Big Brother 8 (7/19 to 7/25)

Koo-koo-kchoo, Mrs. Robinson, indeed.

Spoiler space follows…

It must be REALLY lonely for Kail out there in that big, empty field all by herself. Not that I’m at all sorry to see that twisted love-child of Quentin Crisp and Faye Dunaway’s gargoyle take on Joan Crawford leave.

Oh, and Kail? Better watch your ass, honey. Dick’s the new sheriff in town…

Things could not have gone any worse for Kail. Not only did she find out she was on an island in the voting (even Mike abandoned her), she has now seen her worst nightmare realized with Dick winning HOH. I think the odds are about 100% that Kail is going up on the block. Probably Jen as well. Dick has not exactly kept it a secret that he hates them. You can tell because he says stuff like, “I hate you.”

Woo hoo! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see whether Dick self-destructs! I hope he doesn’t. I hope he keeps his wits about him and puts up Kail and Jen. But I’ve seen some big shifts in dynamics on this show, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he gets sweet talked into doing something stupid.

I wonder if they’ll set up his HoH bedroom in the backyard, where he can smoke. :smiley:

This should be a great week.

Gee, I’ll bet Kail wishes she hadn’t gone back on her deal with Dick and campaigned against him all week. I’ll bet she especially wishes she hadn’t gotten caught. And that she hadn’t underestimated Dick’s ability to win HOH. Personally, I’d like to see Dick & Co. give her the back door treatment. Maybe put up Jen and, say, Zach, so it doesn’t look too suspicious. Make sure Zach or Jen gets the veto, put up Kail and bam, she’s gone. I bet they’d both be up for it in order to stay around for another week. If anyone has the ability to pull off a back door in the house, I think it’s Dick.

I can’t wait to watch Big Brother After Dark tomorrow to see the aftermath (Will the Mrs. Robinson alliance live through the night? If it does, it’ll be on life support). I’m tempted to stay up late to watch it tonight, but then I’d have to call in to work tomorrow, and if ever there was a pathetic excuse to call in to work, that would be it.

I noticed in the live show last night, Julie told Jen that she “took the uni out of unitard.” I know she didn’t mean it, but did Julie just call Jen what I think she called her?? That had me cracking up pretty hard.

Man the questions were bad. The whole would that wife’s name be Danielle questions made me want to scratch my eyes out.

Yay for ED. We were cheering when he won HoH. I’m guessing a new alliance forms from the ashes of the old one. ED, Danielle, Nick and a few others. Kail REALLY overplayed her hand this week.

I’m back to being slightly interested in the outcome of this season. I believe Dick is clever enough to let his hatred for Jen and Kail be tempered by his real needs, strategy-wise. I would thing he’d zoom in on the “muscles” to disrupt the “alliance” of Kail’s and let her stew in her own sweat for a while. Jen’s one of those “sure to win against” types who probably won’t remember her part in things and will (on the off chance she wins HOH or Veto again) probably be as irrational next time as she was lately. Talk about a chime head!

I’m down to caring only about Jameka, and the only ones I really need to be without are Jessica and Eric, although I could lose Amber and Danielle with no heartburn. Jen and Kail will be less of a worry for Dick short term and he might need to set his sights on his real competition. Putting up two of the Nick, Zach and Mike trio would be his best move, I think. It would put one nail in Kail’s coffin.

She took the “uni” out of “unitard” and made it a “Jenitard.”

good one, I didn’t catch that the first time around, but thanks for pointing it out now. :slight_smile:

On top of that, it’s the clearest case of pot-kettle I have seen yet. How many “tards” would Jen know about anyway?

Ok, I have to know, there is this quote and on the Big Brother website polls Eric is one of the lowest ranked players in popularity. Why? He seems funny, he is a good sport about the tasks he is given, especially since from the interview with his family he is a total BB geek that came into the house with a complete master plan that he had to tear up once he found he was “The Player”. He is one of my favorite players in the game and don’t understand why people don’t like him.
As a disclaimer, this is one of the few seasons I did not watch any feeds or read recaps of them, so he could be a total butthead when not on tv and I wouldn’t know it.


He’s just irritating. When he starts talking privately with people, he chatters like a chipmunk in a half-whining half-whispering stream of consciousness. He doesn’t listen when they talk; he’s occupied with putting together his next speech. He’s two-faced. He has pierced nipples and curses like Cheney in a Senate chamber, but turns on the All-American angelic boy bit for the diary room. He’s a homophobe. He could easily have fulfilled his task of slipping into Joe’s bed, but feared how it would look to his homies. (If it had been Jen’s bed, you bet your sweet ass he’d have gotten in there come hell or high water.) He’s a gutless and aimless slacker who lacks any of the traditional American qualities that made for so many great generations. And I don’t know, maybe that’s the point the producers were making. America is rotting away, and all that’s left is Eric.

In the last five minutes on Showtime last night, Zach ran naked into the pool. And yes, it was flapping all around in front of God and everybody.

Kail couldn’t have looked any more pathetic on the live feeds. Running from person to person saying how she “took one for the team” by campaigning against Dick. We ended up fast forwarding through a lot of it because she kept saying the same things.

I hope you stayed for her conversation with Dick. It’s too bad they can’t air the whole thing.

Julie : “The correct answer is…125! Congratulations, Dick, you are the new Head of Household!”

Me : WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! (Does Big Brother dance around living room )

Best show EVAH!

First Julie disses Jen (though I thought that was inadvertent–TV writers generally aren’t that clever).
Then Kail stands alone during the vote.
Then JoeDramaQueen gets sent packing.
Then Evil Dick becomes HOH!

I also hope ED doesn’t self-destruct, though that’s a distinct possibility. With the power of HOH, he could just start being an asshole to everyone, not just the ones who deserve it. I hope not–he’s the freshest thing to happen to this show in a long time! Evil Dick rules!!

Slight hijack–did anyone else see the promo for Dr. 90210 with my BB hero, Dr. Will ? I don’t watch the show–is he a regular on it?

Regrettably, I saw Joe flash the camera earlier in the season. shudder

I was watching Showtime After Dark. It cut off when everyone was outside bowling the night of the HoH. Only comment shown between Kail and Dick was dick saying “We’ll talk later”.

This was actually last night. Or this morning, however you look at it. In other words, on the day of the eviction nominations.

Yikes, I was just watching “After Dark” and caught a full frontal of Amber. She had her towel open after a shower for maybe 3 seconds and you can tell that the producers must have been watching her like a hawk because the camera changed RIGHT when she opened the towel up.