Big Brother 8/3-8/9 *Spoilers*

So here’s a little update…

Not only is Amber a crier she is apparently a bit anti-semitic:

"Amber and Jameca talking about Eric when they first saw him - and Jam thought “who’s this little weirdo”. Amber saying something about him being from NY and “typical” and Jewish

amber: "I remember thinking he’s from NY - and people from NY are F’d up!

Jam: don’t say that. dont’ say that. say the people you know…

Amber: The majority of people I know from NY…and Jewish?..majority of Jewish people I know…MY GOSH so money hungry! And so selfish!

Amber: so weird. you know my sister always tells me…she’s like…my mom and my sister always when they meet someone they’re like ‘I don’t like that person. that’s person doesn’t seem like a very good person. You know why? why. Cause they’re Jewish.’ I was like ‘how do you know?’ they’re like ‘you can tell by their last name. you can tell by their nose.’. I’m like 'really? (start debating whether Dustin is Jewish)

(Jameka mmmmmm through all this)

then Amb starts talking about a Jewish co-worker that’s a good person - but money hungry and selfish and greedy. [/spoiler]

Another choice tidbit:

Amber revealed to Eric in confidence that she twice faked being pregnant to trap a boyfriend

Sweet Christ this is a detestable group, isn’t it? It seems that half the time they forget … WE CAN SEE EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Not just that she faked being pregnant but on both occasions she lied and said she’d had abortions when she hadn’t.

Wow. That’s f’ed up.

I’ve wanted her out this whole time because I’m so sick of her crying about every single little thing, but this is just… wow.

What an asshole.

Yeah, Amber officially moved to the bottom of the barrel for me after her comments yesterday. I simply cannot believe that Jameka just sat there and listened to it and didn’t call her on it. Unbelievable.

Something interesting from Eric: After his attacks from Dick, he went and apologized to both Jen and Zach. He told them he now knew what it felt to be on the outside and that if he had ever made them feel that way, he was sorry for that.

Personally, I think he only did that because he doesn’t want them to vote him out. He’s treated both of them like crap, Zach from the beginning and Jen from near the beginning. Now that he’s on the block, he’s everybody’s bestest buddy. He’s a weasel.

He did it before he went up, but I see your point.

Could Eric switch alliances and pull it out?

I think he could win over Jen, Kail and Zach, they know what it is to be on the outside. They probably don’t care that he voted to keep in Kail those 2 weeks (aka “the lie”). I think Jessica would follow him, and Jameka would probably go with him if he could convince her how evil dick really is. So, if he gets back-doored this week, he needs 4 votes to stay, I think he could do it.

There’s no point in trying to win over Kail, though. At the end of this week, either he will be in the house or she will.

I think Eric has the votes…

Amber, Dustin, Jameka, and Jessica will vote for him to stay
Dick, Jen, Zach will vote for Kail to stay.

Everybody sucks pretty bad though. We’ve got Amber, the emotionally unbalanced, ex meth addicted, anti-semite cocktail waitress. Eric, the bi-nipple-pierced, awkward laughing, scheming, midget. Daniele is basically an airhead and her dad, Dick, is screaming maniac who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s on a game show. Jameka thinks God is instructing her every move. Jen is a self centered bitch who’s either a moron or very good at pretending to be one. Jessica, thinks the word grocery is pronounced groshery and that Christmas is not a religious holiday, but Thanksgiving is. Also she never gets in fights with ugly people, “because they have nothing to lose.” Kail, is more a sympathy case than anything else. She’s pretty much at everyone else’s mercy, ditto for Zach. They are both hanger’s on. Dustin hasn’t done anything overtly effed up yet, so I guess he’s who I’m hoping to win.

I missed why they were wearing the bunny suits and dumping nasty stuff over thier heads?

It was all part of the power of veto competition. Jameka and Kael gave up the right to participate in the next 5 HOH competitions. I do believe that Jen and Kael are also on slop for 30 days. Jen gave up half of the money too

Well, I suppose I should’ve waited till after the show to make my prediction, because I had the people wrong. Not Jen and Kail, but Waaah-amber and Dustin. I think it’ll work. I think Eric is running this thing, even with the America’s Player Handicap. It won’t be tough to turn this crowd around and get them gunning for Dick.

It’s not pronounced groshery? Hmm, must be a Kansas thing…

It was part of the Veto comp. The whole comp was based on who was willing to go the furthest and do the most extreme things (going on slop the longest, wearing bunny suits, dumping the “funk,” giving up the right to play for HOH, etc.).
My favorite part of the show was Jameka in the middle of her bizarre prayer (“Taste God?” WTF? And who does she think is "persecuting her?) and Jen wandering into the shot in her bunny suit interrupting to ask if they had a belt that would match her suit better. What a sublime juxtaposition of those two personalities.

I loved that part. It exemplified everything that makes me dislike Jen.

Interesting. It represents everything I find endearing about her. She’s always so sunny, no matter what’s happening.

I took it as her being oblivious to someone who was in pain. Different views…:slight_smile:

How was Jameka in pain? No one had done anything to her. All that had happened was that she’d just lost a Veto competition which was part of a silly game show.

And speaking of being oblivious to someone else’s pain, Jameka (“God’s player”) has been utterly indifferent to the verbal abuse, sexual harrasment and rape threats being directed against Jen for weeks and has also either been silent or participated in the ostracization and behind the back bashing of Zach and Kail.

Jen is supposed to feel bad about beating Jameka in a veto comp and taking herself off the block? I don’t think so. Especially when Jameka has never shown much compassion or concern for much more significant indignities suffered by Jen than losing a veto comp (which Jameka didn’t even have a stake in, by the way).

Well, except for that time when he told everyone he calls his dog “n****r bitch.” I don’t think Dustin’s any better than the rest of them.