Big Brother 7/27

The Meatheads made Baby Drew cry! Bad Meatheads!
Anyone want to take a guess about who will be voted out: Adria or Holly?
Anyone care?

And here I was thinking Drew was more than just an easily manipulated pretty face.

I want Adria to last until they can bring in Natalie. If she is voted out, that’s it for me. I don’t need anymore angry, nasty, manipulative people in my life, especially if they have sleeves on their heads.

Did anyone else hear a commercial during The Amazing Race for Big Brother saying that if “A” gets voted out, the other twin moves in permanently? That should make life interesting.
But please, God, let it be Holly. I wanted so badly for Drew to grow a pair and put Jase up with Holly. That would have been so sweet. Jase and Scott make me physically ill. If I weren’t so addicted to this damn show, I’d quit watching because of the two of them. They remind me of the popular kids in high school who manipulated people to make themselves look cool, then backstabbed them in an instant. I was desperately wishing the Drew and Michael would wake up and realize that Jase and Scott have formed this alliance with them so they can use them to climb to the top. They have absolutely no chance of making it to the top two in that alliance. At least I’m not quite as worked up as I am last night … :wink:

You are correct! I heard it, too.

I was aghast at the way they carried on at Diane about her being in an alliance. Excuse me, but haven’t you Meatheads been hopping about like apes over your own alliance from the word Go? They are very, very bad boys and they need to leave the house. Soon.

Ha ha!!

If Adria is voted out, Natalie comes in!!

But in seems then that Natalie will be coming in anywat

BOY won’t the others HGs be pissed :eek:

I’m still trying to figure out why Marvin didn’t put up Scott and Jase last week. :smack:

Big happenings in the BB house last night according to the live feed recaps.

Scott got all jealous of Jase & Holly and went off about it, Drew grew a pair and got some backing from Marv, Cowbody acted like it was his plan all along, and Holly is on the way out.

I want the next HOH competition rigged so Will, Nakomis, Diane, Karen, or Adria win.

Did anyone see Scott playing with himself while he was talking to Drew? Ugh.

I am thinking that the tears where all an act. I really don’t think that Drew really cares if he is in the 4 horsemen, he is going to ride it out as long as he can. I wish Holly were gone though, like oh my gosh! I would love to see “A” stay in just for the shock value of her sister appearing. That will be awesome! hey are there planes that still fly over the BB house? I have not heard anymore about them since BB2.

Seeing as how the meatheads won’t be going anywhere soon burn, Holly, burn! I cringe when she speaks. I wanted to like her, I really did, but ugh. Those houseguests should get medals for putting up with her.

When isn’t Scott touching/ rubbing/ playing with himself? Everytime I see him on camera I expect to see him going at it. I wonder why some guys do this? It’s very distracting, especially trying to carry on a conversation while someone else is touching their genitals. I knew a football guy in college who did this–I always figured he hjust had really bad jock itch… I wonder what would have happened if anyone ever said anything to him about it, like “I see you you like to touch yourself.”

I really don’t think so, guys never cry in front of other macho guys to earn sympathy points. But I do agree that he doesn’t really care that much about them. It’s a shame he didn’t put up one of them…it would have earned him a lot of points with the others in the house, and he might have had a chance of winning.

What is it about the straight guys in this house, taking baths together, obsessing about Brad Pitt, etc.? It’s confusing my gaydar.

Right now he is the swing vote for both sides. If he can effectively act neutral and let them pick each other off, he is in a much better position to go for a win.

The only reason I think that can’t work is because both of last year’s finalists used that exact strategy to get as far as they did. If any of these people watched, they would be well aware of it as a useful strategy and look to nip it in the bud before it goes on too long.