanted to belong. Daniele wisely nurtured that weakness, and put herself in the role of being his buddy.

Apparently, Zach has found Jesus.

Daniele won the POV. It seems silly to wait until Thursday to evict Jameka.

Damn. Why is it that the people I hate always win on this show? Why do I even bother to come back and watch year after year?

Jameka will be evicted on Tuesday and Zach (or whoever) will be evicted on Thursday.

Zach won the first round of the final HOH competition. That means Dick and Daniele will play for round two. That winner will play Zach in round three. That winner will be final HOH.

I didn’t realize that Zach got to play for the final HOH. Thank you for letting me know; now I actually have a reason to keep watching. When will the rest of the HOH competition take place?

We honestly couldn’t stomach watching last night’s show because we figured Dick or Daniele would have to get HOH since Zach was this week. Two seconds of Daniele’s whining sends my husband screaming from the room.


No, they always (as far as I know–I’ve not watched every season) let the three remaining houseguests compete for the last HOH, including the second-to-last HOH, because otherwise no one would want to win the second-to-last HOH.
The rest of the competition will air Sunday-- I think. Wait, today is Wednesday, so maybe it will air Thursday, and Sunday is the episode which will basically be a reprise of the season. Or maybe not. Now I’m confused.

But Danielle won POV, took her father off the block, Dick voted Jameka off, (duh!), and then they started the HOH competition–the endurance part, with added jump over the bar with the white rabbit on it challenge.

Yeah, I really should have known that about the final HOH but I somehow forgot. Same thing happens to me with American Idol every year. I go through this whole “now how does this work again?” stage.

Yes, you’ve got it right, Eureka. Thursday will air the HOH. Sunday the reprise. And Tuesday the finale. I do wish there were someone else besides Chenbot to question the houseguests, someone more like Probst. I’m sure her reveal of Eric will be botched and cheesy. But oh well.

Random thoughts…

I can see Dick wanting to throw the comp to Daniele. Even immediately and obviously just letting go or answering wrong or whatever it takes so as to conserver her strength and stamina — although final rounds are seldom physically taxing.

On the other hand, I can see Daniele pitching a fit about it. Digging in her heels just to disagree with her Dad, and insisting that he give it all he’s got because she wants to win the right way. Sometimes, I feel sorry for Dick in trying to repair this relationship.

All that said, there must have been some significance to her gesture last night. Taking him off the block showed exactly the 100% trust that is required for reconciliation ever to take place.

Zach has (re)found religion, and sees this as a battle of good (himself, of course) against evil (the Donatos). I must admit that it’s kind of neat to see someone be fairly unaffected by Dick’s tirades. Zach just saunters around like a grazing elephant, secure in the knowledge that one accidental and strategic elbow will dislocate Dick’s jaw if he gets too close. “Oops, sorry Dick. Didn’t see you standing there.”

However, there seems to be peace in the house. They all three are eating together for the first time. Daniele cooked the meal and told Zach specifically, “I’m cooking this for all of us.” He was gracious and grateful.

I don’t want Zach to win. I don’t like floaters. Especially whiny ones. In his speech at the nomination ceremony, Zach said that the Donatos (meaning Daniele) had dominated all the competitions and that “that’s just not fair”. Daniele laughed out loud (as did I). Not fair? For that alone, I hope he loses.

I personally found it hilarious that Daniele laughed at Zach calling something “not fair.” This from the same person who moped and whined “it’s not fair” and “this sucks” for about 24 hours after Zach won HOH.

They must not show the whole story on the broadcasts since I have no idea where all the hate for Zach by the other contestants comes from.
He might be a bit dense at times but I don’t know why everybody dislikes him.

He probably knows already that if he wins HOH he’ll have to boot out Daniele so he can be up against Dick for the votes.

Would the jury members really give it to Dick? He was such an ass to everyone and turned on all of them.

Dustin- Hates Dick.
Jen- Hates Dick, was belittled by him, was betrayed by him.
Jameka- Hates Dick, was belittled by him.
Eric- Was betrayed by him.
Jessica- Was betrayed by him.
Jameka- Was belittled by Dick, made amends with Zach.

I’m pulling like hell for Zach to win this thing. If it’s the Donatos in the final two I don’t think I could stomach watching the finale.

:smiley: Heh! You gotta point there!

“I actually thought about the pictures, and all he did was average some stupid numbers!”

His general ickiness and social awkwardness, resulting in his coming across quite often as some psycho pervert, especially to the girls.

I hope Zach wins too. If it’s the Donatos in the final two, the only thing that would make it worth watching for me would be if Dick wins the money over Daniele.