Big Brother 7/12-7/19 *OPEN SPOILERS*

I put the open spoilers tag in the title so we should be able to talk about anything from any episode that has aired to date. We’ll continue to use spoiler boxes for the stuff we see on/read about the live feeds in between episodes.

Anyway, I can’t believe Jen is the new HOH. Seems pretty obvious to me that she’ll be gunning for Dick and Daniele. Dick has laid into her pretty seriously twice now about her behavior, and we know she dislikes Daniele because of Nick. Thing is, I doubt she’s smart enough to realize that if she nominates Daniele she’s not going to earn any points with Nick. I’d love it if she’d nominate Jessica with Daniele because Jessica would be gone for sure. I think Daniele will stay no matter who she’s up against at this point.

Interesting stuff with Dick’s family last night. I didn’t know that he raised Daniele and her brother on his own. I wonder what happened to their mom? Part of me (the part that didn’t speak to her own dad for a year) hopes that Daniele will grow up a little and realize that no matter what has happened between them, he’s still her dad and he loves her.

If I see one more person cry in the diary room , I’m lobbying for the show’s name to be changed to “Big Blubber”! Jeez, it’s only been a week and already there’s been more crying than in the whole past 7 seasons combined!

I think Jen will target Nick because he had the nerve to call her out last week. She just seems petty and vindictive in that way. Dick is also highly probable; in fact, she seems like the type to want to get rid of anyone over 25. That would probably include Amber–Jen revealed at the end of the live show that she was the only one who voted to evict her, so she’d possibly want to finish the job this week.

I think Danielle is shaping up to be a very good player. Look for her to be one of the first to try to make an alliance with Jen, especially if it helps get Dick out of the house.

Amber gets a little emotional, huh? She always looks like crap in the diary room because she’s always crying.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Jen comes up with. Nominations are later today so spoiler whores like me will know very soon who Jen’s choices are. The veto competition should also be interesting, especially if it’s physical. I think Jen will be very strong at the physical competitions. I mean, the woman worked out for something like three hours straight the other day.

I think they’re having the food competition right now. I’ll post a spoiler box as soon as I read something.

Finally getting around to it:

Jen put up Dick and Daniele for eviction. Kail, Joe, Daniele, Amber, Jameka, and Jessica are on slop for the week.

My. Freakin’. God. Watching Jen exist is like watching a documentary about someone who’s been raised in some sort of secret cult that worships the movie “Heathers”. I’ve never seen someone so self-centered, so oblivious to others, so completely secure in the notion that if it bothers her, it bothers everyone, as this idiot. “JENSA Member” indeed. Only because MENSA probably has a protection order out on her since the last time she tried to break into their headquarters because she can’t understand how anyone could possibly refuse her wishes and not let her join.

I’m coming to like Dick. Maybe it’s just because he actually told off Jen, something that she appears to have very little experience with.

I like Dustin SO much better than Whiney Joe.

Hear hear. Jen is a psycho deluxe. But you gotta admit it makes for some compelling TV.

I liked Magnus and Kragnus. Pretty funny. :smiley:

One of the things that has cracked me up from the live feeds this weekend is …

Apparently, as a result of the veto competition, Jen is being forced to wear a red, spandex unitard for the entire week. Kail and Amber also spent 24 hours chained to each other.

And in case anyone is interested, the veto was won by


Awk-waard! :smiley:

The veto ceremony is later today:

It’ll be interesting to see who Jen ends up replacing Daniele with. There’s been talk of Joe, Nick, or Amber going up. Kail of course wants Dick out but Jen has said that she doesn’t want him to go. If it’s Joe, Dick’s pretty much guaranteed to stay.

Which is kind of funny because Dick hates Jen, and he’s made no secret of it. Her stupidity truly is an awesome thing to behold. The way she “thinks” through things. If memory serves, this is an exact quote: “If I put up Joe, nobody’ll vote for him, but a lot of people will.”

Yeah, she’s a real “jenius.” Though when she said that quote, it probably sounded more along the lines of: “If like I put up like Joe, nobody’ll like vote for him, but like a lot of people will.” :smiley:

Also loved the guys’ drinking game, though I think one of them should have had to drink every time she said “I” and the other every time she said “like.”

Gah, poor Mike, His “date” with Amber must have been excruciating. She just. Would not. Shut up. She made Eric seem like a wall flower. Yakkity yakkity about everything from her relation with everybody in the house to her year-long crank habit. I felt so sorry for him. It was so hard for him to keep his eyes open, and every few minutes she would interrupt herself and go, “What’re you looking at me like that for?”. Poor boy. Damn.

Plus, I can’t believe that Nick told Jen he is part of the Mrs Robinson alliance. Has he lost his mind?

I think Nick has (smartly) decided to distance himself from the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Kail and Zach both have huge targets on their backs next week.

Was Amber’s date with Mike last night? If so, I can’t wait to see it. Mike’s quiet as it is, and not really the type of person to cut her off. Amber really lets it all hang out. Some of the conversations she has are so disgusting. She’s gone into excruciating detail about all the different surgeries she’s had, from what I understand. I also can’t stand to watch/listen to her eat. Apparently she can’t breathe through her nose so she has to chew with her mouth open and she always talks with her mouth full. The other night she, Nick, and Daniele were eating pizza and I had to fast-forward through it.

POV ceremony is over.

Daniele has used the POV to take herself off. Joe has been put up in her place.

Nice play all around by Danielle and Dick. Given they were on the block, the very best scenario for them has emerged.

The date was broadcast last night on Showtime. It was a steak and wine dinner in the backyard. Amber’s slop restriction was waived for it.

I got to watch part of the date when I was home for lunch. Mike looked so bored.

Did you see her talking about her meth addiction? The whole speech was a true brain bruiser. And by the way, whoever said that Jameka’s faith is humble and sweet was exactly right. She doesn’t flaunt it, but she doesn’t hide it either. She just applies it to her life. Amber, on the other hand, sounded almost Hillaryesque when she was yacking at Mike. I’ve never heard so many ridiculous qualifiers. “I believe in God,” she said, “but I refuse to talk about it.” There aren’t enough roll-eye smilies.

I saw maybe five minutes of that date last night and I don’t think I heard Mike say a word. However, I DID hear Amber talk all about spending six days in a hospital, God helping her get through a speed addiction, and something about not drinking soda. Snoooooooooooooze.

Yes, she was supposedly on meth for a year and then dropped it just like that when a doctor told her she should. The whole time she was with Mike was basically her story of, “I am the super awesome person I am today because …” and then she described, in excruciating detail, how she’d gotten herself off meth, driving too fast, and junk food. I wonder how old her daughter is. According to Amber, all this stuff happened in the last two years. I wonder where her daughter was that whole time. If God was looking out for anyone, it was that little girl.
I was also waiting for Mike to finally just say, “No shit? Huh, I’d never have known that if you hadn’t said it 65 times in the last 10 minutes” when Amber kept saying, “I’m a mother.”
Oh yes, and she only drinks “white pop.” I’m thinking she meant clear?

okie dokie…

Who wants to take bets to see how long it will take for Jen to have a meltdown? I see one coming, and it’s coming quickly.