Jump the gun on "Big Brother All Stars"

If the promos are correct, tonight we will be given a slate of 20 former house guests from earlier BB series from which we must select 12 for the upcoming season’s participants. Let’s beat them to the punch.

I missed Season 1 so my picks for “Yes” and “No” (with a sizeable group of “OK” or “Maybe”) are from seasons 2-6.

By season, my Yes group contains:

  1. Nicole, Hardy, Monica
  2. Danielle, Amy, Jason
  3. Jck, Erika, Jee
  4. Adria, Karen, Natalie, Marvin
  5. Janelle, Kaysar, Howie, Rachel

That’s only 17, so my 20 would include winners Will, Drew and Maggie, with Lisa as an OK vote.

My No group, by season, is:

  1. Justin, Mike, Shannon
  2. Josh, Chiara, Marcellas
  3. Alison, Jun, Justin, Nathan, Robert, Michelle, Scott
  4. Holly, Jase, Will, Scott
  5. April, Beau, Eric, Ivette, Jennifer

The rest of the former participants are in my “OK” or “Maybe” category and I won’t be annoyed if they get picked for the 20 to be chosen from.

As you can see, Season 4 was the dud as far as I care.

Where do we differ?
Are you planning to vote for the 12 to be in this All Stars group?
Are you even going to watch this year?

I can never remember huge groups of people from any season, but that having been said, I mainly just want to see Dr. Will, Kaysar, and Janel. Anybody else is an added bonus.

Maybe your recall of the players from those past seasons can be assisted by checking out:

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The only one I’d really like to see is Will. Unfortunately, though, I think the rest would try to get him out as soon as possible.

Judging from the behaviors in the Survivor All-Stars season, I agree with that.

I just hope that Jun doesn’t make the list. That season was dreadful.

“Lyin’ Will” set the bar for deviousness, as did the Nokomis “backdoor” ploy. I would hope the players who make the cut will have learned from those past seasons and can show new levels of subterfuge. As long as they’re not just catty and snotty and whiny, I’ll be intent on watching developments.

Oh crap! That is tonight, isn’t it?


Yeesh, what a hit parade of forgotten dipshits this is. I hated like ALL these people. The only ones I like are Dr. Will (my favorite reality show character ever) and maybe Kaysar.

I hope Will eats them up again but it’ll be hard. He’ll instantly be the least trusted person there.

Bleah. This is the “best” they could come up with? Chicken George? Ivette? Freaking Alison? Please tell me that there is a possibility for anyone else to get into the House. Marvin, maybe? Wil? Anyone? I mean, I’ll probably watch anyhow, because I’m a reality TV whore, but still.

I wonder what might happen with Dr. Will and Kaysar in the House at the same time. That could be interesting.

I’m just glad they didn’t pull out Haggie or Yap-ril from the “Friendship” season…just seeing them for their brief accessory parts of the scenes for the ones who were chosen made me ill…

Yeah … I didn’t really watch last season, because those people were pretty much total duds, except for Kaysar. Kaysar fascinates me … I bet he’d kick ass on Survivor.

That season was dull…at first. Then the two side really lost control near the end. Howie going off on “Busto” April and Janelle calling everyone bitches was great. My husband and I still say, “Bye bye, bitches” every so often.

Anyway, as I was watching “Dr.” Will talk about how devious and evil he was, I was thinking that this might not work. I think that everyone will try too hard to be the character they became on their respective seasons and it will come off as fake. (Yes, I understand how that sounds, as we’re talking about a “reality” show where everyone is playing to the cameras already).

I do want to see him in the house, though. At first I thought I would vote for some of the less popular people because everyone will be voting for Dr. Will, but that’s the kind of thinking that got Chris kicked off Idol.

Did you all catch that Julie said viewers are only picking 6 contestants? The other 6 will be chosen by the producers or whomever, they’ll probably pick the people that clash most with the ones picked by viewers.

Yeah, I saw that - LAME. They’re already picking the 20 contestants, why can’t they let America pick all 12 from that group?

You can’t imagine the cussing I was doing when they kept bringing out my No list! Then the bit about “your vote will help to select” really made me feel lost. There’s no way to escape some of those losers. The producers probably already have seeded the ultimate losers so that no matter how the public votes those duds will be in there. It’s like there’s no theoretical way to have the losers all go away.

But as they say, there’ll be plenty of the ones you love to hate. They’ve made sure of that.

I’m down to Dr. Will, Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Erika, Danielle, Monica as favorites, with Maybe for Bunky, Dana, Diane and James. I had Nakomis and Cowboy on my Maybe list to start with, but seeing them again makes me realize I had my fill two years ago.

Just as long as America (and anybody else who decides to vote) rejects Mike Boogie, Marcellas, Alison, Jase and Ivette, I think I can tolerate the show. It’s not like there’s a whole lot more to watch this summer.

It seems you’re limited to ONE vote, or at least that’s how it looked when I voted for Kaysar (my number 1 choice). Did anybody else vote for more than one?

I believe it’s one vote per day.

The text makes it look that way, but just to test it I voted several more times for Kaysar and then put in a few others for the others I’d like to see in the house. I got the same message about my vote being accepted, so there’s no real way to tell on that voting page. I watched a few of the videos and they seem to be what made up the show last night. No surprises.

Once the show is underway these votes show up with percentages and bar charts and such to give you a sense of where your preferences and tastes lie relative to others who express themselves. No such thing here that I have found.

Too much mystery for something touted in the promos as “America chooses.” Bullshit.

Yesterday morning on the radio the DJ was interviewing some producer or something and he said people would be able to get 5 votes, and he also had said that viewers would be picking all 12, so I think they just have no clue what they’re doing. I doubt it’s saving the votes at all right now, I was expecting to have to register and stuff in order to vote.

I’m sure that’s because the producers figured that no one will pick someone like Allison, for example, because she’s so hated (not in a fun, Dr. Will way), but they want her in the house for the drama. That’s why Season 1 didn’t work. The viewers voted out the most hated characters and we were left with people like Josh. BO-RING. The producers will only give us so much control.

Did you check out the Personal Appearances page for these folks? Looks like “Chicken George” has it in his mind that folks have forgotten him or else is flashing back to all the hometown support he got in Season 1. Please let him fail!

I thought the same thing, then realize, these are the only ones willing to come back!