Big Brother 17 -- Winners and Losers

Check out for refresher’s sake.

This thread could be a week-to-week thing if desired, but for the moment, before the first eviction(s), who’s your best hope for Ultimate Winner and who’s the first one you want out?

In my opinion:

Winner: James ; First Evictee: John

I like James, Audrey and Jason (he annoyed me at first but he grew on me by the end of Thursday’s show).

First evictee…I think it’ll be one of the interchangeable blondes. Or maybe one of the TAR people, since they’ve already had their chance on TV, as some houseguests might be thinking.

I agree on the TAR couple but I kinda like Jackie. So maybe Jeff? I’m not wanting a lot more of Da’Vonne either.

I was going with who I THINK the first evictee will be, not who I want it to be. If I had a choice, I’d get rid of Jayce. He resembles Hayden only physically. He’s an annoying, trying-too-hard wannabe and he makes me cringe.

Thanks for the help on identifying who he resembles! I had Jeff Bridges in mind from back in the Rancho Deluxe days.

As for most likely (instead of my own preference) I’d select the TAR gang, too. Not enough time for outsiders (viewers of just the main show anyway) to know the inner conflicts going on.

Diva’vonne has settled down a bit. She was a bit too much of a diva the first 2 nights for me to get behind. I’m getting partial to Meg now. She’s sort of the clueless one along for the ride, but totally harmless. Audrey is another favorite, who, I hope, plays a clean game and makes it to at least the jury house. Jace is just too over active to escape the gun. I’m betting he gets the bus ticket this week as that appears to be the plan.

If you have preferred links for details about BB17 (US) please add them to this list:

Funny recaps, up to date info.

Stormy weather in the area outranked BB17 for a half hour, so I missed a bunch. Jace is gone. Anything else I should know about last night?

Zeldar, you may have missed…

They showed the twins switching - Liz and her sister. Apparently they have switched 4 times so far. No one appears to have the slightest idea this is happening.

The** Last Laugh twist **involves someone (the 7th person to answer the phone) choosing 3 people in the upcoming eviction vote who will not be able to vote.

HOH for next week…


Nominated by Becky (from another site)

Jason & Steve


Nominated by Shelli

Da’Vonne & John

Thanks a bunch, Morgenstern!

I’m all in favor of those nominees. :smiley:

I have to agree that DaVonne has gotten a little hard to take. Same with Jason. As for the Trans-Gendered lady, I think the other players will take her out soon enough. She acted kinda nuts on last night’s show.

But most of the others seem quite likeable to me. My favorite is Austin.

I continue to have very negative feeling towards Julie. But I suppose there’s not much to do since she is married to the boss.

I wonder if anyone else finds it kind of nauseating that we are being given advertising that comes in the guise of programming. Kathy telling us all about her (I Fast-Forwarded thru what she said), but I still recognized it as advertising. In fact, this whole twist seems to be an opportunity for celebrities and psuedo-celebrities to appear and plug their projects. It’s kind of sad and very hard to take.


Julie is plenty nauseating all by herself with all that repetition:

Chopping Block
But first, …

No one else seems to feel compelled to repeat all those words & phrases ad nauseum. I wonder why she feels compelled to do that, and she does it every year - year after year.
I wonder if many other people avoid most of this show. I find that I Fast-Forward through most of it now. Whenever Julie is on the screen, I FF. Whenever all these other celebs are on the screen, I FF again. But, I just avoid BB now because so much of it is just annoying.

Too bad. It could be a real good show. But so many things about it just drag it down. I can only stand to watch a small percentage of it. I record it and then, for the most part, I just FF thru most of the advertising and most of what Julie has to say.

Not spoiling any of those spoilers, but WHEW is there going to be DAARAAAAMAAAA in the house this week…

Just to try something here, these are the ones I want gone first:

Da’Vonne, Jason, Jeff, John, Steve

and these are the ones I’m pulling for to win:

Becky, Jackie, James, Vanessa

The rest of them I have not decided on yet.

Care to share yours? :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for Meg actually. She’s got an naivety about her that hard to dislike. It’s as if she’d be the last passenger to realize the plane had crashed.

I can see the scene if she’s evicted. Julie announces that the votes are counted, and Meg, you’ve been evicted. Meg looks around the room, smiles, and asks what’s for lunch.

She’s growing on me, too. I could see your scenario easily.

I’m still mock-hating on Meg for “gusband”. I don’t know if that’s forgivable…

If by “no one else” you mean “every other host on every other reality show,” then sure.l

What if I told you she probably doesn’t write her own material?

Well, I have more spoilers I could post, but … Y’all going to really like tonight’s episode.

JayJay, I missed Meg making that comment, in fact, prior to this thread, I’d never heard that word before. I think I’ll just forget it and hopefully, it’ll die soon.

If you don’t already know which HOH won the battle, and who is on the block, and who has the power of veto, click the spoiler, if not, just watch, you’ll like the show.

HOH#2 wins battle of the Block = Shelli
Noms: Da’Vonne & John
POV won by John
Let’s assume he takes himself off the block.

(My source has never been wrong before)