Big Brother Live Feeds And After Dark

After an amazing week, not only are Dick and Daniele safe, but Dustin is gone and Daniele is HOH. Holy cow, whooda thunk it? There’s every chance that the bizarre Dick-Daniele-Eric-Jessica alliance will hold, and if it does, it’s bad news for everyone else. Jen is the early target, but who knows.

Interesting moment from After Dark. Daniele comes outside to a brooding Amber to console her about her loss of Dustin. Makes sense, since Daniele suffered a similar loss with the eviction of Nick. It was an opportunity for Amber to bond with Daniele and secure her sympathy. So what does she do? She goes on and on about how she shouldn’t be put up this week. How she’s never said anything bad about Daniele or Dick. (The hell?) Basically pleading for her own ass.

The smart thing to do, of course, was cry in Daniele’s arms. Tell her, “Now I understand how you felt. I had no idea. Oh, God, Daniele. It hurts so much.” Daniele would have felt beholden to take her under her wing and would have refused to put her up out of sympathy. But as it stands now, Jen and Amber are the most likely choices. I would bother calling her a dumbass, but no sense piling on.

By the way, someone on the board here said early in the season that the POV backdoor strategy was pointless since no one ever uses it. Well, this season has certainly changed that.

One more thing: I don’t think Eric’s gay. I think he’s a virgin.

Where to start? I’d become bored with BB for the last week or so, but now I’ve been pulled right back in. I love it when the dynamics completely change like this.

I agree that the logical nominees are Jen and Amber. Jameka’s really not a threat at this point. She can’t play for HOH and her alliance is kaput. I’d much rather see Amber go over Jen, because part of me wants to see Jen and Zach (the outcasts) in the final two; but strategy wise that’s probably not such a good idea. Jen’s a competitor who doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her, while Amber’s a worthless blubberer.

That’s funny about Amber and Daniele. Doesn’t really surprise me though. I don’t think Amber’s thought a whit about strategy that wasn’t fed to her. Now that Dustin’s gone, she has no one to feed it to her.

Another great scene from After Dark.

Jameka and Amber brought Dick into their little bedroom to talk. Jameka had some questions, and Dick said fire away. She wanted to know whether there was anything they should or could have seen coming from their point of view. He said, “No.”

And for the next twenty minutes or so, Dick retraced the entire sequence of events for them from before the eviction of Nick through today. He was calm, rational, and convincing. And right. He explained that all his outbursts were purely strategic, intended to ensure that he, and not Daniele, would be evicted. He said he wanted them to despise him so that there would be no chance they wouldn’t vote for him to leave over her. The implication, of course, was that anyone would do that for their daughter. (An effective tactic with Amber there.) And he pointed out that he immediately calmed down when Daniele was replaced.

He couldn’t have been more detailed or more accurate about how the group fell apart. Remember that he and Daniele were once a part of the LNC also. He explained how, from their point of view, they had been betrayed and thrown out for no good reason. But — and here’s the really remarkable part — when he left the room with a good-natured, “I hope I’ve answered your questions,” Jameka waited until he was out of earshot and mouthed to Amber, ‘I don’t buy it’. Amber didn’t seem so sure.

Fascinating stuff.

Oh, and one more very significant thing.

When Zach was in Daniele’s HOH room checking things out, he mentioned that there were no pictures of Chris, her real-life boyfriend. She had not noticed this herself. Zach noted that her dog beat out her boyfriend, and she just pretty much shrugged it off with a nervous giggle. Within two minutes, talk turned to her letter — the letter each houseguest gets from home when they win HOH. And by Jove, it was from Nick. Not Chris. Nick. And she held it like she was holding the Holy Grail. It was a homemade colorfully pink construction paper letter with glued-on hearts and stuff like that. She sat worshipping it, mindless that Zach was even in the room while he rambled on about this and that.

So not only does she not know that Chris has dumped her, she doesn’t care. Wow.

Agreed. I don’t know if it was the editing (which is very likely), but he seemed uncomfortable when Jessica was teasing him with her boobs. She’s clearly getting a kick out of it.

Wow, that’s a very interesting aspect to not being able to play for HOH! I never thought of that. She may make it another 3 weeks at least and then she’ll be seen as such a lame duck, that people may start thinking that she’d be a good one to take to the final 2. People who skate along and haven’t played the game are generally not respected when it comes to the final vote.

Did anyone happen to catch Dustin on The Early Show this morning? I’m curious about whether he’s been told about Eric/America’s Player.

I doubt it - since he’s going into sequestor, he can’t have that knowledge on the possibility that Eric is in the final two.

From what people were saying on another board, Eric has a girlfriend of four years.

Eric has a girlfriend? What??? Yeah I don’t think it would be a good idea if he Dustin new since he will be back ya know. I am going to watch House calls today and see what Dustin has to say about it all.

I think I remember Eric talking about having a girlfriend once, describing it as an “on-again, off-again” type of relationship. I’m guessing they’re “off-again” this summer.

It could definitely change the whole outcome of the game if the people in sequester know about Eric being America’s Player. I could see it both working in his favor and working against him.

Saw the interview this morning with ChenBot. She didn’t let it slip who AMericA’s player was, ostensibly because Dusted is going into sequester. JessErica is pure showmance. It’s fun.

My power went out at some time during last night’s episode. So I missed the second half or thereabouts.

This is certainly not the end of the world, but I was curious as to the nature of last night’s HOH challenge. (2 or 3 sentence description is fine, play by play is probably overkill).

It was a true-false quiz about the characters who appeared in the house that morning.

Thank you.

Yeah, it seemed like they went to a lot of trouble to get all these people costumed up, in the house, write out scripts, songs, etc just for a regular old true or false quiz.

It’s Amber and Jameka on the block.

I would have predicted such. At this stage, assuming no POV salvation, I’d say it’ll be Amber by a sob.

Yeah. I almost feel sorry for Dustin.

I believe the correct spelling of her name is “Waaaaaaaaaaaamber”

Spoilers, please? Some of us don’t have the live feed or Showtime.

Anyhoo, was anyone else watching the HOH comp saying, “Oh God, no, not Amber, please, anything but that!!!” Close call, but thankfully Daniele won HOH.

Dustin’s expression was priceless ! Possibly the best moment in BB history! And thank you, Amurrica, for finally showing some initiative. Next up, Waaaamber!

Jen and Zach would be pretty ironic as the final two, but I don’t see it happening. I think the final four will be Dick, Daniele, Jen and Zach, but dad and daughter will end up as the final two, if everything goes according to plan. The only “dark horse” I see with any possibility of cracking the FF is Jessica. Eric is going to run out of luck within the next three evictions, Amber’s gone this week, and Jameka will probably follow right after since her alliance with the Almighty doesn’t seem to be working out too well. I think that she’ll find out that God tastes a lot like defeat. :smiley:

I also loved seeing Dustin’s diary room clips discussing the strange visitors. I just sat there saying, “Not that it matters to you anymore, Dusty-boy! BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!”