Big Brother All-Stars 6/11-6/13

So, as was spoiler-boxed in last week’s thread, Janelle won the power of veto. Alison and Danielle remain on the block.

I loved how Alison was talking so big in the video diary room about how Janelle put her up on the block and won the veto, so she’d better watch out because Alison is going to be out to get her. Um, yeah, that’s going to be kind of hard to do from your couch at home, Alison. I also laughed when Jase said he let Janelle win the veto competition. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m totally loving Jase this season. I think maybe it was that other jerk he hung around with (I seem to have blocked his name from my memory) that made him more repulsive to me. Either that or he’s grown up a lot.

So, if I had to predict, I’d say Alison will be going home this week. I don’t see how anyone in the house could like her.

A lot of people seem to be keeping pretty quiet so far. Especially Nakomis and Diane. I hope to see a lot more of Nakomis very soon. I’d love to see her and Kaysar be the next co-HOHes.

I’ve also noticed the low key action by several, unless it’s the way the show is edited. If it’s editing, I believe they’re focusing on the real stand-out weird types early on. Chicken George already had the Dumb button on his shirt, but they seem to be adding to the thrill by catching him snoring and being unable to locate the Diary Room. His feelings of joy in the garbage just put the lid on it for me.

It’s only in the Diary Room that Diane has gotten on my nerves, but that’s been enough for me to hope she’s among the early departures.

The only reason I can see Alison staying around is some major deal-making with the weaker ones. Right now, I can’t spot any really weak players, though. I think Danielle realizes her error in trying to play an old strategy with this crowd, and will adapt quickly once the dust settles after Alison is ejected.

I did spot some cagey talk from Nakomis and suspect she’s already up to some cool moves. I do support a Nakomis/Kaysar bonding early on, but I suspect Kaysar knows his bread is buttered with the BB6 gang for the short haul. They’re too big a target for that to last a lot longer, though, and I think he may be the first to bolt from the BB6 set. I suspect James’s effort to keep his same game plan going will get him caught first. Howie had better wise up soon or he’ll be #2 to be out from the BB6 group.

All in all, I still see Erika’s below-the-radar approach holding her in good stead for at least the first half of the season. My money’s still on her.

That garbage thing was absolutely disgusting. I would have been so happy not to have played in that veto challenge. Especially when they dumped that nasty stuff right on Danielle’s head. She talked about puking; I would have done it.

I forgot about Erika. I’m not a big Erika fan, but she’s not among those I hate either. I do think that a big part of why we’re not seeing some of the people is because of editing. That always seems to happen with Big Brother. One week all you see is a certain person, and the next week they’re nowhere to be seen.

Replace “… in the house …” with “… on the planet …” and that pretty much sums up my feelings about her. God, she’s obnoxious. Was she this bad when she was on the first time? How did she manage to get through an entire season with getting stabbed in the eye with a spork? And why was she allowed in the HoH room without one of the HoH’s present? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Not that I understand much of what is going on, anyway. Except Kaysar is hot, and Dr. Will looks really strange.

I kind of like George. His game was so different from everyone else’s that I’m not quite sure that anyone knows what to do with him. I mean, getting rid of him just because he snores is a bad idea, methinks. He definitely strikes me as the sort who will fall on his sword (spork?) to protect an ally if it means he can stay in the game a little longer. And if they keep busting out these weird veto challenges, he just might win one of them.

Yes. I hated her and Jun so bad that season that I refused to watch the finale when they were the final two. Alison and Jun repulsed me at least as much as Crappy and Friends did last year. Even worse is that Alison is such a reality show whore. I mean c’mon, two Big Brothers and The Amazing Race?

That’s an excellent question. And why hasn’t someone stabbed her in the eye with a spork yet this season?

I didn’t get that either. Except it’s not exactly a secret to anyone that the spy screen is there. Does it have sound? Because I get the idea that it doesn’t. So basically Alison saw Jase and Janelle talking in the kitchen, and then went up to the HOH room and watched Jase and Janelle talking in the kitchen, which she already knew they were doing.

Yes, and yes. I was trying not to drool last night when Kaysar was on the Slip ‘n’ Slide. I think Dr. Will is out to get Kaysar not because he’s smug (um, pot … kettle, anyone?) but because he’s better looking. By far.

Hmm. I wonder if my initial thought – that Janelle and Jase shut the hell up when they saw Alison head up for the HoH Room – was correct. Because they sort of seemed to stop dead and stand there in awkward silence.

Anybody want to guess how many votes Alison gets tonight? I think it would be beautiful if it could be unanimous, but I expect Marcellas to vote for Danielle unless there’s some “meeting of the minds” as there usually is so that nobody votes against the majority’s wish. Somehow, even in that scenario, I see Marcellas voting for Danielle. The others: I can’t feature any other votes for Danielle.

HOH hopes:

  1. Kaysar
  2. Howie
  3. Nakomis
  4. Danielle
  5. Erika

Somehow, I can see each of these wanting to throw the competition so as to keep the target off their backs as long as possible. But then I think they’ll want the power so as to stay off the block, too.

Strategy is critical at this stage. Maybe everybody will throw it so George can get it! :smiley:

Alison doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of lasting through the night. And if she does, you can all point and laugh at me tomorrow. I agree with Zeldar that the only likely person to vote for Danielle is Marcellas. He’s got good reason to want her gone and feels like it’s a waste to finally have her on the block and let her get away.

My top choices for HOH are still Kaysar and Nakomis, though it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to see Howie get it. Basically I want to see Kaysar lying (Laying? Aw, hell) in bed shirtless all week like Jase did (I mean seriously, did he do anything else)?

Good point about Jase and the bed. I figure Jase has decided he’s playing with some smarter people this go-round and wants to be sure not to step on too many toes, which is sure to happen if he gets out of bed.

In fact, the only ones to step out in a blunderful way are on the block this week. Since the Diary Room comments selected to show the TV audience aren’t visible or audible to the other houseguests, it’s just the actions out among the others that will get folks in trouble. I think everybody with any smarts at all will work slowly to build really helpful alliances and to make as few real enemies as possible. The “season alliances” that seem to have formed up front will fade as soon as the real power players can be identified.

I think the “weakies” will be apparent early enough:

  1. Mike Boogie
  2. George
  3. Diane
  4. Jase
  5. James
  6. and hopefully, Marcellas

Those thinking far enough ahead will try to align with the powerful and if they’re successful the second half of the season should have some real interesting play unlike previous seasons.

I think Marcellas might vote for Alison anyway. In that one bit they showed on Tuesday, when he was hanging out in the HoH room with Janelle and Erika, Marcellas said that as much as he hates Danielle, he’s more scared of Alison because she can win at challenges. (Plus, I secretly think Marcellas likes the drama that comes from having Danielle around.)

I think an HoH pairing of George and Nakomis could be completely hysterical. They could dye each other’s hair purple or something. And I bet George would totally get on board with whatever super-secret plans Nakomis will cook up this time.

Great idea. I think George will get on board any idea from anybody, but the Nakomis variety would be even more beautiful if, while getting George on board, it would set George up to be on the block the very next week. Nakomis is very hard to figure. She has the knack of being loyal while being devious, and of being very creative with the rules and traditions of the show. She will find a loophole to work some magic. This time she needs to be aware that the others are waiting and watching for her gimmicks. George is the perfect one to miss any subtlety, though.

I’d love to see a week of their finagling. Good TV.

They certainly have been pressuring Marcellas to do that, and I think that he went through with it. I do agree. I think a George and Nik pairing would be highly entertaining. I’m not certain what Nik is cooking up, but she seems to be taking everything in and working quietly, like last time.

She’s also pretty much keeping her mouth shut, which is what will keep her out of trouble. I think a lot of players are keeping her on the radar, but in the meantime there are all these pre-existing personal conflicts (Kaysar v. Will, Marcellas v. Danielle, Howie v. Reality) that are taking center stage. And I for one welcome our Drama-Rama Overlords: the longer Nakomis sticks around, the better the plans she will hatch later. And her evil plots are so delicious.

Question: You know the Good v. Evil theme they’ve got going on this season? Where does Nakomis fit on the Continuum? Is she evil, because she comes up with these complex and fairly diabolical plans to slay her nemeses? Or is she good, because who doesn’t like to share in a little bit of Shadenfreude? She’s a hard nut to crack, that one – and that’s saying something in this particular package of nuts.

I think I’d label Nakomis as “the Wildcard” in the Good v. Evil theme. She holds her own, doesn’t get too wrapped up with any one group, isn’t easily persuaded (I’m lookin’ at you, Howie!), and can really shake things up for either side when she wants to. She’s just smart enough not to try it the first week like Danielle and Alison did.

I must have missed the Good vs. Evil theme. What I saw/see is the People’s Choice vs. the Producers’ Choice crowds. The People basically want BB6 and associated types. The Producers want the trouble makers and the ones whose popularity has been based on their annoying qualities.

I just hope the People win this battle and all the Producers’ choices leave a.s.a.p.