Big Brother Live Feeds & After Dark 8/23-8/30 *Open Spoilers*

Good morning, Big Brother fans! Things seem to be going as planned with Jessica again getting HOH. So Amber has yet to see her vision come true … maybe this week’s POV? Ha, ha. The question now is whether Jess and Eric will stick to their plan to get to the final four with Dick and Daniele. I’m guessing that America will want Amber nominated, so that shouldn’t cause too many problems. Should be some combination of Amber/Jameka/Zach going up. I think it might be hard for Jess to nominate Jameka. Those two seem close.

The goodbye messages for Jen last night were surprisingly nice, I thought. Her speech was hilarious and delivered a nice parting jab on her way out. One thing I will say about Amber and Jameka is that after the whole blowup between Jen and Dick, they were still nice to Jen. Everyone else just ignored her and that sucked. It especially made me mad that Zach did it, considering that he knows exactly how it feels to be the outcast in the house, but now that he’s in with everyone, he’s acting just like them.

Don’t forget, Amber and Daniele will be on the Power of 10 on Tuesday right before Big Brother.

Just streams of thought…

Actually, Zach hugged Jen when she left. Of course, it could have been just a last desperate attempt to feel her up. But still.

Word from the feeds is that Daniele won ten grand on Pof10 (meaning Amber got nothing).

I thought it was good to see Dick vindicated on the live show last night. The producers put together a fair representation of what happened. Jen simply went psycho. No mention of the completely bizarre bit about giving her permission to destroy someone else’s property. And the sheer idiocy of repeatedly slapping at a hand with a lit cigarette in it while screaming “You’re burning me!” was testament to her state of mind. She’s insane.

I agree that the good-byes were remarkably civil. Even Dick’s.

After Dark was mild last night. The houseguests got hamburgers and fries, which they haven’t had. Eric was schmoozing up Amber for some reason, talking to her for a very long time. Meanwhile, Jameka was schmoozing up Jessica. Daniele was asleep, and Dick and Zach chatted for a while. But eventually, everyone except Daniele ended up in the HOH room talking in between Eric’s speeches.

After Dark has been pretty lame all week. I usually watch when I go home for lunch but the last two days I’ve ended up fast-forwarding through the whole thing. All they seem to do is play quarters.

Did you notice when it was announced that Jen was evicted, Dick ran into one of the bedrooms? I wondered if he was going to give back something that he had taken from her or if he was just trying to avoid her. He did come back out but it was just as the door was closing behind Jen. She also appeared to have a full bag, so I figured she must have at least gotten most of her clothes back.

I, too, was glad they showed the fight between Dick and Jen exactly as it happened. I honestly don’t know what made Jen lose it that night. For someone who had kept her cool so well throughout the game to just go nuts all of a sudden was just bizarre.

I figure Dick just went back to get his cigarettes. He probably wanted a quick smoke before the competition started.

I really wasn’t surprised Jen lost it. It’s easy to keep your cool when the end is so far off and vague. But when she felt like a cornered rat, knowing nothing could save her this week, everything she’d been supressing surfaced.

Being a non-smoker I could probably be pushed over the edge by someone smoking around me when I’m eating.

Dick: You’re psycho! This is crazy!

Jen: This… is… JENSA!! (followed by a Spartan kick to the chest sending Dick through the plate glass window in slo-mo)

A) She wasn’t supposed to be eating in the first place.

B) It’s a big yard (and a big house, for that matter). It’s not like she had to sit out there on the couches where Dick was smoking to eat.

It seemed very clear to me, even if they edited a lot of Dick’s verbal abuse toward Jen, that the whole incident last night was entirely Jen’s doing. Even without all of that confusing crap about whether she had permission to destroy someone else’s private property, it’s just NOT okay to destroy $160 worth of cigarettes because someone is smoking around you (in a confined venue in which you volunteered to be incarcerated).

I was reminded why I don’t like Television Without Pity anymore when I went to check out their message boards after the show. I think they’re all brainwashed into some kind of strange “reliJen”, where they’re all going to stop watching the show now that the pure and good Jen is gone while the dirty and evil Dick and the slutty and bitchy Daniele are still there.

I’m not convinced one way or the other, but there is evidence out there that Dick attacked Jen with the cigarette. It’s certainly possible what we saw was not necessarily what actually transpired.

I enjoyed Jen’s clothing (for more than one reason.)

I haven’t seen every episode,do ya’ll know what her clothes had printed on them throughout the season? I remember Jenius and Jenth Degree. What else?

ReliJen? That’s brilliant? Did you invent that? :smiley:

Interestingly, Survivor Sucks seems to be the opposite of TWoP. There’s very little Jen love there. She has a thread, but there’s as much shitting in it as there is worship.

That’s no different from what the show showed last night, except that the show gave the context — namely, that that particular snippet occured after Dick had just recovered his destroyed property. And it’s ridiculous to say that he “tried” to burn her. Hell, all he had to do was flick it at her.

It also left out the scene with Jen going outside to sit beside Jameka and eat turkey burgers in her face. Jameka was still bound by the slop rule, even though Hen disregarded it. Why is that morally superior to what Dick did when he came out?

The ones I remember are Jensa Member and Jenuine.

It did look at one point during the footage they showed last night that Jen had her hand there and Dick put the cigarette onto it. Really hard to tell though.

He did make jabbing motions at her while she was grabbing. But since she was actually slapping his flesh and literally making sparks fly with her assault (or battery, whatever), I thought he showed enormous restraint.


And she wasn’t actually burned, as she admitted in the bathroom with Amber. Dick, who was holding the cigarette, would likely have been burned more than she.

Yeah, she’s a very pretty girl, but also pretty nasty. Do you remember when Nick was going to put on her panties (before all this drama started), but he stopped when he saw “some kind of crusty stuff” in their crotch? Others have commented about how her hair stank. And at one point, the only showers she took were outside ones. Just water.

Yeah, Jen seemed to work out a lot but not shower much. Ew.

So, I just watched part of After Dark and caught some of the conversation between Eric and Amber, and there was mention of something Jen said that had Eric upset. I assume it must be something to do with his girlfriend, since that’s what he and Amber were discussing. Anyone know what Jen said?

I have no idea what she said to upset him but he seemed pretty cold to her (which he never seemed to be) when she left, he commented “I know your glad to be leaving but not as much as we’re glad to see you going.”

I think it had to do with Jen raising the whole issue of his girlfriend with Jessica, with all the natural implications therefrom about his moral turpitude. The result was that Jess grilled him about it, and he had to lie on the bed beside her and 'splain everything, which he didn’t seem to enjoy doing. (He’s spun so many tales, what with being AP and all, that it’s probably hard enough to keep them all straight without adding that to the mix.)

That makes sense. After he said that to Jen on her way out, I was surprised to hear his diary room goodbye. I figured what he said to her was strategy-based, but now it sounds like it was sincerely anger and the diary-room goodbye must have been taped before she brought up his girlfriend.

Seriously, did Jessica not have any idea he had a girlfriend before now? And more importantly, why does she care? From what I’ve seen, nothing about their relationship looks like anything other than flirting.

Why, yes, yes I did. bows

After all the “Jen” shirts she’s had this season, it seemed appropriate…

Exactly. I don’t think Eric and Jessica have crossed any lines. Certainly not the “I’ve wanted to kiss you all day” line that Dani and Nick crossed. I do think they like each other but they’re wise to wait until they’re out of the house if they do decide to pursue something.