Big Brother 7/29/04--SPOILERS!

I don’t see a BB thread for tonight’s episode, so I’m going to go ahead and post.

I am so surprised! I cannot believe that things went down the way they did tonight. I want to put my whole post in a spoiler box, because I think almost anything I say could be a giveaway for anyone opening the thread, but I’ll try to not to ruin it for anyone.

[spoiler]She’s gone! Holly is outta there. After a vote 7-1 Holly was evicted, much to the surprise of Jase, who had expected the Four Horsemen and Marv (The Van something Boys) to save his household cuddle bunny again. Somehow, Scott, Michael and Marvin all managed to convince Jase they were following his plan, only to join the other housemates in giving that ditzy blond da boot! Did you see the look on her face when she found out that “A” and Natalie have both been playing in the house? That was hysterical.

This means that the twins are almost guaranteed to spend some time in the house together, as long as their alliance can keep the Four Horsemen out of the HoH room. On the flip side, it’s entirely possible that the Four Horsement will fall apart this week after flipping on Jase. The look on his face after the vote was almost evil. [/spoiler]

I want to know who is winning the HoH competition, I hate cliffhangers like that. It seems like they have shut down the BB5 chat so that live feed recipients cannot share the outcome yet.

Haven’t seen the show yet (it’s still early on the Left Coast), but had to read your spoiler. Now I can watch without having palpitations. This just reinforces my belief that it’s all rigged beforehand somehow. A whole season dominated by the Four Dufuses would not be watchable by anybody. I look forward to seeing how this wonderful event transpired.

I can’t believe you cheated! I would have, too. This week was so nerve wracking I almost couldn’t watch the eviction. Enjoy!

Apparently everyone is still in the competition. (I’m reading the Live Feed updates at EZ Board)

I just saw a report that

Jennifer AKA Nakomis decided she wanted to smoke and voluntarily gave up her spot.

Someone on another board mentioned that this challenge looks skewed towards the guys, since they have longer arms.

Also, they have to keep a grip around the neck of their cutouts. The women’s longer hair make the necks of their cutouts wider than the guys, which means the women will have to strain more in their grip.

I took a look at that when they first started monstro. I think they actually took body measurements, the girls’ black lines are closer to the pics than the guys. They couldn’t all be equidistance, that would be geared strictly towards the tallest houseguest.


Karen’s out

Analysis so far:

Karen and Nakomis are out, which leaves three “Girls’ Alliance” and three “Boys’ Alliance”, and Marvin.

They brought out pizza and a six-pack of beer, saying that this is the only beer they’re getting tonight. Apparently they’re trying to bribe people down off the boxes.

Can I just note that I seriously hate these endurance competitions, from a purely spectatorial standpoint? I have an interview at 10:00 tomorrow morning and I’m sure I’ll be sitting here hitting “refresh” on that live feed board until 3 AM…

Here’s what I don’t get. You know there will be an endurance competition eventually, in every season of Survivor, and in every season of BB.

Go to the bathroom when you know there’s a competition coming up.

You know, I knew there was a reason I don’t subscribe to the live feeds. If I did, I’d never sleep. I’d lose my job. I’d piss off my boyfriend royally by becoming a smelly, unkempt, dirty lump in front of my computer, and I’d need six months of therapy after the season was over for withdrawal.

The next twist was just revealed. The housemates still in the competition can no longer switch hands.

Lame. sigh


Cowboy’s out. Three Girls’, Two Boys’, and Marvin are left.

Someone on Hamster Time said of Cowboy’s ass-slapping, “I can’t help thinking that he’s keeping time in his head to John Denver’s ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’.” Heh.


Scott’s out. Three Girls’ Alliance, One Boys’ Alliance, and Marvin left.

So, someboy 'splain how this came down tonight. I’d guess Jase voted for Holly to stay in; everybody else voted her out. Is this Drew’s doing; did he really manage to convince everybody in the 4-H Club but Jase that Holly was a threat to their alliance? If so, they’re all dumber than they look. Or maybe they decided Marvin, the swing vote, was unreliable, and they needed to cut their losses and pretend to throw a bone to the Girls+Will. Thoughts?


Marvin’s gone. That leaves Will, Adria, Diane and Jase.


NOOOOO! Adria’s out. Well, Jass is still outnumbered 2 to 1…

Jayjay, are you here? You seem to be a step ahead of me. I can stop following the recaps when the Jasshole wins or loses.