Big Brother All-Stars -- after Alison

Things couldn’t have gone better! Alison’s out and Kaysar is HoH.

The polls at CBS’s BB7 page have most of the money on Janelle, both as most popular and as most likely grand prize winner. Some of the poll placements are surprising to me, including how high Marcellas rates and how low Diane rates. Diane’s low rating doesn’t bother me so much; it’s just that I assumed she was a little more popular with others.

The big question between now and Sunday is who will Kaysar nominate. I must admit I don’t have any really good suggestions. If he’s smart he’ll get lots of input from the others between now and then.

Candidates that make sense to me:

  1. Nakomis
  2. Will
  3. Jase
  4. Diane

Since I don’t see them as big threats to Kaysar at this stage, I can’t imagine he would nominate:

  1. George
  2. Mike Boogie
  3. Danielle

That leaves some gray area, doesn’t it? What am I missing here?

For once in my life, something went exactly as I wanted it to. I really hope Kaysar makes a smart decision in his nominations. On the one hand, I’d be tempted to put Will and Mike Boogie up against each other, just to pit them against each other a bit. Plus, they’ve openly said they’re out to get Kaysar out of the house, so there’s no harm in turning someone against him who isn’t already. Mike Boogie is a threat as long as he’s attached at the hip to Will. If one of them were to win the power of veto, I’d probably put Jase in his place, or Diane.

It doesn’t really surprise me that Diane isn’t that popular. She was one of the ones I couldn’t stand in BB5. She leached onto Drew & crew and acted like a total bitch. I’m not saying that my opinion of her couldn’t be changed, it’s just that we haven’t seen much of her so far. I definitely like Jase better than I did back then, so anything is possible.

Does anyone know how long it takes to upload new episodes to their site? My apartment complex apparently sold their souls to the world’s worst cable company and for no discernable reason, CBS is just a black screen right now. Even better than that, I have no way of contacting said crappy cable company to see what the deal is. So I guess I’m just gonna have to wait until uploads it (hopefully later tonight?).

OK, I may be a deranged lunatic, but I have two thoughts about tonight’s episode (which I will spoilerbox, because I have sunburn and don’t want to get yelled at right now):

[spoiler]1) Because I absolutely DO NOT TRUST the Editors, and because I believe we were deliberately not shown any kind of “negotiations” between Nakomis or Diane and Kaysar or any other BB6’er, I sense a backdoor plan in action (or at least in the works). I think it might be really stupid, because I think it’s too soon in the game, but I also don’t think of either Nakomis or Diane as a “floater” – although I also don’t know who else might be in an alliance with them. So who knows?

  1. Boogie and Will are just tiresome jerkwads, and I wish there was some way they could both get eliminated. Why are they “angry” about not getting nominated? And why are they making a big deal out of getting nominated in the first place? I will never understand why Boogie in particular thinks he has any kind of influence in that house – Will definitely pulls any strings that might get tugged. And Will clearly doesn’t care about being there. Plus, whatever magnetism he had last time is sooo gone this time around.[/spoiler]
    Then again, I don’t have the live feeds (because I already spend so little of my time actually having a life), so no doubt I am way off. As usual.

I missed something. What’s a floater?

And why does Boogie look so old and ugly? I mean, he totally looks like another person.

And was Will bullying Howie, or were they just kidding around? I couldn’t tell.

And I can’t believe they actually have to eat that slop. I believe Danielle when she said it smells like vomit.

One thing about this season that I don’t like is the fact that it’s all about game-play and strategery. We’ve already learned everything about these hamsters there is to know (except for me…I didn’t watch BB 6 so I don’t know a good portion of the cast), so there’s no interesting gossip. Remember when Eddie told all those racist jokes that night? Remember when Cassandra didn’t want to get mud in her braids or do square dancing? Remember when Nicole gave Will a handjob in the jacuzi? Remember when Marcellus’s chubby Southern girlfriend went binging on the cheese in the HOH room? Remember the airplanes with the banners? Remember Will Mega’s fooling around with the chairs, and that mannish chick who cleaned the toliet with Hardy’s toothbrush (and invented the word “cowardest”)? And that same chick told that black girl Amber she was fat. Remember chain-smoking Karen? REMEMBER?!

These are the kinds of things that get me hooked on the show. Where are they?!

Someione who isn’t in an alliance.

Will always kids on the square. This is especially true when he jokingly tells people that he’s going to lie to them, betray them or get them out of the house. They always think he’s kidding but he’s not.

What was that stuff anyway? It looked like watered down oatmeal or something but they all said it smelled bad too. I can’t believe the network would give them anything unsafe to eat but I’m glad I don’t have to eat it. PB&J would be prime rib compared to that stuff. Danielle is germophobic already so that stuff must be killing her.

These contestants are all players (except for George who is still as clueless as he ever was). They don’t have to learn how to play the game, or feel each other out. Everyone started the game already knowing who everyone else was and everyone (execpt George) came right out of the gate playing the game. Usually there’s a bunch of lightweight non-competitors. Not this time.

This may be why I find George so appealing. He seems to be the only person who came back because he enjoyed himself last time, and he wants to have some more fun, as opposed to everyone else, who either wants to vindicate themselves for whatever happened before, or else prove that they can do it again (whatever “it” might be). I mean, I believe that George has a strategy this time: to do whatever he has to to stick around for as long as he can. But he’s not ruthless about it, and he’s not exactly hiding it, either. Bless his little heart, I think I actually like him.

Yeah, I don’t know where Will and Boogie are getting the idea that they’re such big threats in the house. Who do they have on their side, Jase? We already know he’s swinging back and forth between teams, though the BB6 people already have him pegged as “this year’s James.” I think Kaysar was right to see Nakomis as the bigger threat, even though I thought at first he should put up Will and Boogie. As he said, her reputation precedes her. I still think Will and Boogie need to be split up soon. Will is an asshole.