Is Anybody Watching BIG BROTHER 5?

I got hooked on this summer dreck last year. This year it looks like they’ve got an even less appealing bunch of HouseMates locked up for the duration. The only ones I like are the gay guy, Will, and the two girls who are “on the block” this week. They seem to be the only ones with a brain in their heads.

The jury is still out on the pretty boy from Ohio.

Marvin the Undertaker wears a Wisconsin sweatshirt, but doesn’t seem to have any ties to Wisconsin. Hmmmm.

And the two Meathead Beef-Boys with the stand-up streaky hair and muscles have simply made me want to puke! They deserve their dalliance with the airhead Holly.

Anyone else want to comment?

I started watching Big Brother back with the first edition, when the people OUTSIDE the house voted for who got kicked, and when people outside the house would rent banner planes to be flown over the house to give the residents information on their fellow house guests. That was interesting. I even won a TiVo that season because of an essay I wrote reguarding it.

I’ve watched each subsequent season, but have become less and less interested. I’m strongly debating abandoning this season as there really isn’t anyone on the show that interests me besides Will and the twins…

I’m watching. :o

I despise the 2 guys with shirt sleeves as 'do rags. What’s up with that anyway? The Sleeveheads are rude and just mean. If Marvin had any testicular fortitude, he would have put them on the chopping block first thing. (and does he know about the hidden screen in the HOH room yet?)

Holly is a lot smarter than she lets on. Talking to 1 person = human. Talking to people and cameras = Barbie. Barbie gets old real quick.

Goober and Goth had better be careful. Goth seems much more intuned to the game that Goober. Goober just seems to want to fit in with the popular guys, which is really sad.

I can’t tell the dark haired girls apart, but which ever one let the Sleevehead call her trailer trash really needs to stand up for herself.

Drew is pretty. Blondie is pretty. Will is pretty, but I want him to win.

I loved the first season, liked the second season, watched the third season – so, nah, watched the first couple episodes, but can’t get into it.

The only question is, how much of Holly’s shtick is an act – and, frankly, if I have to watch her to find out the answer to that, well, then, I’ll go to my grave without knowing.

I will admit to watching this train wreck.

Scott is an ass. Someone on TVWoP linked his Playgirl spread ~snark~. Now when I see him posturing on screen I always think “pencil dick”. His attitude is so horrendous.

His dumb twin, Jase, is a cretin also.

I was glad to see Nickelodeon, or whatever her name is, growing a spine. She’s kinda dangerous, not really being linked to anyone. Her brother is sad. Like the last kid always picked, now in the “In Crowd”, but not realizing he’s still the last kid always picked.

Holly makes baby Jesus weep. Her being in control really isn’t that. She’ll be on the block soon.

Drew is a doll. He really listened to Michael, and I think he’s not as part of the “In Crowd” as Jase and Scott think. We’ll just have to wait and see if he has the cojones to stand against the Dumb Duo

I like Will also. He cracks me up. In the first show he commented on how he wasn’t going to announce he was gay until an opportune time. Hell-loo! Dood, you scream gay.

Karen’s mimicking her housemates cracked me up. So on. I hope she won’t go.

Lori wants to go, so (of course) she won’t. I’m on the fence about her. She was bitched at for taking the $$ in the first show, but they TOLD her to!

The twins. How can they do that? Dang! Very devious. I hope they last the 5 weeks so both can enter. I sppose it’s not SO hard to be doing the switch, as “she” is under the radar.

Marvin. What can I say about Marvin? Whatta jerk.

I saw the pictures, too. When he was running his mouth about “getting more ass” :rolleyes: , I could only imagine these were one night stands. I can’t see anyone going back for seconds. I can only hope he reads the message boards after his stay and realizes how many people think his thermometer-dick isn’t big enough.

His comments to and about his housemates are so mean. Last week, he said Nikomas was different just to gain sympathy. This week, he called Diane “trailer trash”. He’s leading Michael around like a puppy on a leash–while tormenting the puppy at the same time. Although, I can’t feel too sorry for Michael. He’s a p*ssy, if he’s allowing the guys to play with him like that.

Wow. I think I hate him more than any other reality show contestant in the history of reality shows.

That’s in reference to Scott, BTW.

I was flipping between Last Comic Standing and BB. Who got called trailer trash?

I was enraged when Jase pulled Holly off of the chopping block. I think the Good People (everyone except the 4 Whorsemen) are going to vote off Lori and keep Karen, who has strategy brains.

Nakomis was spot-on about her brother. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s stupid if he thinks kissing up will endear him to those numbnuts. And his obsequiousness is disgusting. Is it normal for straight guys to bathe with other straight guys?

Karen had me cracking up with her impressions, especially when she pointed out that for a 28-year-old, Jase has some mighty deep crows feet.

Those are shirt sleeves? I thought they were panties. Oh well.

I’m so glad Holly wasn’t the one with the twin. Can you imagine two of them. At the same time. Then again…

I’ve never watched it, but until the new season of Apprentice starts up, I need someone to hate.

What’s the BB concept? Is it like Survivor, only in a house, with food and running water?

That’s pretty much it.

They have a “Head of Household”, who nominates 2 people for eviction on Saturday night’s show.

On Tuesday’s show, there is a Power of Veto competition. If you win it, you can “save” one person from eviction and the HOH has to nominate someone to put in their place. If an eviction nominee wins the Power of Veto, they can save themselves.

On Thursday night’s show, everyone but the two nominees and the HOH votes to evict one of the two. After the eviction, there is a Head of Household competition. And the cycle continues.

There’s also a weekly food competition, but I’m not sure which day that’s on. Saturday, maybe?

I agree with twickster and have been watching BB less and less as the seasons go on (and on and on). Part of it is that Julie Chen annoys the ever-loving piss out of me. The DNA/Do Not Assume thing also is so lame AND repetitious. It makes me wanna put my head through the TV just to get it to stop. I found that changing the channel is quicker tho.

Thanks, nutty bunny . :slight_smile:

It seems to me, that the Jase and Scott have a homo-erotic fratboy relationship. It is just a matter of time, before they are found blowing each other.

My Dear OG! I hate the Two Horsemen (because you know the only real alliance among those four is between those two!

Every time Disgrace and Snott do their “We have the power!” fratboy wardance, all I can think of is some demented version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe…

“By the power of Numbskull!”

I feel bad for Michael. I want to slap him at the same time. He’s obviously never been one of the Cool Kids and now he thinks he’s been accepted by the Cool Kids when he really has “pawn” written all over his shiny white cowboy hat. And he’s not giving a very good first impression to his long-lost baby sister, apparently. Not that I can blame her for feeling that way.

I’m seriously thinking that if this actually does all run the way the that Apocalypse Incorporated wants it to, I’m only going to make it through about half of this season. Once the house population has nobody I can stand in it, I’m quittin’.

Judging by Marvin’s reaction to Jase’s vetoing Holly, I am not sure if he understands there are two different alliances in the house, neither of which he is a part of. If Marvin really believes, as he said, that Jass saved Holly because he’s in love with her, he is missing the strategic point. Putting Holly up against Lori was a stupid mistake in the first place; he should have put up either the Meatheads or two of the Girl Alliance. Both groups are his enemies and he did nothing to break up either group, until he reluctantly put up Karen as Holly’s replacement.

I am convinced Holly is an actress with something up her sleeve; nobody is that dumb and she has slipped up occasionally and shown she actually grasps what’s going on with the others. Actually I am prepared for a few more shockers, like still more sets of twins they haven’t told us about yet. Maybe Holly and her best friend Madame have already been switching out.

LOVE Karen and Will. Of course they’re both on their way out. The Meatheads are showing every indication of having what it takes to be the final two, sorry to say.

I don’t hate the Meatheads as much as I might, though; they are so obviously insecure and needy they’re pathetic, and harder to hate.

What is WITH the headbands / mandanas? We get this every summer. Does any person not on reality TV think this look is cool?

Regarding Big Brother versus Survivor, there are some similarities, but there are fundamental differences as well. For one thing, Big Brother is broadcast in near real time, and some portions of it are broadcast live. There’s probably some of the misleading editing that goes on with Survivor, but not nearly so much. There just isn’t time for producers to reach a consensus, develop story lines and arcs, put it all together and make it believable because they only have a couple of days between airings. Big Brother airs three times a week. Survivor, on the other hand, is complete before it airs except for the final vote reveal, and producers have oodles of time to steer the story their way. In fact, I would say that Survivor is as famous and controversial for its editing as for anything else.

Another difference is that Big Brother contestants are forced into positions of leadership and responsibility. The winner of the weekly Head of Household competition not only can, but must nominate two people for eviction. While others are relegated to barely middle class sleeping arrangements, the HOH is given a relatively luxurious room with lavish treats — momentoes and pictures from home, favorite snacks and beverages, a plush queen-size bed, cleaning service, linens and bath items, and so forth. It is a mixed blessing as the power-mongers jostle for your attention and favor. But your power is not absolute. The winner of the Golden Power of Veto gets to decide whether to leave your nominations as-is, or to “save” one of them by nullifying your nomination. If the GPV person does that, you must immediately select someone else to take the place of the person he saved.

To me, it seems that the interpersonal relationships aspect of Big Brother is more “pure” than those of Survivor. Although certainly important on the islands and in the jungles, the same skill in a closed modern house without the frankly rather cartoonish trappings of stone-age scenery is a bit more realistic. Instead of there being dozens of production people hovering all over you trying to stay out of the shots, there are only two-way mirrors and hidden cameras, with directors calling more of the shots than producers — rare for television. Thus, there is a bit less playing to the camera and a bit more honesty.

Unlike most of the people who have posted so far, I really like this season of Big Brother, probably more than any before. I like the character mix, and yes, I do like the DNA angle. Okay, it’s a bit hokey and overdone with the Do Not Assume thing, but nevertheless, it has been interesting to see the change in dynamic when, for example, Cowboy discovered that Nicomis was his half-sister. I also like the Adria-Natalie trick that is being played on everyone. On the first episode, two of the house guests revealed that they had twin siblings. But Adria kept quiet about hers. That’s because she and her twin have been secretly trading places for the past three weeks — six times so far. They look so much alike that their own mother cannot tell them apart most of the time. If they manage to pull off the charade for two more weeks without being discovered, then both of them get to continue competing separately, as individuals. Lori’s reaction this week when, after being evicted, she saw the two together for the first time on videotape was truly priceless. If they both come into the game (and I believe they will — no one has any clue that they’ve been switching) the effect on the strategy of the so-called Four Horsemen will be dramatic.

My two favorites are Adria/Natalie and Drew. The women are, in my opinion, quite beautiful, and have that healthy southern spark, with just the right amount of gumption. They’re smart and cagey, each one playing perfectly the role of one single under-the-radar-but-significant player. I like Drew because of his good-hearted nature and his (thank God) obliviousness to the silliness about his being some sort of Apollo. I like hating the Jase-Scott pair. (It was a bit startling last night when Drew mentioned that one thing he looked forward to as the new HOH was having a nice bed for him and Scott. I don’t think he quite realized either how that sounded or the fact that he gets the room by himself.) I also like Nicomis. She has balls. And I like her independence. Her half-brother, meantime, is a woefully pathetic tool, so much so that I almost (but not quite) feel sorry for him.

Holly is an incredibly insufferable bitch. I can’t stand her personality, her voice, or her stupidity. She is a dumb blond playing like she’s playing a dumb blond, and the effect is a bit jarring. Her “tribute” to Lori last night was petty and foolish. I cannot recall ever seeing anyone, no matter how much of an enemy, say something bad on the tribute tape about an evicted house guest. But Holly did. Her counterpart is Marvin, a black man playing like he’s playing a black man. He is somehow oblivious to the fact that he is being greased by Jase-Scott. He says he was pissed that Jase saved Holly at the veto, so why the hell didn’t he replace her with Scott, Jase’s Siamese twin?

Anyway, that’s how I see it. Thankfully, we have DVR, so we get to see other shows as well if they’re on at the same time. But this year, Big Brother is one of the best reality shows on TV, in my opinion.

Everybody seems to allow the control that the two Meatheads have, which is the most disappointing and aggravating aspect of this season. Marvin seems unwitting that he is directed by them, and that they have this Gang of Four alliance which excludes him. Drew will do whatever they tell him to, as will the pathetic lapdog Cowboy. (Most of my remaining affection and pity for Cowboy dried up when he asked Will if Will wore women’s clothing, and aren’t all homos cross-dressers?) It will be sad when the Gang of Four turn on Cowboy, but not too sad.

It looks like it will take a Girl Team HOH win AND Veto win in order to get either Scott or Jase out of the house. My guess is this won’t happen, and the Gang of Four will indeed be the last four in the house – with Marvin probably replacing Cowboy before that time. Then they will pick off, in order, Marvin and Drew, leaving the evicted houseguests the unsavory duty of handing the prize to one of the Meatheads. I hope they all abstain from voting on principle.

But don’t forget that Will and the girls get a new ally in two weeks.

What are the rules on replacing a person who gets saved by a veto? I mean, could you have this happen:
Suppose Will won HoH, and nominates Scott and Drew. Then Jase wins the Golden Veto and uses it to save Scott.

Could Will then put Jase on the block?

Wouldn’t that be a fun turn of events to watch!