Big Brother: 8 7/26-8/2 (includes unboxed feed spoilers)

Bahh. What a thoroughly detestable lot we’ve got this season. The television edits have not done a good job revealing just how horrible these people really are. Dick, in particular, gets a deceptive edit but almost all of them are nastier than we’re seeing on CBS. America seems to think Jen is the worst but the reality is that Jen comes off as not only the most likeable but as the smartest in the live feeds. Taking them one by one:

Dustin: This week’s HOH. He gets a friendly TV edit but is actually fairly arrogant, mean-spirited, dishonest and gutless. He’s not the worst in the house, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe Joe wasn’t all wrong about him after all. Here’s a revealing little tidbit from the feeds. Dustin has a dog who he refers to as his “nigger bitch” because it’s a black lab. We haven’tseen that on CBS.

Amber (AKA:Waahhhmber): Cries at the drop of a hat. One of the most self-absorbed people in a house full of self-absorbed people. Not only an attention whore but also one of the stupidest people in the history of the show. She makes Kelly Pickler look like Stephen Hawking. She constantly has to have ordinary words defined for her. Words which people have had to explain to her include “ridicule,” “adulterous,” “celibate,” “entrepreneur” and “Jew.” That’s right, she didn’t know what Jews were. Had to have it explained to her. One of her housemates, Eric, is Jewish. At one point, Amber asked him if he was offended by her use of the word “God.” It wasn’t because she knew anything about the reticence of some Jews to refer to God by name. She’s just an idiot. She didn’t know that Jews worship the same God that Christians do.

Ironically, Amber is a member of a subsect of Godbothering Christians within the house but she knows nothing about the Bible or the details of Christianity, she constantly has to have everything explained to her during Bible reading sessions and her entire theological outlook seems to be that God exists to help Amber win Big Brother.

I can’t say enough about how annoying this woman is. From her voice, to her relentless crying and whining, to the way she eats to the delusional way she hangs all over Dustin with the sad, pathetic fantasy that she’s going to convert him. Man, does she grate.
Danielle: Her father is unquestionably an asshole, but she’s not much better. Mostly vacuous but also a classic, snotty Mean Girl. One of the leaders in the never-ending house sport of Zach bashing.

Nick: I don’t know what to make of this dude. He’s peeled off from the kool kidz clique of late and seems to have some awareness that their treatment of Zach and Jen is kind of fucked. He’s still way too schmoopy over Danielle and I don’t think he sees what a waste of space she really is.

Kail: Stereotypical, uptight, narrow-minded, homophobic, Republican bitch. One of the Godbotherers. Has a conniving mean streak that hasn’t really come through on the CBS shows. Another one who thinks that God cares who wins BB.

Having said all that, she’s more clueless than evil and even I think the crap she gets from Dick is overkill. I think she’s actually kind of normal and not personality-disordered like most of the rest of them. I think she’s kind of naive and way out of her league.

Dick: Self-centered, bullying asshole. I’ve noticed he never bullrags the men the way he does the women. Might be the worst human being in the house. As a father, I was sympathetic toward him in the beginning. No more.

Jessica: Mostly a non-entity except for the irritating baby voice. Kind of one of the kool kidz. Hangs out with Eric. Isn’t very smart or interesting but not that annoying and doesn’t seem thjat malicious.

Eric: America’s Monkey. He isn’t exactly nice. He’s one of the kool kidz who joins right in with the Zach and Jen bashing, but he’s actually a pretty smart player. He is absolutely under the radar, even though he’s in on every discussion and knows every secret. Not a small accomplishment, considering that he also has to do America’s bidding with arousing suspicion. Also seems to have a spark of intelligence a pretty quick wit and is savvy about the house. If it wasn’t for the AC wrinkle, I think he’d be a threat to win, but I think it’s only a matter of time before that twist begins to bring him out from under the radar and makes him a target.

Incidentally, the winning catchprase which Eric has already begun to introduce is “I’d do that for a dollar.” Sadly, it was not “Sweet Chicken,” but “I’d do that…” has the advantage of at least not sounding completely off the wall and Eric smartly introduced it under the pretext that he wanted to introduce an annoying catchphrase to make fun of Jessica’s own penchant for catchphrases.

Jameka: The leader of the Godbotherers. While she seems a little more genuine in her faith, she can also be obliviously hypocritical about it and has made some very judgemental statements about people who don’t believe in God. She currently holds the POV after having played for Jen. She said before the comp that she believed that God wanted her to play her best for Jen. Also believes that God wants her to use it. This is somwhat amusing because it stops he others cold from trying to talk her out of it.

Jameka believes that God has already preordained the winner of BB and they’re all just waiting to see who he choses. The fact that this outlook would seem to directly contradict the free will of the players appears to be lost on her.

Jameka is also capriciously judgemental and hostile to Zach, who has never said or done anything malicious to her.

Zach: The house’s favorite whipping boy. Zach bashing is a nightly sport in the house. They constantly intimate that he is “creepy,” he’s “ugly,” he’s a “desperate child molester” (Dustin), and many other things. Everything he says is dissected for hidden, sinister meanings. The women pretend to be afraid of him (daniell is one of the snottiest about it). Zach has no friends or allies in the house and is forced to play chess by himself to pass the time. The others how now stolen some of the chess pieces so he can’t even do that anymore.

CBS showed a clip of Zach talking about a comic con he went to with som weird sexual content, and it showed the others staring at him like they were shocked and appalled but hat was a deceptive clip. In reality, the others were fascinated by it and Zach was telling it in a sort of detached, embarrassed tone. Not only that but the others say far more graphically sexual things than that on a daily basis. Dick, in particular, is always saying sexually degrading things about the women in the house, including saying that he’d “like to fuck Kail in the ass and make her bleed,” and similar things about Jen, yet if Zach says “hello,” to one of the women they’re beside themelves with indignation.

Zach has done absolutely nothing to deserve this. His crime is that he’s socially awkward and he’s not as good looking as they are. It’s all EXTREMELY Junior High School.

Of course, if Zach ever wins HOH, they’ll all be kissing his ass and acting like his best friends. The only ones who don’t treat Zach like shit are Jen and Nick.

Jen: Self-absorbed, yes. Vain, yes. But she hasn’t been mean. She doesn’t try to hurt people, she’s nowhere near as dumb as she pretends to be (She’s the only one in the house who’s started to have a glimmer about the AC twist) and she’s also pretty tough minded. She doesn’t let much of anything get to her. Dick can’t get under her skin no matter how hard he tries. She has to wear a unitard for a wekk “yay, I wanted this.” She has to go on slop, “yay, I won’t be tempted to eat fatty foods.”

She cried a little bit when Dustin nominated her (I think she really thought he’d pay her back for getting rid of Joe0, but it was only for a few minutes, she dried her tears and got her game face back on. I am now totally rooting for her to win.

The Veto ceremony is coming up sometime later today. Jameka is expected to take Jen off the macaroni (as per God’s will), and Dustin’s most recent choice for a replacement appears to be Nick (who has no idea), but plans change in this house on a dime, so who knows. Jameka might not even use the Veto.

Diogenes, thank you for the feed info, the insights and player summaries. I am in total agreement.

I am rooting for Jen at the moment; after week 1 I never thought I would be saying that! She’s full of herself in a whole different way from Dick and the rest of his posse. I like how she is the only one to stand up to the Evil one (could Kail have buckled under to him any more when he was HOH?) and the entire cool-kids group make me want to hurl stuff at my tv.

Good call on Evil Dick’s targeting of women. I’d like the CBS editors to realize that this is NOT the Dick/Dani dysfunction show–less screen time, please! The 3 +/- minutes of Jessica doing dance (?) moves with Eric were the only glimpse into her personality since ep. 1!

Sadly, I’m beginning to like Jen more than the others too. I like how she takes everything in stride; kind of reminds me of Janelle in that way. That and her ability to win competitions even though she pretends to be the stupid chick.

Dick’s constant abuse of Jen and Kail is disgusting. He also lays into Amber and Daniele a lot. I wish someone else would step in and put him in his place. Right now he seems to think he’s got control over the entire house.

As I mentioned last week, my two other favorite players at the moment are Jessica and Eric. They’re fun and they’re cute when they hang out together. They’re also not in a state of constant drama. I’m getting really tired of the crying and whining from everyone else. Every time I see Amber I just want to slap her.

Sounds like the veto was interesting:

In the veto comp, Jen drew Jameka’s name to play for her. Jameka took it as a sign from God that she was supposed to play, win, and use the veto to save Jen, and she did. Nick is the replacement nominee. After the veto ceremony, Dick laid into Jen again, blaming her for the fact that Jameka used the veto to save her. I guess Dick doesn’t agree with God on this one.

There was some drama last night with Dick and Jen. Dick was harrassing her pretty badly with his usual sexual insults and degrading language and he dumped a glass of tea on her head. It was pretty bad. Several of the others agreed that he had gone too far but none of them did a thing to stop it. Dustin said she deserved it and she liked it (Dustin is a real piece of shit). Eric told Jen she should complain in the DR, which she did. Dick was called into the DR for a while, then emerged laughing and saying that he wasn’t in any trouble at all and hadn’t crossed any line.

Kail said she was ashamed of herself for not do anything to stand up for Jen. She said that she was presenting a bad example to her children, but she still didn’t do anything.

Eventually, Jameka told Dick that his behavior had been “very wrong,” and wasn’t having any of his bullshit, self-justifying excuses.

Jen handled everything remarkably well, still refusing to let Dick get under her skin, but watching a 45 year old man oppress and abuse and degrade a 22 year old girl while nobody around her – cast or crew – lifts a finger to stop it is not my idea of entertainment. CBS is starting to cross a line with this. A little personal melodrama is fine, but it’s starting to turn into Wolf Creek in that place.

That’s terrible. Good for Jameka for calling him on it and Eric for encouraging Jen to report it in the DR. Dick’s going to be losing fans really quickly. It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me all the time why Daniele doesn’t talk to him.

I don’t suppose anyone out there has an Amber Cry-Count going for the CBS broadcast, do they? My GOD.

Girl needs to get a grip. And a smile–even when she’s not crying, she’s got that big old frowny face.

Thought it was interesting that none of the Dick/Jen tea dumping scene described by Diogenes from the live feeds showed up on CBS last night. Guess they don’t want Dick’s edit to be THAT bad. And Jameka, way to stick to your word about the veto under pressure (however . . . er, unusual I find your reasoning).

The tea dumping didn’t happen until after the veto so I wouldn’t expect to see it on the show until thursday. The show is aways a couple of days behind the live feeds.

Dick seems to have a short attention span and gets bored easily. When he’s bored his favorite hobby is to start picking fights with people he thinks he’ll get a reaction from. And always with people who he thinks are weaker than him. If the person doesn’t get upset or fight back and play his game it seems like he keeps pushing the envelope with them.
I wonder if he does that in his personal life. Picks on women till they cry and then feels all macho about it.

His name fits him well. He is a real dick.

Never fear. YouTube is here.
If you want a tiny glimpse in to the horror that is Dick Donato:

I fear that CBS is going to show the tea dumping but won’t show the extent of the verbal abuse he puts her through. People might look at the tea thing and shrug. Out of context it doesn’t look like a huge deal but it’s really just a punctuation to the bullying, not the totality of it.

Oh, I agree. If CBS showed anything near to what is really going on, they would have to admit that they’re letting an abusive psycho control the Big Brother house. By letting Dick stay in that house, CBS is just slapping everybody else, including us viewers, in the face. Their complicity in Dick’s abusive behavior is just despicable.

CBS has received numerous emails and phone calls from live feed watchers, demanding that they remove Dick. Even some past houseguests sent them a formal letter asking them to remove Dick. And what did they do? Gave that raging, misogynstic nutcase a stern talking to, that’s what. Told him he had almost crossed the line.

To tell you the truth, the thing that disgusts me even more is the number of posts I have seen in various places making excuses for Dick’s behavior and blaming Jen for “asking for it.” It’s infuriating. GAH!

Amber just talks through her cries. She doesn’t try to compose herself or anything. It just makes her sound funny.

“Jameka-- Jameka-- Jameka could’ve taken the money. sob

Do you have a link as to which former houseguests have done this? I’m curious.

No, sorry. Now I can’t even find the post where I read about this yesterday. It said that Michael, from season six, and some others sent a formal letter to CBS asking them to kick Dick out.
If I can find something more I will let you know. I’ll keep looking.