Big Brother 8/5

Yippee! The Big Lout on the Block is gone!
The look on Jase’s face when the Natalie/Adria twist was revealed was precious!
Cowboy’s screaming “It’s Holly. It’s Holly,” while the whole Twin Twist was being set-up was too funny.
Good for Nokomis for winning HOH! Let the ladies rule!
Jase, you’re as good as toast! Kick that creep to the curb!

There was cheering in Chez Jayjay. Lots and lots of cheering.

I just signed up for the live feed to catch the people’s reactions. Jase has given up saying he knows he is going home and Cowboy is still crying.

I don’t mean to be insensitive…heck, I’m one of the most sensitive people on the planet but is it just me or is entirely too much crying going on in the big brother house? I don’t know, maybe being couped up like that screws with your emotions, who knows?

I loved when Nakomis (sp?) won the HOH competition. The four men seemed totally defeated. Maybe this is what it will take to shake up the alliances a little bit to make it a little more fun.

Duh Duh Duhhhhhhhh Twist revealed. Woo Hoo!

No more Scott and an extra Bama Girl. YAY!! DeHusband and I are split about Scott’s leaving. I wanted him gone because he’s mean to the other players (I’m all about the mean.) Marvin’s been fair to everyone, if smarmy. DeHusband wanted Marvin gone because he’s really a better player.

I want to hear more about Natalie’s nose getting ripped off her face as a child, though. Why yes, I am morbid. Why do you ask?

And I’m glad Nakomis won HOH. She hasn’t been getting nearly enough respect. It’d be funny if she puts up Jase and Cowboy. (I despise Cowboy, I think he’s a goober, if not masochistic.)

Nakomis was the one who came up with the idea (not gone with, unfortunately) to put up two decoys last week. That way, everyone who would be going for the veto would be on the Girls’ team, and would use it on themselves. Then Diane could have put Jase up without his having a chance to veto himself.

I think that’s the way they’re going to go this week. And Drew seems to have gravitated toward the girls…watching the live feeds, I don’t think he’s even spoken to the other Horsemen since they came in from the HoH comp, but he’s been all up in the Girls’ Alliance koffeeklatsch. Marvin’s jumping ship, too, apparently. He doesn’t like the way the Horsemen were treating Adria this past week with the badgering about saving her booty.

We watched it on TiVo and it didn’t seem to us that Scott said goodbye to Drew at all. Looked like he gave Drew the cold shoulder, and Drew gave this pathetic little way when Scott walked out.

Horsemen are treating Drew as if it’s all his fault that Scott’s gone (what with them losing the Holly vote). Drew would be smart to switch, but I’m not sure he’s all that smart.

So who ya predictin Nakomis will put up on the choppin block?

Jase is probably a given. I thought the second would probably be Marvin however she did say her and Marvin were cool with eachother. Maybe it will be Cowboy. Even though he is her brother she still may consider him a creep.

She may go with what the girls want though to be agreeable thinking it will put her in good standing in the long run.

It should get interesting once the men are gone though. Then they’ll have to start knocking eachother off. Once it comes to that i’d say they team up on the "A"twins cause someone will convince the rest of them that the twins are too powerful together.

Re: my post two up from this one…

I think she’ll put up Marvin and maybe Drew, with the understanding that they’re BOTH decoys. That way, whoever gets veto will take one of them off and she can put up Jase with absolutely no way to save himself.

And if Drew doesn’t climb completely aboard the Girl Power train, she can always put up one of the girls.

Best Big Brother episode EVER! :smiley:

Best season, too, in my opinon. Yes, the DNA acronym (Do Not Assume) is a bit hokey, but I can forgive that for the sheer joy that Edlyn and I experienced last night. Woo-hoo!

When she was a child, she fell off a table while farting around, and the edge of it caught her nose as her face went past it. Sheared it clean off. She says, “I had a real good doctor.” Indeed! :slight_smile:

I want to hand out some props.

Props to the producers for conceiving this idea. It was risky. It could have fizzled out altogether and become just a footnote to the Big Brother series.

Props to Adria/Natalie for pulling this off. They are as smart and crafty as they are beautiful. Props to Natalie for quietly resetting her True-False sign after Julie failed to rule her out on the same question that stumped all the guys. (She had missed it, too.) And props to Adria for pretending to be shocked at Julie’s announcement and carying on her ruse until the instant that Natalie walked out of the Diary Room. (Adria looked as shocked as everyone else.)

Props to God for giving the Four Horses Asses enough rope to hang themselves.

Props to Nakomis for winning HOH.

Props even to Julie Chen who, until last night, had never failed to screw up an important announcement either with rhetorical stumbling or loss of control over the house guests. This was my biggest concern, that she would somehow, in true Montel Williams fashion, ruin an otherwise great moment. She didn’t. She handled it perfectly.

But most of all, and finally, a bazillion props to the show’s director for cueing just the right camera shots during the reveal. We got to see all the surprised faces and dropped chins. And especially, that wonderful shot of Jase with his hand covering his wide-open mouth as he slumped in his seat and staring bug-eyed at the ceiling in sheer disbelief. What a great fall from a high place! From the celebration of thinking that Scott would be back with a twin brother to the devistation of realizing that the Four Horses Asses were dead and that he will be the next to go.

All is right with the world on the morning of August 6th. :slight_smile: Oh, happy day!

But with Scott gone, who will now self gratify himself in front of cameras?

I also wonder if the whole DNA thing is done, or if there will be some other twist. Two surprises. Whoo hoo. We want more!

Yeah, but if Marvin or Drew choose Cowboy or Jase to be their veto helpers and they win (i.e. Jase) they could choose not to use the veto.

She’d obviously have to get them both on board and be able to trust them. Easier said than done, but I have a feeling Marvin knows he would have been screwed if the Horsemen had the votes, so he may not be feeling the equestrian love right now.

The only problem with Jase not being put up is if he wins the veto and chooses not to use it.

I love to snark on these people, but I love love love Will. I so want to be his hag! :smiley: I actually think he’s the most attractive man in the house. Drew is very cute, but in a frat boy way. Will is more handsome than cute.

What is with Scott saying he doesn’t want to be seen as a bad guy? Puh-leeze. He’s just trying to do damage control now that he’s out. I wonder if he’ll realize how he came across. I hope he never gets laid again.

I have got to rewatch this episode! Are you serious?! That is so cool of her!

If nobody picks him to play for them, he won’t get the chance.

Now, if I were Nakomis, I might consider just putting up two solid Girls’ Alliance players for this plan, but on the other hand, that removes at least one solid Girls’ Alliance voter from casting a vote. Also, it will be so obvious that something is up if she does that that any element of surprise will be lost, because Jase will instantly know they’re brewing something.

Yep, that’s how it happened. I’ve rewatched it myself about twenty times now. :smiley:

Julie: “True or false: there are four bowls hanging on the lime green wall of the dining room. Again, answer green for true or red for false. Answers, please.”

Karen: False

Marvin: True

Will: False

Cowboy: True

Adria: False

Drew: True

Nakomis: False

Jase: True

Natalie: True

Julie: “The correct answer is false. There are three bowls hanging on that wall. Marvin, Michael, Drew, and Jase, you’ve all been eliminated…”

[…Natalie turns back her wheel now…]

Julie: “…please join Diane on the side, and everyone — Drew, I need you to reset your wheel to blue. Everyone else can reset as well.”

But Natalie missed on the next question anyway, so… oh well.

The problem is that things can change so fast in the house. This past week, Karen was dissing on Adria something fierce, and even though she wound up voting to evict Snott, she struggled with it. (Remember her vote? She hemmed and hawed and took a while.) You would have to completely trust everyone involved and have ironclad assurances that no one would veer from the plan. It’s way too risky. I hope that Nakomis will eventually see it that way.

I think that’s way to risky since it assumes that a member of your own alliance is going to win the Veto. If that doesn’t happen, the whole thing blows up in your face. I think putting up two folks you would like to see gone with a third in the back of your mind if one of the original BlockHeads wins the Veto works best.

And Jase MUST go next!!!