Big Brother 8/12

OK, so Jase is toast, as planned.
And Adria is the new HOH. (Will somebody please explain to me how that HOH competition worked? I just don’t understand how Adria was the winner. Feel like a dope(er), but I’m at a loss here.)
Anybody want to guess what her strategy will be? Who’s going to be on the block next? (I don’t have a clue.)

In the HOH competition, you pushed the disc and had it bounce over to the blue side. The idea is that you wanted it to pass from the red into the blue fully, but have it as close to that line as possible. Everyone else who played either didn’t make it into the blue at all or pushed too far into the blue, so Adria iced everyone else.

My predictions for next up on the block are Marvin and Cowboy. I think they finally might feel like Marvin has outlasted his usefulness. I hope not, though, because he cracks me the hell up sometimes.

The twins are two of the biggest whiners imaginable. On the live feeds, they are constantly complaining that people don’t understand that they are individuals. A great whine was their complaints about the other house guests thinking the twins have it easier with a sister in the house. “They don’t understand that it’s still hard because we miss the rest of our family!” blah blah blah, poor babies. They are really grating and I’ll enjoy the episode where both go on the block.

It’s sad but I think the show was better when the petty, conceited, “popular kids” were bullying all the nice housemates (nice by comparison at least). It was fun waiting for the tables to be turned on them. But, now that we are down to the mostly decent folk I hope Marvin wins. He doesn’t take the game too seriously or too lightly. He’s seems like a funny guy and he’s nice to his mother.

As for everyone else:

Cowboy - too dumb, he’d probably invest the money in a scheme Jase would sell him on
Karen - trying to fly under the radar (I hate that tactic… it’s boring)
Drew – empty headed pretty boy.
Adria and Natalie - nothing against them, I just prefer Marvin
Diane - she’s not the sharpest pencil herself, and she really needs a less trashy look. Also, she once referred to her twin as the “ugly one.” That’s just mean.
Nakomis - if Marvin doesn’t get it I hope she does. Cool chick, if a little bit of a punk poseur
Will - Also seems nice, but doesn’t have the competitiveness to win

I agree with your whole post, but I wouldn’t mind if either Will or Nakomis won also. Marvin is quite a character, but he’s much easier to take than either of the Meatheads who recently departed. He’s very cool.

I got the distinct impression that Jase wasn’t exactly happy that Holly showed up during his exit interview. “Holly’s here.” ‘Oh. Really.’


And count me in for wanting Marvin to win - or Nakomis.

They just can’t get Goober/cowboy out fast enough for me.

A few questions/comments about the future of the show:

Did it just get less interesting with most of the evil being excised? My deepest fear at the beginning was that the Horse’s Asses would stay in power, and they would eventually dump Cryboy in the most humiliating manner possible. (I don’t care for Cryboy but I do NOT want to see him stomped on.) Now that the two most annoying guys and the most annoying girl (Holly) are gone, the suspense level has dropped through the floor for me.

Is there another twist coming? I know Holly lives in L.A. but I wondered if her appearance last night might have had to do with her having been kept in Sequesterville, in advance of her re-insertion in the house, a la Amy. Is it possible an evicted person could come back at this point, or is it possible there’s another twin twist we haven’t been told about yet? Many weeks to go with no more twists, and the show just got a whole lot less exciting anyway.

Who are Nadria going to put on the block? CB/Marvin seem like an obvious choice; very likely, too obvious. I see the overlarge Girl Power Alliance splitting into Twins+Drew/Diane vs. Will+Nic+Karen. I don’t think CB will ever get over the death of the Horsemen, and he is just dead meat till evicted. Marvin might try to hook up with Will/Karen.

I read on the feeds that CB is considered dangerous to everybody, because if by chance he ever won HOH, his nominations might defy all logic. I agree; he’s that stupid; he might flip a coin or pick a Lifesaver out of a bag or something.

Will is really the mastermind of the house, along with Nic. I’d love to see them as the final two. Karen I like, but she is a bit psychotic, and a lot stupid, I’m afraid. Will would be wise to distance himself from her before she does something weird. Too bad he has few other strong allies in the house. I think for the time being, he and Nic and Karen need to formalize their alliance, recruit Marvin and maybe even CB temporarily, and set their sights on splitting the twins, then Drew/Diane. I really want to see Will or Nic win this thing.

Oh, and Holly? Really, really really scary. Everybody in America could read the vibes from Jase of “get away from me, you freakish Barbie” thru the TV, and yet Holly, sitting right next to him, could not. I see a very unhappy life for her, the poor thing. Maybe she can get huge boob implants and take over the mantle of the aging “Angeline.”

I don’t think Adria is going to nominate Marvin. She and Natalie like him probably more than anyone else in the house, and he likes them. They’d be smart to include him in an alliance.

I want CB gone only because the kid is embarrassing. I can forgive him for speakly slowly–cuz I have the same affliction. I can forgive him for the accent–nothing wrong with a little twang. But a grown man should not be making words up, especially when he’s on national television. Alas, I think he will be dodging the bullet this time.

I almost felt a twinge of pity for Jass when they thrust Holly on him. I think he’s been punished enough.

You know what? Her twin is prettier (not that Diane isn’t cute too, though). And I bet Diane has been told this her whole life and resents it. I can sympathize because I’m the plainer one between my twin and me (mostly cuz I don’t do makeup and hair very well). People have no problem put dichotomous labels on twins (pretty one/ugly one, smart one/dumb one, nice one/mean one) right to their faces. I’m betting Diane, for once, wanted to be seen as the “good” twin. Poor Diane.

Compared to her sister, she has a “trashier” look but I can’t figure out how it’s trashier. Nor do I know if there’s anything she can do about it.

The metrosexual in me is going to become plainly apparent right about now. Less bronzer, lose the peroxide highlights, and never, ever wear silver eyeshadow again. Done and done.

Yeah, WAAAAAAY too tan.