Big Brother 7: All Stars

Other than a thread asking about the hookah they were smoking the backyard, I didn’t see a current thread about Big Brother 7…

I’m curious what the heck Chicken George was doing wearing a tinfoil suit during the Eviction ceremony on Thursday, July 20th… Anyone know??? He took most of it off for the HOH competition, but he still had on a traditional “tinfoil hat”… How appropriate is that???

I thought the tinfoil suit had something to do with his “Jedi” training. I know Jedis don’t wear metallic armor but George is an idiot so I assumed that was simply how an idiot might imagine that Jedis dressed.

I turned off Big Brother 6 last year about half-way through…so I really don’t know much about most of the BB6 folks… What’s this Jedi stuff with Howie and what’s the George connection?

The thing to understand with Howie is that he’s a giant 12-year-old.

Seriously. Everything he does makes sense in that context, including his Jedi obsession.

Howie’s just a big, crazy joker, mostly. I can’t seem to decide if he’s really stupid or if he just acts that way. I personally don’t remember Howie doing the Jedi stuff last year. I think it’s new; something he just came up with one day 'cuz he was bored. As for George, I’m pretty sure he was just bored too. And a little crazy.

Yeah. Howie was all Jedi last year. He got a light saber (maybe as part of his HOH thing) and was all over the house and yard with it. The other guests marveled at how juvenile he was being with it.

I’ve about decided the kid thing is Howies’s way of annoying others, along the same line as Will’s complaining. Howie’s just not sharing with us that it’s his game. In that sense he’s cagier than Will. I’m about ready to be shed of Will – and Boogie. That Chill Town concept ran dry back when they were on the first time. Alliance? Right.

I must have blocked that from my mind, for some reason.

Yeah, I’m ready for Chilltown to go. Will and Boogie talk really big, like they’re such big threats and so important. Well, if they’re such big threats, why can’t they win anything? They’ve been pretty weak so far, IMO.

I think that I’ve figured out the (abysmal, really) strategy that’s going on this year. It all comes down to Season 6 (and I mean the actual season, not just the people from it). The S6 alliance is terrified of floaters for a reason…there were none in their season. Period. The house split into two camps VERY early in the game and everyone was in either the Cappy Cult or the Sovereign Six (which, regardless of my liking them more, is a better supervillain team name than a Big Brother alliance name). They don’t know how to handle floaters because they’ve never encountered any in-game. So they’re getting rid of them one by one.

Will never won a single challenge in his first season and claimed at the beginning that throwing every challenge would be part of his strategy. I think he may be the only winner who was never once HoH.

I’m betting on Will going out this week. He’s playing some kind of strategy but he’s not moving it along quick enough. I don’t think the houseguests are going to wait around long enough to let him start any “real” effective strategy.
They probably figure he’s not a real threat now but will become one sooner or later so better boot him now.
The “nice guy” strategy seems to fit Jase pretty well. He’s legitamately playing the game so he’s not labeled a “floater” but isn’t making any enimies either.

I did not know that. I didn’t watch Will’s season, though my husband says we did. Maybe he did, but I don’t remember any of those people. Maybe I’ve conveniently blocked that from my mind too. Or maybe I need to have my head examined.

And maybe Will’s just a loser. :wink:

Did they have the HoH concept during Will’s season, or was that invented with Season 3?

Will’s season was the first one to use the HoH and the houseguests-evict-each-other methods.

They’ve had HoH since Season 1. Will threw every HoH comp in his season but I don’t think they had Veto yet. I can’t remember which season they added PoV.

Why would they have needed an HoH in S1? They didn’t vote each other out, so no one needed to nominate anyone.

yeah, that’s right. In season1, the HoH still made the noms but they did the evictions by audience vote (it was lame and it took away from game play).

actually, now that i think about it, I might be remembering wrong. Now I’m think there was no HoH in Season 1. I think they all vote secretly on nominations and then had an audience vote.

In any case, it was REALLY lame and made for very little gameplay.

Excuse all my typos. I have a baby on my lap.

Will wants out.

This allows him to appear bigger than the show in that he can claim:

  1. He’s already won the show once. If he were not to win this season, it might detract from his first victory. Furthermore he can honestly claim that he doesn’t in any way need the money – evidently not true for some of the others.

  2. He’s bored out of his mind and is just not into it this year. He can claim that appearing in All-Stars seemed like a good idea but once back in the house, figured this isn’t how he wanted to spend his summer.

  3. No one has ever voluntarily withdrawn from BB. Though he is not officially pulling the plug, he can claim to be the first to “remove” himself from the game.

Of those reasons, I think he most wants to save face in that he can go back home, tell all of his buddies that he had had enough of being on some stupid, lame-o reality show and the other players are just a bunch of money-grubbing, celebreality wanna-be’s and blah, blah, blah.

It will seem in this way, that he dictated his own destiny and the fact that he did not win this season is wholly irrelevant. In his eys, he still came out on top.

Yeah, Will seems to be trying pretty hard to get evicted. However, Jase may have shot himself in the foot by throwing a hissy fit when he learned that James was going to put him on the block to replace George. If Jase had played it cool, then Will’s little speech at the veto ceremony might have drawn the wrath of the house. But by showing such severe anger at being nominated, Jase put a scare into the Season 6 people and I think they’ll be able to get him voted out. I will be very glad if that happens. I’ve hated Jase since his first time on Big Brother and I wasn’t buying the more mature image he’s been trying to sell this season. I took much glee in the juxtaposition of him speaking all cocky to the camera in the diary room and then him throwing a tantrum and pouting like a 5-year-old when he was told he’d be nominated. Good stuff! Oh, and the “Jase face” montage of Jase primping in front of the mirror, narrated by Danielle and interspersed with imitations by other houseguests, was hilarious!