Big Brother 8/3-8/9 *Spoilers*

Well, Nick and Daniele’s little showmance is officially over. Fine with me. I was tired of watching the two of them anyway. Nick made a lot of mistakes in the game, I think.

Sounds like all hell broke loose last night. I’ll spoiler the rest.

Dani is the new HOH. During the competition it was down to Dani, Jess, Jen, and Kail. Jess went off and there was some controversy as to whether Kail had cheated. Apparently she put her head above the bar and when Eric had done the same thing, he was disqualified. Jen dropped and it was down to Dani and Kail. Dani told Kail she couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t put her up, but that she could promise that she wouldn’t go home, and Kail dropped out.
During the HOH competition, Dick continued his remarks to Jen. From what I’ve read in the transcripts, at one point he actually grabbed his crotch and told Jen to open her mouth so he could choke her. Nice.
Also during the competition, a plane flew by with a banner that said “We heart Nick. Amber and Eric lie. LNC (Late Night Crew) is the Nerd Herd.” This led people to begin speculating that Eric has been the extra vote to evict Kail this week and last. Dick was pissed, because one of the main reasons Nick was put up and voted out was because Eric placed the blame on him for the extra vote last week. Immediately a plan was hatched to backdoor Eric this week. Jessica told Eric about it so we’ll see what happens. Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is about voting against the group. It was one vote. How that’s grounds for voting someone out? It was stupid to vote out Nick for it and it would be stupid to vote out Eric for it. I think what’s happening is that Dick thinks he needs to control everything in the house and if he can’t control how people vote, he’s going to get them evicted. I really wish Jen or Kail had gotten HOH so they could put Dick up but he’s safe for at least another week.

Yeah, it’s a herd mentality in the house at the moment - you vote with us or you go home. The second they realize that Eric is voting (although, to be fair, he isn’t voting) against the group, it’s the end for him.

I’m at the point where I’m actually supporting Kail and Jen, I didn’t see that coming. Pretty much I just want to see Dick get back-doored and then have him go ballistic on everyone and his mom, knowing there is nothing he can do. What a prick.

Oh, and if you’re interested, starting last night, I decided to create the Waaaaaaamber count. This one episode ups the total to 5.

Seriously! Did she have someone else go to her psych testing when she was auditioning for this show?

I have a question for those watching the live feeds. I’ve watched all of the broadcast episodes, seen some stuff on YouTube, watched BB After Dark for at least a half hour a couple of nights a week … why is it that everyone hates Zach again? I mean, he’s not the coolest guy in the world, but I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s so awful. He may be kind of awkward, maybe a little odd, but they treat him like he’s a leper. Granted, it was revealed today that

He has untreated ringworm right now but still, wtf?

The Zach hate is mostly their own imagination and mutual reinforcement that he’s “creepy” and “perverted.” He doesn’t help himself by being a complete social failure. He followed Nick around like a puppy. He tries to say things to be cool or be one of the gang but everything he says just clanks like a lead balloon. He’s just one of those classic, congenital losers. The kind of guy you would feel sorry for in high school and maybe tell people not to pick on him, but you wouldn’t really want to be friends with him either. Unfortunately, he’s exactly the type of needy loser who will respond to the slightest bit of kindness or perceived offer of friendship by glomming on like gum onto a shoe. You know Ralph Wiggins on the Simpsons? That’s Zach. Like today, when he walked up to one of the girls and randomly told her had ringworm, that he’d had it for the last three weeks and that he assumes it will just go away.

Fortunately for the house, the ringworm thing turned out to be a false alarm. A nurse checked him out and said it was only an abrasion, not ringworm.

I was actually kind of disappointed. A runaway outbreak of ringworm among those assholes would have been piss-your-pants funny. Waaamber would never stop sobbing, and with their luck, Jen would probably be the only one not to get it. How beautiful would that be?
By the way. Dick tried some of his verbal abuse shit on Eric today and Eric shut that down real quick – got in his face and said “don’t you EVER yell at me.” Dick, being the stereotypical bully with no real balls immediately backed off and started apologizing. Later, Eric went to Jen and told her he was in the “getting yelled at club” now, and knew how she felt. It would have been nice to see him stand up to Dick before he was personally the victim, though.

I’ve watched the last few seasons of BB, but my memory is crappy.

Has there ever been a house full of so much hate? This group seems exceptionally cruel and mean.

Deceit I expect, but this is like watching a group of 14 year old girls pick on each other relentlessly … ugh.

Yet I keep watching … sigh … what does that say about me!!! (don’t answer that!).

I’d say this season has the highest rating for both Hate and Stupid and Boring. I gather that CBS sees the appeal of this show to be Jerry Springer in Captivity. Maybe the same crowd that auditioned past seasons was fired for being too broad-minded?

Well, the season with Janelle, Kaysar, Howie, etc. versus Maggie, Cappy, Ivette & Co. was pretty bad. Remember the blowout with Howie and Busto (April)? I seem to remember Alison and Jun being pretty repulsive too.

The veto competition should be taking place soon.

Maybe it’s because I look back on that season with some fondness and some genuine liking for Kaysar from the get-go that I feel this season is so poor. I admit that it took a while for Janelle to grow on me, but today I have no hesitation in saying she’s the Best BB player yet. Even better than Dr. Will.

This season the only one I can even muster a little care for is Jameka and she’s already proved she’s just as disturbed as the rest of them. I watch. But I don’t care. I keep expecting something heinous to happen, and all I get is more stupid.

Good point. At least in Kaysar and Janelle’s season I genuinely liked Kaysar and Janelle. I truly hated Cappy, Ivette, and Maggie though. I’m trying to think of someone with redeemable human qualities from Alison and Jun’s season but I’m coming up short. This year nobody’s really that likable either. I actually like Jessica the most at this point.

Based on this link I’d say Jack and Erika were my favorites all season long. The rest of them varied from utter disgust to the same amount of ho-hum I have for this current crowd.

I forgot about Erika. I’m not a big Erika fan but she’s not horrible. Jack was probably the best person of the season. Of course the nice guys never make it to the end (see: Mike).

I decided to throw the live feed on for a few minutes - they just got done with the veto challenge and

Jen won. She’s got it around her neck and they’re all wearing bunny suits. Strange.

Jeebus Christmas! Hasn’t she won something like 3/5 vetoes so far? They’re going to have to backdoor her at some point, or she’ll be a veto monster…

Shades of Janelle. A lot of people called her “Jedi Janey” on the net because of her ability to keep winning HOH and Veto comps. In her combined two seasons she won something like 15 comps. Amazing. I don’t know if Jen should be compared to Janelle yet in terms of her ability to win comps and save her own neck but she has a little Jedi in her, that’s for sure. She’s amazingly tough minded.

Kail (who tried to DOR a couple of days ago because of Dick’s abuse) has been bonding with Jen a little bit thelast couple of weeks. She asked Jen how she can keep taking all Dick’s crap without letting it get to her. Jen told her it was easy because she knows Dick’s behavior is all about Dick and has nothing to do with her. I think it’s helped Kail. Dick was trying to badger Jen and Kail before the veto comp today . they were in the bathroom getting ready and Dick stuck his head into to hurl a few insults (mostly at Kail), tell them they were both going home, etc. Then when he left, both Kail and Jen started laughing. Dick’s reaching a level of diminishing returns. Everyone thinks he’s an asshole and Jen’s water-off-a-duck strategy has started to rub off on Kail.

I’m very glad that Jen is so able to just let Dick’s insults roll off of her. I heard that before the veto comp this morning, Dick got up in her face and she just let it roll off of her again. That girl is definitely far more than I ever expected the first couple of weeks watching this season.

I don’t watch the live feeds (I refuse to pay for it) and don’t have Showtime, so I’m pretty much limited to what CBS shows.

That being said, this is without a doubt the absolute worst group of people in the history of BB. Remember during All-Stars when Dr. Will told the house “I hate you all”? That’s pretty much how I feel right now.

At least Dick is honest and up front with everyone. Misogynistic and bordering on psychotic, but at least with him you know what you’re getting.

I really hope Amurrica gets over their Jen-hate this week and asks Puppet-Boy to try to get rid of the one person who needs to leave right now – Waaaamber! The next time I see her cry, it better be outside the house with Julie, 'cause I really can’t take her any more!

You wanna know what would be the perfect task for Eric? Have him leave notes on Jameka’s pillow: “You’re going to lose–give up now–God.”

Eric’s officially an idiot. First, he sits down with Dick, the father of the HoH, and basically goes through a process of elimination which eliminates almost everyone but HIM from being the rogue vote, his only defense being “I wanted the guy out of here so bad didn’t you see me arguing for it all last week couldn’t have been me nuh-uh no wai!”

Then he basically makes it clear that he KNOWS that Dick and Danielle suspect it was him, thus exposing Jessica as his mole. Good going, dum-dum! Dick’s shirt is right, in this case. (“I’m mean because you’re an idiot”)

Oh! The banner! Almost forgot! Usually they have watchers stationed a couple miles in each direction to warn the producers when a banner’s coming so they can hustle everyone into lockdown until it passes. I guess the timing was just wrong…you can’t interrupt an endurance competition that way. It’s a shame, though. I kind of consider banners to be cheating, in the same manner as some gamers consider kibbitzing to be cheating.

Yeah, no matter what I think of Eric as a person, I think he got screwed by the banner. If I were him, I’d be okay if I were exposed in the house by some mistake I made, but a banner on an airplane flying by? That sucks. One of the things I like about the show is watching to see the strategies and how they play out. Stupid twists and outside intervention ruin that.

By the way, the Waaaaaaamber count for tonight was low at a mere 2. That brings the total for this week up to 7.

What’s frustrating about this season is that Big Brother strategy has been solved, and almost no one in the house knows how it works. Chill Town won both seasons they were in. Don’t try to win comps (it makes enemies) unless you absolutely have to, tell everyone you will lie to them (they won’t hold it against you), showmance it up, don’t ever take things personally (it’s just a game), and do not make a scene about getting put up for nomination.

Of the evictees, only Mike seems to have understood that it’s just a game and not to take all the events in the house personally. Eric may be the only one left who sort of gets it.

Now, in Season 2, Dr. Will was exposed for a lie by a banner. He had told the house he had cancer or some other serious illness, and (there were lots of banners that year) a plane went over once that said Will was not sick. He dropped the story, but he never really had to pay a price for it.