Big Brother 6 7/26

Kaysar’s revenge…

Dude, that was awesome he totally flipped the house upside down. Eric and his minions look like they’re about to be picked off one by one by the new alliance. Eric first, and I predict Ivette is next to go.

Sweet. Kick some rear, K-Dog!

He has a rather large target on his back now. I might have tried to be a little more subtle.

Eric really annoys me. I hope he goes…but I’m not sure he will.

Kaysar’s clicking on all eight at the moment. I had trouble warming to him early on, but I’m in his corner now. Maggie was my favorite out of the gate, but her connections to Eric have soured her for me. I think once he’s gone, she’ll either implode or (what I’m banking on) she will get serious and be hard to beat.

Right now, my pick to win it all is Janelle. I believe Kaysar will last until the new alliance has jettisoned Eric, Ivette, Beau and either Jennifer or April. By the time the third one has been dumped, the others will have managed new alliances that will chip away at the Big 6. I see Howie and James as in the most danger in the Big 6, with Sarah staying under the radar longest.

He’s easily one of the two smartest people to play the game. Evil Dr. Will being the other. He’s playing people against each other while not appearing as controlling as Eric is over his alliance.

I think if Eric goes, Maggie will have a meltdown. She pretty much admitted it in a confessional last night. She said she’d be nothing without Eric. Great game player there. :rolleyes: She doesn’t deserve to be there, in that case.

Kaysar is my favorite, with Janelle being second. I can’t believe I’m (almost) rooting for the busty blonde this time! I guess that’s how much I dislike the others.

As long as Kaysar doesn’t lose his temper like he did with Ivette last week and doesn’t get a huge Eric-sized ego, he should be safe for a while.

Thursdays show should be predictable with Eric continuing to whine and be a sore loser until his eviction.
Straight votes should have him out 5-4 which is close. However, even people on his own team may see him as a loose cannon and too big a threat and prefer Maggie to stay. He may get evicted by even a bigger margin.

HOH on Thursday is crucial to both sides. If someone on the Beau, Ivette, Maggie, April, Jennifer (5) team wins it it puts them back in immediate control throwing two from the Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James, Sarah (6) onto the block and foor others to replace them should a veto be used.
It would result in a 4-4 tie and the HOH would still get to pick who to nix.

Last night’s show was so much fun to watch. I loved it that the bullies (Eric, Ivette) got a taste of their own medicine. When they realized that the goal in the chess game was to get rid of Ivette and Maggie, the looks on their faces were priceless. I also love it that Kaysar kept his promise to Michael and got back the jerks who were responsible for his eviction. It’s interesting to me that the people whose secret partners have been evicted are now two of the strongest players in the house. I wonder if that will continue to happen. The pairs are less likely to take risks, I think, because they’re worried not about their own status in the household, but also their secret partners’. Kaysar and Janelle had nothing to lose once they were on their own, and the risks they took really paid off for them last night.

I’m still rooting for Howie and Rachel to make it to the final two, though I’d be just as happy if Janelle or Kaysar won.

Does anybody have the gnawing feeling that before Eric gets sent packing that BB will reveal some “new secret” that will save him for a while?

As much as I despise the guy, at least as much as I detested Will last season, I must admit that after he’s out of the picture the show will drop several Db in intensity. If I can see that, I suspect BB does, too.

I was really surprised with the show last night. It seems like it’s been a long time since I thought of the show as really good (as opposed to typical summer fodder/filler).

Kaysar did a great job playing everyone in the game, I did cringe a bit when he gave up all of his information to some of the people so readily. Hold a couple cards to your chest, man.

The best part? Was Eric taking his hat back. SNERK! It’s a good thing, because he could have been running low on items that mention he works for a fire department and someone might forget. :rolleyes:

While this move certainly put a major target on Kaysar’s back, he already had a big one as a target from the other side. This move just helped him get more people on his side in HOH battles.

The live feeds do a much better job of showing how petulant, childish, and idiotic the group of April, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, and Eric are. I don’t know how someone could see those and remotely keep rooting for any of those people.

I’d like to see this group of six stay together until they are able to oust Maggie and Ivette. After that, the fracturing should be a lot more fun to watch.

Actually I think this move may have taken the target off Kaysar’s back, somewhat. Eric’s sheep seem to be much more pissed at James right now (maybe with the exception of Maggie) than they are at Kaysar. Which is helped by the fact that Kaysar can keep his cool around those people whereas James likes to get in some digs. Ivette & April can leave any time as far as I’m concerned with Maggie & Beau going soon after.

I didn’t mind Beau so much until Ivette, April & Beau developed a plan that Beau would offer Howie a hand-job in return for Howie’s vote to keep Eric. I don’t think he really would have gone through with it, but still…

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but … I was just watching “Made” on MTV and this girl wanted to be prom queen. Her coach set her up with someone she knew to try on some clothes one day. Some personal shopper named Beau.

I hope Kaysar or Janelle wins this thing. Ivette and Eric are the two I can’t stand.

I love — love love love love — Kaysar.

I don’t think he showed his cards too soon. In fact, I think he showed them just right. Cards evaporate as the game moves on and new dealers surface. You need to play them before they’re too stale.

He managed to put together this alliance without any Eric-style strong arming or guilt tripping. He has engineered it so that each member believes the alliance is in his/her own best interest and was made necessary by events. He’s the perfect leader, staying a step or two ahead of everyone while making sure that no one on his team falls too far behind.

I think he’s a genius.

Snicker I saw that too. I feel for that dog he had dressed up and wouldn’t be surprised if it shot itself someday “Stupid Spoiler Whore” style.

I think Kaysar’s strategy can work up to a point.

If everything goes like he wants it too he’ll be among his “final six”.
After that, and maybe even before that, he may bee seen as too smart for his own good which always puts a target on your back.
His chess analogy of always thinking 2 moves ahead is a good one but that doesn’t consider the move that needs to be made 5 moves from now.

I just had similar thoughts only moments ago. One flaw with Kaysar’s plan of including two unbroken partnerships with his and Janelle’s broken ones is that the other four have extra incentive (even though it appears from the post mortems that the couples weren’t aware of the prize money beforehand) to dump Kaysar and Janelle before the other pair. Especially if the Howie-Rachel and James-Sarah folks have the brains to compare notes before the bloodletting of the outsude 5 is over. James claims to be a smart chess player himself, and Howie’s skills seem more in the schmoozing arena than in actual strategy. I look for Kaysar to have included these details in his overall plan and to have some countermeasures in place.

In any event, this has gone from looking like a total dud after the first week to being potentially the best BB yet.