Big Brother All-Stars--The Final 4

So the final 4 are Janelle, Erika…


Wow, who’d-a thunk it, huh? :rolleyes:

Everyone who’s been evicted so far has no one but themselves to blame. Will should have been voted out by the third week, but NOOOOO! Everyone thought they were so damn smart–“Oh, let’s leave Chilltown here; that’ll take the target off our backs!” Newsflash: that didn’t work in Season 2; what the heck made you think it was any better of an idea this time?

I assume that there will be another HOH competition Sunday night (except I’ll have to wait till Monday night at 2 AM because of Jerry’s Kids–I mean the ones not living in the sequester house). If either Will or Boogie wins, that’s game, set and match to Chilltown. If one of the girls win, they had better do their best to get Will out.

If you’re interested …

Boogie won HOH and put the girls up. Will is the deciding vote and I think they’re leaning toward booting Ericka. I think it’s a bad choice as Janelle is known for her skills in competitions.


Janelle has won the veto …

This week, the power is really in the hands of the Veto Holder, as they can choose who gets to vote someone out. If they POV winner is on the block, they can take themselves off, force the remaining person onto the block, and then choose which person gets booted. If they’re not on the block, they can choose who gets booted, unless it’s the HOH…

Isn’t the jury usually an odd number of people, so that there can’t be a tie in the final vote? This year it’s gonna be 6 people, unless I’m forgetting someone. Marcellas, Howie, Danielle and George already there, plus the next two, leaving two in the house to choose between. Have I forgotten someone? Do the producers choose the winner in the event of a tie? Maybe Julie votes?

You’re forgetting James. It’s hard to imagine I know, but there you go.

Oooh yeah! Thanks. I just remembered seeing Howie and Marcellas there. I don’t think they’ve shown us any footage from the sequester location since then.

If Evil Dr. Will can continue pulling Janelle’s puppet strings, he and Mike Boogie will make it to the final 3. Can Will or Boogie beat Janelle next week?

Is it just me, or have a large number of the HOH and POV contests been trivia based, moreso than recent years, thus giving Janelle an advantage?

Do you think the final HOH will be endurance-based?

In regards to the final HOH:

I’ve read that it’s a three-part competition. One part is endurance, one part is knowledge, and one part is a combination of the two.

I have no idea if it’s true or not, but I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone if it is.

It’s true. The final HOH is like that every season. Here’s an interesting update, by the way.

Erika has convinced Janelle to vote out Will tonight. There will officially no longer be any reason to watch this season after that.

Yes, I read that too. I’m excited now to see what happens tonight.

Yes, it’s true that it won’t be as fun to watch with Will gone, but there’s only a week left anyway. It usually does get boring at this point in the game. Remember Jun and Allison? I’d rather see what’s going on in the sequester house, frankly. I do think it’s pretty funny that the girls finally figured out that they’ve been played this whole time and are going to go after Chilltown. I just hope Erika is telling the truth about taking Janie to the final 2 and ditching Booger or I’m going to have to hunt her scrawny little butt down and break her over my knee.

Ha! Boogie and Janelle totally fucked up the producers hopes for that challenge. You could almost hear them scrambling to upload something into the Julie-bot to say during the last segment.

Yep, so much for all the construction that went into that volcano. I think they got one puff of smoke out, and it was done.

I hated Janelle in Season 6, but my respect for her has really grown this season. She’s played the game so well, and her skill in the competitions is impressive.

I find Will fascinating but I am disgusted by Mike Boogie’s true colours (I didn’t see his original Season) - what a jackass.

I think Janelle missed hearing the instructions about keeping both hands on the key because she was distracted while she was getting into position. The challenge was skewed towards Erika anyway - she was the only one short enough to get comfortable with the key directly above her.

This season became really interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing if Janelle and Erika are able to stick together and make it to the Final 2. Strategy-wise they shouldn’t because Boogie doesn’t deserve to be there, and won’t win - the guy is a leech; without Will he’s nothing.

I know! I was looking forward to see what was going to erupt from that thing.

Although I was hoping for Will to be in the final 2 with Janelle, his eviction was worth it just for the look of defeat on Mike’s face. Chilltown was just a little too cocksure and it backfired on them.

Also, Mike is no Richard Hatch. I think that was a stupid move on his part.

What was with all of Erika’s gloating and snotting about Will going to sequester with Howie? hy did Janelle say she was evicting him for Howie? Will had nothing to do with Howie’s ouster. George is the one who nominated Howie, not Will. When everyone else was trying to get George to nominate Janelle, Will asked him to nominate himself. The when George told Erika he might nominate Will, Erika BEGGED him to put up Janelle instead. None of that made any sense.

Boogie is guaranteed F2, so there was no reason for him to compete in the comp. Either one of these girls would have to be a complete moron not to take him with them, especially Erika.

According to the live feeds.

Some serious girl bonding went on during the night. Erika realizes how badly she was played and she is super pissed off. She’s promised Janelle she’ll take her to the final 2 if she wins. She said she’d rather get second place than take Bogus to the final 2. I don’t think there’s any way that Janelle would take Booger since she could win against Erika easily. The girls also talked about stealing a Chilltown t-shirt and then burning it after Bogus is sent to sequester

I assume it was because of how Howie hung on Will and drove him nuts when he was in the house. Howie appeared to have a bit of a man-crush on Will, so to speak. I don’t know why Erika dwelled on it so much though.

Will promised Janelle and Howie he’d vote to keep Howie in, then proceeded to vote him out anyway. He promised to do a lot of stuff for her that he didn’t do, but she (stupidly) forgave him every time and continued to let him manipulate her. It was basically her way of saying, “Your days of controlling me are over.” Also, Will’s offering to let George put him up against Erika was a backhanded move. They absolutely did not want that to happen, and put it in George’s head so they could then convince him that there was no way he could possibly put up Will, leaving George no other choice but to put up Howie even though he said he wouldn’t.

I so wish that Boogie wasn’t right that no matter who wins HOH, she needs to take Boogie with her to the final two. I gained a whole new respect for Erika this week and would have loved to see her and Janelle in the final two. Either of them could easily beat Boogie. (On preview, happy to see that, Honey.)

Looks like things are pretty interesting in the sequester house. I thought Howie would have gotten over everything by now, but he’s obviously an immature prick. I hope he and Marcellus kill each other.

Well, I have no interest in watching anymore without Will, but I did think he showed a lot of class in his exit. He whispered in Erika’s ear. “That was awesome, just awesome.” when he was going out the door, bore no grudges, said only complimentary things about them in his interview and even said he had underestimated Erika and that he admired what the girls had done. Compared to Erika’s nasty, spiteful, gloating goodbye video (I think she was projecting a lot of bitterness onto Will that should have been directed at Boogie) he came off as the better, saner person.

If Erika would rather intentionally choose second place over a sure win just out of petty resentment then she’s an idiot who doesn’t belong in thegame.

That’s what I was thinking. I thought once they got in the sequester house it gave them time to unwind and chill out and realize it was just a game.
It seems James and Dani and the others realize this but why is Howie being so confrontational with everyone? He even went on an attack on George.
It looks like in this game you either have to be really good at competitions or really good at manipulating people. Howie, George, and Marcellus had neither and never had a chance.