Jump the gun on "Big Brother All Stars"

I don’t know – on some weird level, I find Chicken George’s plan very charming. ('Course, I didn’t watch his season, so I’m not necessarily the best arbiter.) I mean, at least he’s working to get his votes, instead of staring at me through the television and telling me how beautiful he is. Will. Also, Marcellas. (Of course, I kind of like Will … he’s got some powerful mojo, that one.)

Snerk. I think I love you.

Good point. I suspect there were a dozen or so that weren’t even asked for one reason or another. Then there are probably another 20 or so who were either so bland or were voted out so early that the producers figured they’d just water down the eventual mix.

I’m guessing the hate factor and the resultant automatic seeding will apply to:

  1. Alison
  2. Ivette
  3. Jase
  4. Chicken George
  5. Marcellas
  6. Mike Boogie

In other words, a vote for any of these will be wasted since they’ll be there regardless.

Almost certain to be in the top of the voting will be:

  1. Kaysar
  2. Will
  3. Janelle
  4. Erika

If you have a different set of predicted finalists, please say so.

If I’m right, there are only two slots to be filled among the “also rans” in the actual voting. Who do you think they will be?

Gotta have Howie in there!

I also sorta hope Jase gets in. If nothing else, he was always entertaining.

Please, people, vote for anyone else to keep Ivette out of there. I was over her by the third week (although, if they had to pick someone from the Nerd Herd, I guess I’d rather see her than anyone else).

Some I would like to have seen in the list of choices: Marvin, Scott, Rachel, the Evil Twins (one or both).


I like the fact that only 2 winners are on the list. The producers apparently learned from “Survivor All-Stars” that past winners would be the first targeted for elimination.

A previous post mentioned that King Kaysar would have been great on Survivor . I was mentioning to Mrs. Know during the show that I’d like to see some past Survivor contestants on BB. Seriously, could you imagine Shane in the BB house? :eek:

That hurts even to think about! But I do like the concept of throwing Survivor types into BB. For my money the less physical Survivor types would be better BB players even if they wouldn’t fare as well in the competitions. Rob C springs to mind. Osten would probably be a better BB player than he even tried to be on Survivor.

Let’s see one each J. Fairplay! Move over Will!

How long would Tom the goat farmer last in BB? Lex the Illustrated Man? Rupert?

Osten would have quit regardless: “I can’t eat PB&J anymore! I’ll get a disease!”

So true. There have been a right smart of pussies on Survivor now that I think about it.

Another Chris fan?

Good Lord (pun intended), I almost wrote “Christ” instead of “Chris”. I’m not THAT big a fan.

I’m torn. Part of me wants Cowboy to vanish from the face of the earth, before he embarrasses himself further. But the evil part of me wants him in the house - just to watch the inevitable car wreck. Freakish, inappropriate man-crushes! Anyone? Bueller?

I have a house plant that’s smarter than Cowboy. It’s prettier, too.

Bald is the new sexy.

I remarked to supervenusfreak that Cowboy reminds me of the guy in high school who was a little “off” and never realized that all the people who were gladhanding him were only doing it to get him to do something completely and totally embarrassing in public. Which he did constantly because he thought they were actually his friends and were laughing with him…

Didn’t Cowboy intend to pitch a sitcom to the networks with Drew after the season was over because he we so sure that they had become celebrities while in the house?

In the first season (which was wretchedly bad), there was a girl named Brittany with purple hair who was really full of herself and somehow became convinced that she was becoming a huge star in the house (despite some rather tepid ratings). In her interview with Chen after she got voted out, she started publicly pimping herself for a “job in the entertainment industry” and said she “was just starting to realize how big this is” (it wasn’t). Man, she was annoying.

I don’t how these people become so convinced that they’re going to become superstars. Has anyone from a reality show ever had any crossover success to anything else?

Define “anything else.” Also, does “American Idol” count?

Anything other than whatever notoriety they derived from being on a reality show. Like anyone from BB or Survivor becoming a movie star, for instance.

No, because that’s already a talent show to begin with. I’m talking about people becoming successful in areas unrelated to just being non-performing “personalities” on a reality show.

Elisabeth from Survivor ended up on The View… that’s the only one I can think of.

Richard Hatch is on that show Oz now… isn’t he?

I don’t know how far up the stardom ladder you would consider it, but Colby from Survivor has done some commercials and has had some bit parts in movies. And the TV Guide channel features various reality stars hawking various programs and doing interviews. That’s a notch or two up from a blog, I guess…

I asked because I wanted to clarify if you meant “anything else in the entertainment industry,” or “anything else, period.” Just so you know that I wasn’t being deliberately obtuse. Some examples:

[li]Ethan Zohn (Survivor: Africa) is a founder and member of the Board of Directors of Grassroot Soccer, an organization which uses soccer and soccer players to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and other developing countries.[/li][li]Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands) is the founder of Rupert’s Kids, an organization that provides mentoring and educational programs to at-risk youth.[/li][li]Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien (Survivor: Marquesas) is a founder of The Real Foundation, a women’s empowerment group.[/li][li]Christa Hastie (Survivor: Pearl Islands) is a fashion designer.[/li][li]Uchenna & Joyce Agu (The Amazing Race 7) are honorary chairpersons and spokespersons for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Organization.[/li][li]Judd Winick (The Real World: San Francisco) is a lecturer on AIDS, a graphic novelist, and creator of the television series “The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.”[/li][/ul]
Granted, some (most?) of these opportunities were made possible because of the reality shows on which these people appeared – I’m not completely naïve, just mostly – but at least some reality stars are using their fame for good.

Can someone give me a brief overview of why Will is so popular? I only watched part of the first season, which was awful, and last season, which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I liked Kaysar and Howie a lot, and Janelle was OK. Didn’t like anyone else on the show, and actively disliked a handful, particularly Eric and his followers.

The man absolutely controlled the game. That season was the season they began to have the houseguests vote each other out (as opposed to the public doing it) and, like Richard Hatch on Survivor, he pioneered the game. He was put up for eviction almost every single week, and survived all the way to the Final 2 because he CREATED the game as it’s now played. He told every single person in the house that he was lying to them, and every single one grabbed him by the collar and dragged him along to the end.

The only other player who’s done as good a job of running the game was Danielle from BB3.