Big Brother All-Stars 7/6/06 - The Chicken Georges Come Home To Roost

And so it begins.
Chicken George
Mike Boogie

Oh, geez…this is going to be equal parts excruciating and deliriously delicious…

Our story so far:

Will and Mike Boogie spike my irony meter by complaining that Kaysar is a smug bastard. Dudes…get a mirror…

Major HoH twist - there are TWO of them, and they must agree on the two nominees or become the nominees themselves.

12 people get hit by a giant orange-juice-soaked styrofoam rock and lose their chance at the big bedroom. Jase and Janey become Heads of Household.

Danielle seriously mistimes her strategy and begins the drama already…she takes Alison and George aside and plants the thought in their minds that if Jase were to deliberately refuse to agree with Janey, they would both go up and Janey would go because everyone’s afraid of BB6. Unfortunately, Danielle forgot the two things that got her to the Final Two in her season: stealth and Jason (or Sexy Flanders, for those who forget), neither of which she has in her back pocket this time.

Alison gets into the act by pushing Jase to refuse to agree so they can get rid of Janey. Jase is playing both sides against the middle. Alison is still a bitch (not relevant to this ep, just an observation I wanted to make).

Janey and Jase come to an agreement…it’s a Troublemaker Twofer in nominations! Danielle and Alison get to sit beside each other at ceremonies all week and pretend they don’t really want to rip each other’s hair out.

No Bunky! Damn you to hell, Whoever you are! Bunky!!!

What I was most amused by in this episode was how Marcellas was equal parts stunned and pouting that he had not been voted back in by the audience.

As which fourteen went into the house and who were the dual Heads of Household, well that had already been leaked anyway. The second big leak before the season officially started. It does give one pause to wonder who it is that CBS hires anyway because they’re not very good at timing stuff for the web.

I was saddened that Bunky didn’t make the cut. I hope at some point in the season maybe they’ll still add someone else. I was suprised when George made the final place - they were going Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl in their selections…

I loved how Dr. Evil was upset after the nominations that he WASN’T nominated… said he’d show them how dangerous he could be… Dr. Evil is back!!!

It’s a little bit of a surprise how little these people have changed. I think Mike Boogie’s physical appearance is most different, but I suppose he and Will have been away longest (I didn’t see Season 1 so the Chicken George factor doesn’t apply in my case).

Alison is at least as big a bitch as ever. Nakomis is still true to her fashion sense. Danielle has that stir-the-pot aggressiveness which is likely to get her booted soon, if not immediately. Erika appears to have dialed it back even more and may fly under the radar several rounds.

Is George too stupid to play? Jeez.

My wife and I are arguing over which ones we want gone the quickest. She did see BB1 and wants to be shed of George first. I want Alison gone.

Here’s the order I want them to go away, and by process of elimination who I want to win:

  1. Alison
  2. Marcellas
  3. George
  4. Diane
  5. Mike Boogie
  6. Jase
  7. Nakomis
  8. Will
  9. Danielle
  10. James
  11. Howie
  12. Kaysar
  13. Janelle
  14. Erika

Yes, I’m sold on the BB6 gang, but feel Erika has what it takes to outplay them all. I can accept the order shifting a little over the course of the season, but the bottom seven need to go before the top 7 do and I could be happy with any of the top 4 in any order. But if I have to endure more than a couple more weeks of Alison, it’s not going to be a fun summer for me.

I think that since everyone has played before that they are all gonna be real cautious about stirring things up. Anyone who appears that they are starting to do sneaky stuff is going to become an automatic target. Also those who are talented in winning competitions are going to become immediate targets.

Danielle is the first example. Girl tried to stir the pot too soon and is paying the price. She’s out the door first IMHO.

George, while posing no threat will get kicked out just because he’s an easy target and he’s annoying.

I see girls going to the end again. Just by lying low. I can see Diane, Nakomis, or Erika in the finals.

Look for early exits by Kayser, Janelle, Will.

Meh … I get the impression that Dr. Will is just phoning it in. He seems so disinterested in everything that’s going on. Maybe that’s his new and improved strategy this time, but rumours on teh intarwebs indicate that he only agreed to do this show if Mike Boogerhead could get on, which … again, meh. Plus, Dr. Will is looking seriously to’ up these days, whereas his hottness was part of his evil charm last time, so apparently I have grown immune or something.

I have to say, at this point I don’t have a particular dog in this fight, but I can very easily get behind any plan that results in the elimination of Alison, Jase and his “mandanas,” and James (who irritates me for no particular reason, plus he smirks too much). Swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

Hopefully Howie has learned his lesson from last season. It seemed every time he got HOH last season, he was convinced by the other team to go for the neutrals (who would have voted with him) and thus kick his own team in the nuts.

What happens when Alison wins the veto? The only other one capable is James. :smiley:

What new records and/or wrinkles will we see this go-round? Another Nakomis invention to skirt some longstanding strategy or feature? Somebody beating James’s veto record? Another lie-in-your-face fraud like Jennifer pulled on Kaysar last year?

Jase seems to be the only one who has markedly changed his style thus far. Is it just me, or did Marcellas manage to stay out of the picture this episode?

Those segments from the diary room surely go a long way to affect my attitude toward these people, but Alison is the only one to be as bitchy out of that room as she is inside it. Most of the others have some skill at hiding their hate.

George just seems stupid in every possible light. A lightbulb painted black.

I love that Jase didn’t fall for it. I hated the guy the first time he played, but now I’m kind of pulling for the guy. Allison walked in there like everyone except the BB6 people were on her side and she was in control of all of them. Jase proved her wrong, and I love him for it. How dumb does Allison think Jase is anyway? With Janelle’s history of winning vetoes (and James’ for that matter if he’s in an alliance with Janey) and head of household competitions, it’s really stupid for him to put himself up against her. The only one in the house I despise as badly as Allison is Diane. Danielle got exactly what she had coming to her. I think she’ll be the first to go.
All my favorites got in: Nakomis, Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie.

Yeah, I was glad those four got in, as they are the only ones I think I’d really root for to win. And maybe Danielle, but she’s probably toast now. I didn’t watch the season that had Erika, so I don’t know how to feel about her (other than that funny feeling in my pants when she’s on the screen).

As for the rest, they are good in that they will play the game hard and make it interesting, even if I don’t like them. Jase, for example, was one of the biggest a-holes I’ve ever seen on television during his first BB stint. Will is a smug, smarmy bastard, but at least he’s entertaining. I know Allison from The Amazing Race, and she was a bitch on steroids for her short time there. Mike Boogie, Chicken George, and Marcellus just annoy the hell out of me.

The only one that didn’t make it into the house that I was rooting for was Lisa. She was pretty smart (and sexy), but I guess since she already won once she would have a big target on her back (like Will).

I think I’m falling in love with Janelle, even though physically I prefer tanned brounettes. There’s just something about her that I like, and I’m pretty certain that she’s more intelligent than she lets on.

For raw intelligence, and for covering intelligence with the dumb exterior, nobody in the house at present even comes close to Janelle. I can’t even think of someone from past BB’s who’d be a close second. Janelle’s nearly unique in the category.

I will not post any spoilers, but…

Is anyone here viewing the internet feeds or reading the recaps of those feeds? Hubby gets all bent up at me for “cheating”, but I read a site that transcribes the feeds, pretty much the whole time the game runs.

I was not excited to hear that this would be an all-star season, but now I’m glad it is. I used to hate Jase, but I like him so far this year. I could do without James. Mike Boogie is a non-entity to me. Even though I think Kaysar is just DREAMY, I don’t expect him to do well. He’s a sweetheart, but I don’t think he’s capable of the necessary scheming. Erica bores me. George is there because he’s “a nice guy”; that will either serve him well or get him evicted. I don’t like Alison, Danielle, or Diane, but I guess it’s better than say, Ivette!

I’m looking forward to the season.

According to live recaps of the internet feeds Janelle has already won veto.

That is just the berries!

I get the feeds here. It is a much different game than what they edit for television. I also read a site that transcribes the feeds. Personally I am rooting for Nik and Janie as the final two. Dr Evil and Mike Boogie have not impressed me at all. Most of the rest are waaaaay out of their league, especially Diane, Ali, Danielle, and Marcellas. the rest seem to be playing it “cool”, except Howie, who is just being the obnoxious clown.

I agree that the game that is shown on TV is not the real game. In fact, Hubby was surprised about things last season that I’d been keeping to myself. He had no idea how nasty the nerd herd was last year.

I think a Nakomis/Janelle alliance would be awesome. I like them both. Nakomis is a lot smarter than they give her credit for.

Oh yeah… PA Amish country? You and I are practically neighbors :wink: I’m about an hour north of Lititz.

Slight hijack, but…are you going to Gettysdope? You’re close enough, I’d say.

I think that it would be too. One think I love about Nik is that she plays her game very close to the vest.

lol. Yes Jayjay and I live in the city here. I am a native. He moved east.