Big Brother - Week 8 OPEN SPOILERS


Adria has turned into a monster. She reminds me of Carie’s mother. Weird and twisted logic oozes from her mouth like green bile, as she stands up and gives a speech so bizarre that even she doesn’t understand it. No one asked you for a speech, bitch. You were merely asked to vote. And you voted Will.

Hag. Whore. Hussy.

You just voted into the jury someone whom you have triple-betrayed. You made a pinky pledge with him. He vigorously defended you when you were on the block. And you told him after your inexplicable nomination of him that he was safe. That’s three strikes, and you are out.

Especially now that Nakomis has won Head of Household. (More proof that there IS a God!) Unlike you, she has a brain that is connected to her spine. All your inevitable wailing and gnashing of teeth, all your blaming Jesus for your own corruption, all your misdirection about your sugly ister will earn you nothing — nothing, dammit. Nakomis will Jase you. She will feign to listen as you make a fool of yourself, even as she conceives a brilliant plan to get you the hell out of there.

And good riddance.

Kudos to Will for refusing to hug you. Kudos to him for turning away when you fugly ace came on the screen. Kudos to him for making a vampirish sign of the cross as you spoke. He hates you right now, and who can blame him? Of course, when you go into sequester with him this week, he will eventually forgive you because he is a good guy.

You know, if karma is a boomerang… :smiley:

This whole genre is proof that there is a God…and he doesn’t seem to like me very much.

What’s even worse is that that parting shot was wasted. On the live feeds after the show, the Twins were trying to figure out what “karma” was. Seriously.

Well, let me just say that I am THRILLED that Will is gone. I was pretty sick of his presence in the BB house, and any full grown man who still makes “pinky swears” deserves whatever treatment he receives. And I think he acted childishly by not hugging Adria or her sister (especially her sister; they are two separate people, despite how everyone in his alliance acts), and by showboating like a drama queen when Adria’s face came up on the monitor during the farewell tapes. Sign of the cross? Yeah, way to be the bigger man, William.

I believe Will lost because he let personal feelings get in the way of winning the game. This is proved (as far as I’m concerned) by his crying during his farewell tapes, and telling Julie that his friendships in the house were “real”. First of all, I truly doubt these are the kind of people Will hangs out with by choice, and not only the segment showcasing of his friends but also the way he mocks the fashion sense of his alliance behind their backs both back this up. But second, and most important, even if the friendships are real, you aren’t here to make FRIENDS; you’re here to win $500,000. This isn’t summer camp Will, it’s a three month game show, and you knew that when you signed up.

Adria is only viewed as a villain because she has Natalie in the house, and because she is playing strategically instead of the way her “friends” want her to play. Even before she put up Will, people were whispering about the twins and how they were a threat in the house. I can almost guarantee you that even if Adria had not put up Will, she and her sister would be on the block next week. She is playing the game intelligently IMHO, and now she sees the weaknesses in her former alliance that she could only guess at to this point.

It’s really easy to shout “Betrayal! How DARE you!” when these types of situations come up in the BB house, but look at this realistically. It is only a game. If Adria had put up Marvin and Cowboy, and the house continued to vote out people who were not in Will’s core alliance (Nakomis, Karen, and [he thought] Adria and Natalie) then eventually it’s going to get down to 5. At this point, somebody HAS to “betray” somebody. By this point, the twins would be sitting around with two HUGE bullseyes on their foreheads (as if they aren’t already, but I digress…).

Thus, getting rid of Will makes great sense. As far as what I’ve seen on the show (I don’t see the live feeds) Karen comes off as a nutjob, and without Will as her anchor she will either retreat into herself or will self destruct. That just leaves Nakomis, Marvin and Cowboy as people who are not even close to being on her side. Nakomis is dangerous, as she can actually think for herself (at least to a certain extent). Marvin is also dangerous, and now is not that huge a fan of bootylicious or bootyluscious ( :rolleyes: ). Then there is Cowboy, who probably still sleeps with Scott’s pillow, and no doubt goes into the bathroom, puts on Jase’s headband and weeps silently. Nobody is worried about Cowboy, nor should they be.

Now Nakomis (and by the way, don’t get me started how stupid that Azrael Abyss-esque name is) is HOH. No doubt, Nakomis will put up the twins this week. From a strategy standpoint, this is the right thing to do. However, thanks to the new veto competition, it will be very difficult to keep both of the twins on the block, since (theoretically) if they pick Diane and Drew, they have a 2/3 chance of winning. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. Of course, it would behoove D & D to drop A & N like hot potatoes, but that would be BETRAYING them, wouldn’t it?

And I don’t want to defend Adria and her sister too much. It really cheeses me off how much they bring up the Bible when it is convenient for them, yet swear and talk about others behind their backs when it suits them strategically. Of course, everyone in the house does the same thing (except for the Bible thing, natch), but it makes the twins look like HUGE hypocrites.

I still don’t think she is worse than Jase, though. I don’t recall Adria ever “calling people out” in the house, or running around pulling childish pranks and exhibiting infantile behavior. Everyone (except Cowboy) was glad when Jase left the house. Those who are saying that Adria is worse, in my opinion, either have a very short memory or problems with proportion.

And may I add, what a STUPID line is “If karma is a boomerang, I’ll be seeing you sooner than later.” Ooh, I’m sure Adria was shakin’! Suck it up, Will, and be a good sport. IT IS ONLY A GAME.

In Will’s defense, I can’t say that I would have acted all together differently than he did. He really did go to bat for Adria when she was put up for eviction and lobbied hard for her to remain in the house. I’m not saying she necessarily owed him anything for that – but I still think putting him up was a shitty move. She might have done it to last another week, but she did it at the expense of a Jury vote.

(Actually, it’s probably going to end up being three Jury votes, because I doubt that either Will, Karen, or Diane would vote to give Adria the money now. But, good “Christian” that Adria is, I’m sure she will bear that cross just fine.)

I would expect a twin to be going home this time for sure. If Nakomis puts up the twins and one wins veto, she can put up Drew which insures that the other twin gets voted off. Diane won’t vote Drew off so the twin would have only Cowboy and the other twin.

One thing about the twins being individuals. They sat in the HoH room each night figuring out who to vote out and how to manipulate the other house guests. They both made the decision that took place this week. One is just as responsible as the other for everything that took place.

Can I have an amen? In fact, I have been reading the live feed recaps, and it appears the Santa Monica Van Boys (or what’s left of them, anyway) are back in action. Cowboy can’t make an independent decision to save his life, so he’ll probably vote for whoever Marvin or Drew tells him to.

You know, I’ve been thinking the same thing, which actually makes me hate the twins even more. They keep whining about being treated and viewed as individuals at the same time that they act as a single entity. Bitches.

I too have had just about enough of the Vacation Bible Twins. Will was wrong when he said Adria was the new Jase – with Jase, you knew he was out to get you because he was pretty upfront about it. Adria is also out to get you, but has to show Christian Love while screwing you over. Self-righteousness comes off her in waves. I read on the live feed recaps that just after the eviction, she was talking about how embarrassed for Will she was, for his angry reaction, and how she was praying for him to be healed of his anger. Really, is there anything worse than being prayed about by a Christian who’s concerned about your sins?

As far as all this entirely false God-talk on the show, I’m thinking a Christian would be prohibited from participating. What’s the show all about, anyway? Lying, backstabbing, deception, betrayal, fame, and money. A Christian ought to have no part in it.

Having said that:

I think it’s important we remember this is TV, these people are actors and actresses, and the whole thing is of course heavily edited and manipulated to present the characters CBS wants us to see. I heartily condemn “Adria’s” version of the Gospel, but I’m not at all sure about the real Adria.

I don’t understand this line of thinking. The twins are individuals (duh). However, they are also in an alliance with each other. What are you saying…that they can’t even speak to each other just because they happen to be twins?!? Will, Nakomis, and Karen make all of their decisions together. The Four Horseman for quite a while made all of their decisions together. They acted as a single entity, i.e. as an alliance. That is the whole point of having an alliance. That is what alliances DO.

I’ll admit that I’m biased. I’m an identical twin, and I think it would be great to have my brother in the house with me, just to have somebody as a friend who is always on my side. It would be (and is for the current twins) a huge advantage, if from nothing else than a psychological standpoint. The counterpoint to this is obvious: once one of the twins leave the house, the other one will likely wither away.

masonite, I can’t disagree with you. A Christian who claims to follow the teachings that Adria and Natalie claim to follow really have no right in a game such as this. They come across as both self-righteous and hypocritical (at least to the home viewers, and to some extent their fellow housemates).

That’s fine. But if you want to behave like an alliance, then you should expect to be treated like one. You can’t have it both ways – either you are an alliance, or you’re not. Unlike the 4 Horsemen, the Houseguests know Natalie and Adria have an alliance, so for them to act as if they don’t is ridiculous and insulting.

I don’t think that the twins deny an alliance. They just remind people that they are individuals.

I like Adria and Natalie and have from the get-go. But I also like most of the people who are left in the house. There were no really “bad guys” left to nominate.

I was disappointed that she went for Will and Marvin, but I’m not sure that other options were all that better. That core group did need busting up. I think that if I had had the power of veto, I would have removed Marvin at the last minute and put in Karen.

I think that Will was uncharacteristically ungracious in his exit. I wish he had had a little more class. It is a game and it was a power play. The game is well- known for its lies and betrayals. Anyone who has seen the show should be braced for them.

I generally think that it is unethical to lie and deceive and scheme and gossip. But I don’t necessarily think that is true in this case since everyone KNOWS this is a game where people scheme. By the very nature of the game, almost all promises will be broken and almost everyone will be at least a little dishonest and untrustworthy.

Just for the record, lots of Christians curse up a storm. Some of us don’t even believe there is anything wrong with it as long as it is not seriously directed at someone to cause hurt. And many Christians are notorious hypocrites. (No perfection is required or expected – just efforts not to be hypocritical.)

I was going to post this word for word. I love people who play these types of games the way they were meant to be played (Richard Hatch, Boston Rob, and the other Robb who won are two of my favorites) The thing is, I’m not even clear on Adria’s strategy. She should have been able to figure out that this was a shit week to be HoH. The four horsemen are broken so whoever nominates has to get creative and will make enemies like no other week so far. I don’t understand the strategy of getting rid of will. He is still on your side. Hell, if it were me, I’d have thrown the competiton and let this week be someone elses hassle.

The last thing the twins needed was to make the target they already have on their back glow in the dark, I just don’t get it.

[QUOTE=Psycho Pirate]
I don’t understand this line of thinking. The twins are individuals (duh). However, they are also in an alliance with each other. What are you saying…that they can’t even speak to each other just because they happen to be twins?!? Will, Nakomis, and Karen make all of their decisions together. The Four Horseman for quite a while made all of their decisions together. They acted as a single entity, i.e. as an alliance. That is the whole point of having an alliance. That is what alliances DO.

I’ll admit that I’m biased. I’m an identical twin, and I think it would be great to have my brother in the house with me, just to have somebody as a friend who is always on my side. It would be (and is for the current twins) a huge advantage, if from nothing else than a psychological standpoint. The counterpoint to this is obvious: once one of the twins leave the house, the other one will likely wither away.

Oh please, stop twisting things. No one disagrees that they are individuals. The issue is that the two of them have been conspiring on every decision. If they BOTH make a decision, then they BOTH are responsible for the consequences. Due to this, they are both going to be on the block. It’s all very simple.

I don’t have a problem with Adria putting up Will per se, except that it was pretty stupid. It was like cutting off her own arm. He not only made a solemn oath of loyalty to her, but defended her vigorously when she was on the block. She had no closer ally, save Natalie. She was very aware of this, and even told him after the nomination that he could rest assured that he was safe. But…

She has gone absolutely bat-shit insane. In the diary room, she said that she nominated Will and Marvin to see if she could find cracks in the alliance. But at the nomination ceremony, she said it was because she thought it was time that they step up to the plate and demonstrate that they can play the game. Later that week, she announced that Jesus had visited her in the night and told her whom to nominate. Shortly thereafter, she said that the nominations were completely random. She’s a wigwam. She’s a teepee. She’s too tense (two tents).

The simple fact of the matter is that there WAS no good reason for nominating Will. She should have nominated Cowboy, the third horse’s ass.

Also, she became maniacally corrupt. Her Freudian slip with Julie was telling. “My houseguests,” she said. Not my housemates — my houseguests. She thinks she’s the damn executive producer. She went back to the “testing my alliance” shtick with Julie, and yet she never once sought out the counsel of anyone other than Natalie. She didn’t consult Will. She didn’t consult Nakomis. She didn’t consult Karen. They in fact had no idea whom she was going to nominate, and when she nominated Will, they all were shocked.

I’m not saying that her betrayal was unethical. I’m saying it was stupid. It was still possible to get through the week as HOH without controversy by nominating Cowboy, or at the very least by consulting her alliance, and she blew it. Now, she faces someone in the alliance she betrayed, and that someone is a great player and clear thinker who won’t fall for any of Adria’s bullshit. I was truly delighted with the plot-twist of the twins coming onto the show, but Adria has turned it from triumphant to fatal.

Well, apparently, according to the live feeds, Drew and Diane had sex last night. I would expect them to start fighting and drifting apart by the end of the day.

Maybe no one on this board disagrees that they are individuals, but there are plenty of people in the house that can’t seem to treat them like individuals. I’m not denying that they should both be responsible, and that they conspire on every decision. The 4 horsemen conspired on all of their decisions (at least, early in their alliance they did) and they were all held responsible. Nominating Adria and Natalie is the right move because of their combined threat. My annoyance is that most of the people in the house don’t see Adria and Natalie, they see Nadrilie. Perhaps some of this confusion stems from the swapping back and forth, but some of their behavior is just ridiculous.

Liberal, I think you are over-simplifying a complex issue. Adria putting up Will was possibly not the best move that she could have made, but it was not without its potential benefits. By putting up and removing Will, she removed a likeable player from the game, who probably would have beaten her in the final two. Why nominate Cowboy? That boy has been officially neutered. He can be removed at the house’s leisure…or not. I don’t see him getting enough votes in the final two to win even if he makes it all the way.

I realize that Will made a solemn oath of loyalty to Adria (or maybe he made it to Natalie…who knows). But do you really think he would have stuck by Adria to the end? That is to say, he would have chosen her over Nakomis and Karen? I just don’t see that happening. If she had nominated Cowboy, and he was evicted, I don’t think her chances of winning the overall game would have been that much improved. She is perceived as a huge threat because she has a sibling in the house. I am convinced that no matter who won HOH this week (except for Natalie), Adria and Natalie would have been put up. They are just perceived as too great a threat in the house (and IMHO, they are).

And I’m sure her alliance would have been very supportive of her decision of nominating Will if she had just consulted with them first…yeah, right. They would have tried to talk her out of it and then smiled to her face when she made the decision. True, they wouldn’t have been surprised, but they would be no less angry or vengeful. Especially Will, who unfortunately wears his emotions on his sleeve.

I will agree that the cheese may have started to slide off of Adria’s cracker. She made one of the most unintelligible eviction speeches in BB history. However, she was under a ridiculous amount of stress this week, so I can’t say I would have handled it much better.

As for her referring to her housemates as houseguests, do you realize how many times Julie Chen uses the word ‘houseguests’? That is what they are called. I would have been surprised if she or anyone else in the house had used the word ‘housemates’, so I can’t hold that against her.

At any rate, I don’t think the houseguests will have to worry about Adria and Natalie much longer.

I think Nakomis is playing this game pretty damn smart.
And she DID treat the twins as individuals! She nominated Adria because she put up Will when she said she wouldn’t. And she even gave Natalie the benefit of the doubt asking her why she voted to kick out Will. No good reason.
Nakomis now took HOH for the second time, nominated the correct people, and received no ill will from anybody for doing so.

So this week one of the twins is outsted definately (even if one of them saves themselves with the veto, the other will be out).

So with the next HOH Nakomis has to feel pretty good about not being nominated. The only ones I see putting her up are the other twin (revenge!) or possibly Marvin (he’s done it before for the reasoning of Nakomis is a strong player).

Karens managed to fly under the radar and will continue to do so. I think the Drew-Diane thing works against them, Marvin still poses himself as a threat to everyone, the remaining twin may have alienated herself from everyone, Cowboy may be kicked to the curb just because someone wants a safe nomination that won’t offend anyone.