BIG BROTHER 8/17, Oh, Adria!

Adria, Adria, Adria. . .power has gone to your head! You’ve nominated my two favorite Houseguests and refused to save either of them with your Veto Power. (Not unexpected.) But trying to make them grovel to be saved was arrogant. Saying “It’s all about Adria!” was beyond arrogant. And you will pay the price!

Has Cowboy joined up with anyone? Can anyone tell?

Adria made such an ass out of herself this week. The twins would have been an easy target anyways, but she magnified the target by acting like such a sore winner. I was glad to see Will and Marvin refuse to go begging her with offers. And God told her to nominate them? Please!

I don’t like her at all. Her little speech in the bedroom about letting her be the tie-breaker was the last straw. I’m really liking Marvin for not buying her bullshit speech at the nomination ceremony and for saying that he wouldn’t take the veto even if she offered it. He’s “going out with guns blazing” alright!

She really should have saved him though. She may want to get Will out now because Marvin is a “swing vote”, but he will never align with her after the way she screwed him.

I doubt Cowboy has aligned himself with anyone at this point because, following his logic about Drew, that would mean he wasn’t loyal to the 4 horsemen. Drew was playing the game, whereas Cowboy seems to think that having integrity and loyalty will get him further in the game. Not gonna happen, buddy.

I really hate that Will may go this week. I just adore him. If it came down to him and Nikomis, I would be happy. But they are the two smartest people in the house right now (besides Marvin), so everyone would be wise to get rid of them.

Okay here’s my predictions for Thursday:

Voting to evict Will- Cowboy, Drew, Diane
Voting to evict Marvin- Nakomis, Karen, Natalie

The final vote will come down to Adrianne and she will evict MARVIN since she probably feels pretty threatened by him now.

With the next HOH I think if Natalie doesn’t win it that the twins will go up. No one will use the veto on either of them, and if one of them does win the veto and removes themselves the other will get voted off.

A bold move for Adria to do (but she didn’t) would have been to announce to everyone that she realizes that having the twin is a threat to everyone and especially herself and therfore she is taking Marvin off the block and putting up Natalie and wants everyone to vote her off. Don’t know if this would have redeemed her but it would have been bold.

What is up with Adria? Here every HOH has come to her to manipulate her vote and she’s mad because people won’t tell her how to vote? It seemed to me that they backed off when she got HOH to see how *SHE * wanted the plan to be. Then she didn’t like it. Really, Adria. If anyone had come to you with a plan, you would have been upset that they dared undermine you and your HOH-ness.

And the “Respect my Au-thor-i-tye” speech was a little over the top.

I’m angry because the show was preempted in NYC and I can’t get my cheap-ass VCR to work.

I believe she’s alienated the whole house by now, with the possible exception of Oh-Please-Screw-Me Diane and Oh-Please-Don’t-Hit-Me Drew. No matter who goes between Will and Marvin, if the one who stays wins HOH, the twins are going up. I think that also holds if Nakomis or Karen win HOH. I think the twins are in trouble unless Natalie can somehow disassociate herself from Adria, but I doubt that she can and I doubt that she would if she could.

My predictions:

If Marvin stays and wins HOH, the Twins go up

If Will stays and wins HOH, the Twins go up

If Natalie wins HOH, Nakomis and Cowboy go up

If Diane wins HOH, Nakomis and Karen go up

If Drew wins HOH, Nakomis and Karen go up

If Karen wins HOH, the Twins go up

If Nakomis wins HOH, the Twins go up

If Cowboy wins HOH, I mean c’mon let’s get real. Okay, okay, if by some miracle he wins, then after a steady stream of crying and gnashing his teeth with copious remorse and guilt — it will not be his fault since he has been “lahd tew mah whole lahf” — the Twins go up

I don’t understand why it was so important for Marvin and Will to grovel for Vito. She made an awkward situation even more awkward by doing that.

Wow, what a piece of business she is. Marvin nailed it: “Since the Lord came to you in prayer and told you to nominate me, I don’t think you should use the Veto on me.” Used to hate Marvin; after refusing to kiss Adria’s ass, he deserves to win now.

Between all the talk about the Lord by thoroughly nasty people on this show and on The Amazing Race, I’m starting to suspect a CBS conspiracy to make Christians look terrible. Adria’s words+actions haven’t really done a whole lot for my faith, personally — hope to heck she’s not laboring to Be An Example for the viewers.

Cowboy, Drew, Diane and the twins are on the same team. Will, Nakomis and Karen are on the other while Marvin is swinging in the breeze. I got that off the live feed listening to the twins. I don’t expect either side to put up Cowboy in the near future because everyone in the house considers him to be slow and a non-threat.

Diane is playing both sides. She sits in the HOH room telling the twins who to put up, then complains to the others that the twins are power mad. She then goes back to the twins and reports what everyone is saying. She is playing it far better than most at the moment and I believe she has a fair shot at going to the final two.

The twins have the best shot since they are strong competitors and cowboy won’t put them up. It mainly depends on what Diane or Drew does if they win HOH.

Did anybody else watch it last night? Natalie will be evicted this week, I just can’t see her and Adria getting the votes to stay.

I dunno, D&D may ride the Twin Train and vote Cowboy out, knowing that they may have a chance if they stay “true” to Adria.
My voting guesses:
Karen: Natalie
Marvin: Natalie
Diane: Cowboy
Drew: Cowboy
Adria: Cowboy
I know Nickelodeon told Cowboy not to worry, but he needs to worry.

Also, WTF was the deal with his sudden desire to win the soap opera spot? Sexy cowboy? Um, no. Sorry. I think Drew may win that just on the cute factor.

Terrible, terrible, terrible idea to put Cowboy up there. Why not put Diane or Drew up there to ensure at least 1 more vote for Natalie? Gotta split up the pairs, folks! That’s rule one of reality shows.