Big Brother 8 8/10 - 8/16 *Spoilers*

Hey, just surprised nobody started a new thread. So I figured I’d put one up. I miss all the snark, clever insights, and dare I say, spoilers.

Just to have some sort of content here, I have to say that I’m hoping against hope that Dick stays in the house. He’s a jerk, but he makes for good TV.

Is it bad that every time Jameka comes on the screen, I say “taste God?”

To bring the thread up to date on the feed updates, Dick won the Veto and used it to take Daniele off the block. Dustin voluntarily went up in his place (Dustin thinks that his voluntary nom will help build trust with Jen and Zach in case one of them ins HOH next week. The plan, of course, is still to immediately shank them in the back as soon as the Donatos are gone).

Although things look grim for the Dickster, he’s still trying to work Jen and Zach to keep him, while simultaneously trying to flip Jessica as the potential tie breaker.

Right now, it’s tough sledding because neither Jen or Zach can see any of the LNC voting to keep Dick and they don’t see that they have anything to gain by supporting the Donatos.

What they don’t know, and what the week might turn on, is that America is almost certainly going to order Eric to vote out Dustin. This will effectively screw Eric’s position with the NH2 beyond all hope of repair. Another hinky vote which they’re going to know came from him is going to place the LNC target permanently back on his ass.

If h thinks this through at all, Eric is going to realize that his only hope of long term survival will be to try to realign with Jen and Zach and the Donatos and wotk for the surprise ouster of Dustin. That could really work in Eric’s favor because it would remove the leader of the LNC and put the remaining members in a minority position in the house. Not only that, but only one of the remaining nerd would be able to play for HOH. Jameka can’t play for 4 more weeks and Jessica will be outgoing HOH. That would leave only Amber and Amber is a moron.

Eric wouldn’t even have to bring the Donatos in on anything if he could bring Jess along. He and Jess could team with Jen and Zach to form a new alliance which would not only have a numerical advantage over the other two factions but would not make the audience sick to its stomach.

Of course, that’s only until America kneecaps Eric with another order to shiv his own team.

Speaking of Eric, I can sympathize with his disappointment at being selected as AP when he wanted to implement strategies of his own. But as Danielle says, it is what it is. He is the AP. Therefore, the next time he saunters into the diary room, opens the envelope, and moans about how America is ruining “his” strategy, I’m going to scream. “His” strategy is irrelevant. Too bad, but his job is to enact OUR strategy.

Now, maybe it’s the case that the producers put him on a water board and forced him to be the AP. But I’m betting that they merely mentioned it to him, and he loved the idea, just from the perspective of getting so much attention and being so important. I reckon he didn’t think through what it really meant until after he said yes. I think that because he talks faster than he thinks.

Dustin is a fucking idiot. It’s even dumber than what Marceles did. Granted, odds are and all that, but still.

I assumed that he was in the finals for this season and was told by the producers that they wanted him as “America’s Player” - his choice was to be “America’s Player” or not be on this season with the distinct possibility of never making it to the finals again. I think he probably took the offer simply because he felt he had no choice but to take the offer if he wanted to be on the show. For that, I can’t fault his disappointment when his strategy gets knee-capped.

For the most part, he’s thrown himself wholeheartedly into this situation, far more than a lot of players might have. I know if I were in his position there would have been several tasks I wouldn’t have even half-assed - I would have 1/10th assed some of these. Give the silent treatment to your closest ally? Screw that. I don’t think he can just come out and say no, but he can walk straight up to Jessica and start a conversation. At least he tried, knowing full well that it could screw him.

And based on some of these votes, he’s got to think one of two things: either America knows something he doesn’t and is pointing him in the right direction OR America’s fucking with him. Thinking about the two most recent tasks, he’s got think America’s fucking with him, I know I would.

Yes, but my point is that he doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have a strategy. He is playing on behalf of a voting pool. If he didn’t want to do that, he should have said no. If that meant he couldn’t play at all, too bad. Lots of people didn’t make it for whatever reasons.

Collectively, Americans aren’t that smart [insert political joke here]. In terms of who we want nominated and eliminated, I think people might be voting for the people they hate the most (Jen, Kail). But that’s why the first season sucked. When America had control of who left, all of the people who make good TV left early.

I think the public will turn on Dick soon enough, though. I know a couple of viewers who still like him. :rolleyes:

However, the fact that “we” wanted him to give Jessica the silent treatment probably means “we” fucked with him on that one.

I agree that the voting pool is fucking with him, but he brings it on himself with his uppity attitude about America ruining “his” game. He plays along when it suits his own agenda, but bristles when it’s something he doesn’t want to do. The first time he glared at the camera with his bug eyes and his righteous indignation, I immediately went to the website and voted for him to sleep with Dick. I think of him as sort of my employee. The only way to fire him is to make the house despise him.

Ditto. Right now he is working on my last nerve. He may be “America’s Player”, but I certainly didn’t vote for him.

Easy explanation: God = Powers that Be = Producers. “Taste God” is what Jameka had to do to get on the show. Is answer question?

Could be, Controvert, could be. :slight_smile:

Ok, Eric gets screwed over by his own ‘choice’.

What about Jen? All the players went into the game knowing that they would get $500,000 if they win the game. As part of a veto competition, Jen has agreed to give up half of that if she wins, but it wasn’t really a choice she freely made. It was give up part of your prize or risk going home. If she does end up winning, I imagine she’d have a decent case for getting the full amount as originally agreed to.

I missed the first episode in which the America’s Player twist was discussed.

Does Eric HAVE to do what America “says”? If he decides not to, what happens? Does he get removed from the house?

I thought the same thing… was the question in the POV competition a conditional one: i.e., “how much of your winnings would you give up”?

Meh. That was an evil Veto competition. But her competitors opted to give up none of the money, or give up like 10K of the money. Jen opted to write down the largest amount possible. Jen wanted to win the veto competition the most, so she won it. But it was totally her choice to write down such a large number. I’m not convinced her case that she didn’t freely make that choice is all that great.

I’m not sure Eric is being screwed over. AP only forces his eviction vote and he can and does blow off certain assignments. Eric could have been more clever with the way he blows off assignments. For example, this week, he was supposed to give Jessica the silent treatment. I would’ve gotten a pad of paper ready. When Jessica comes to talk to me, I point to my throat and point to the pad, where I wrote “can’t speak - laryngitis”. Then, I proceed to have a nice conversation with Jessica via written notes.

I think CBS would honor the ‘silent’ treatment. If not, hey at least I tried.

Also, it seems like Jessica is one paranoid girl when she’s not being hand held or actively controlled by puppetmaster Eric. Someone could tell her that Dick and Jameka are working together and her immediate response would be: That makes sense! I knew it!

Wow, I couldn’t disagree more. All choices entail risk; that’s the nature of choices.

You could carry your reasoning much further back, even to before the game. You could say that Jen agreed to give up her privacy, but it wasn’t a choice she freely made because it was give up a chance to win the prize or risk not being on the show at all. The fact is that she made poor choices from the beginning, including the choice to attach herself to Kail. People who risk a lot get a lot when they succeed, and lose a lot when they fail.

As far as getting the full amount if she wins, she has no case whatsoever. She consented to that stipulation in front of God and everybody. I just really don’t get the mindset that says let me choose but let me risk nothing. Even trivial choices entail some trivial risk.

It’s when you take away all risk that choice should go in quotation marks. It means that your “choice” between A or B makes zero difference. The payoff and loss of each is identical. Therefore, there is no choice at all.

I think it is clear that God is only paying attention to Jameka…

I think Eric is handling the AP thing fairly admirably. When his friends and family found out he was chosen they were disappointed, and speculated that he would be as well. He’s taking a lot of flack in the house because of actions he was forced to make against his better judgment. That said, he’s still incredibly twitchy and awkward and a world class ass kisser.

BTW, best part of Tuesday’s show: Daniele moans that she hates everyone because they are so fake and then proceeds to put on a phony baloney crying act in front of the whole house trying to distance herself from Dick, her strongest ally.

Agreed. And when she cried, “You just don’t understand!” I was immediately reminded of my cousin’s teenage daughter. I guess 20 isn’t that far from 15.

Is anybody keeping track of how much money Eric has made so far for being AP? He gets $10,000 for every 5 tasks he completes. (From the Rules and Regulations on There will be 29 voting opportunities - so really $50k is the most he could make, as long as he doesn’t miss more than 4 tasks.

It’s not what she agreed to when she started the game. The basic agreement is if she wins, she gets $500,000. If she is voted out, she gets nothing, but if she wins she gets $500,000. For this, she is willing to commit to the length of time that it takes to do the show. So after something like 30 days into the show, she is faced with either giving up part of the $500,000 or risk going home.

That is not what she agreed to, and it’s pretty shitty of the producers to do it. If they did it before she started the game, I can see you point, but they did it after she started performance of her contract and invested a considerable amount of time in it. What’s to keep them from making the last remaining players at the end of the show to compete for the win by seeing who will accept the lowest amount of prize money?