Big Brother Season XI [edited title]

A dozen extroverts enter a locked house tonight. This season’s gimmick: they’re immediately divided into four cliques (popular, jocks, brainiacs, “offbeat”). I’ll be checking it out, but it’s pretty damn random which seasons I watch and which I don’t.

I’ll admit it, I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. It just doesn’t really seem like summer until Big Brother starts.

I skipped the season that they did during the winter because of the writers’ strike, but I’ve been pretty consistent about watching the summer seasons for the past several years. I do wish they’d stop trying to force gimmicks and themes into it. To me, it’s better just to put them in the house and let them do their thing.

I’m looking forward to it too. It’s our guilty pleasure. Plus, this season has a female contestant from the town next to us. Her name is Jordan Lloyd. I’ll root for her until she does something to change my mind.

Oh, way to ruin my season on the first episode, Big Brother…

Ugh, how I hate Jessie.

Jessie seems obnoxious, though since I didn’t see his previous season I’m not completely filled with loathing – I’m saving that for the chick with big tits. Yikes. (And that laugh of the black chick on the brainiac team – (self?) described on the CBS site as “an exotic beauty” :rolleyes: – is really annoying as hell.

Does it seem just slightly unfair that the first challenge would be one that would almost be certainly won by a jock?

I’m extremely disappointed that Jessie is back. He had his chance to win last year, and he didn’t. Plus, he is obnoxious. I could see some tension arising between him and Russell, especially considering that Russell is a lot better looking than Jessie (IMO). I’m definitely not liking the girl with the fake boobs (Laura). (A gem from my husband: “Fake boobs are so seven years ago.” I personally thought she should have taken the boob job money and done something about those chicklet teeth.) Ronnie seems kind of annoying, as does the girl with the laugh (Chima). And why would Natalie try to say she was 18? Maybe 20, but definitely not 18. I loved it that Kevin immediately responded that she looked 25.

So far I kind of like the girl with the glasses (Michele) from the “brains” and everyone from the offbeat team. That’s probably where I would fit in best, although during high school I probably could have been considered a part of any of those groups. I went to a very small school, so cliques overlapped a lot.

It’s too early to pick favorites, but so far I like Kevin the best. Michele seems ok, although she’s already mentioned her Phd twice. And Jordan didn’t do anything to change my mind yet (see post #3) although she didn’t really do much of anything.

Yeah, I wasn’t aware that lips stretched so thin by collagen injection that they’re translucent was the definition of exotic beauty…

You found that more striking than the magic-marker eyebrows?

I like 2/3 of the outcast group (the old guy is pretty annoying), and 2/3 of the brainiacs (Michelle and Ronnie), which is the group I’d’ve been in in HS. Dislike the narcissists on the other two teams, and am building up a serious dislike of the girl on the jock team – lying about her age, lying about her athleticism. She’s not long for the game.

I like Kevin, too, though his Queen Fab impression will get old eventually. I like Michelle, too, and Ronnie…I identify with brainy geeks. I’m sort of liking Lydia, though she reminds me of cross between Sugar from Survivor:Gabon and Pink.

As far as the PhD thing goes, remember that what we see in confessionals is almost always directly elicited by the producers asking them questions. She did mention her PhD twice, but that was probably at the prompting of a producer asking her “Do you think your intelligence will make you a threat?” or “How do you think your fellow houseguests would react to knowing you have a PhD?”

Casey will annoy me no end soon…he’s definitely reminiscent of Mike Boogie, a “person” that I’d rather not be reminded of. Laura has apparently singlehandedly stripped the world of its silicone reserves, and those things are going to appear in my nightmares (seriously…can a girl that skinny even naturally grow them that big?!). Russell is lovely eyecandy (definitely more attractive than the oddly incomplete-looking Jesse) but I think I’m going to hate his personality…he would definitely be a “Don’t speak!” one-night stand (not to mention that his nickname to his friends is “Russell the Lovemuscle”. Bleargh!).

And of course, Jesse is going to work my last nerve. They’ll have to crowd all the other houseguests into a spare room because the house isn’t big enough for his ego and all of them, too. And I’m predicting, at this moment, that the only time you’re going to see him with a shirt on is during live shows. Though I have to admit, he’s (only) marginally better than having Cowboy back in there. I couldn’t even hate Cowboy. I was too busy feeling massive amounts of pity and embarrassment for him.

Twickster, I didn’t even NOTICE the eyebrows. My eyes locked on those bags of collagen on her face and that’s the last I saw. I couldn’t even tell you what the woman looks like, aside from her lips. They’re like a hypnotist’s pocketwatch…

Yeah, Jessie’s a douchebag, but these shows encourage asshole behavior. And as someone else on here pointed out, there’s a reason the producers didn’t chose, say, Jeopardy as their first challenge. They wanted a contest in which a jock or popular person was likely to win, so they could get Jessie or that other hot looking chick from two years ago back in there.

I always hate them all from the get-go. I think it’s mostly the show’s producers fault. When they are told to pretend to be surprised that they have been chosen by finding their key while the CBS camera crew stands there. When they are encouraged to say shit like, “I like rock and roll and I’m gonna’ rock the house.” The producers are trying to make them look awful and it works for me. Then I gradually warm to the one(s) with some redeeming qualities as the summer goes on.

Incidentally, Lydia demonstrates why I would never last very long in the Big Brother house. Immediately upon learning her name, I would have started singing “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady” and every one of those very young people would have looked at me like I had two heads. I would be out the first week.

But it’s the cheesiness that makes the show so … Big Brothery.

She referred to herself thusly, bless her heart.

I missed that…was it during the initial “Find the key” segment? We’d just gotten back from the laundromat and I didn’t get into the living room until they were on the last group.

With that knowledge, she rockets into my favorites category.

Must have been – I don’t remember, but it was delivered very much as an aside.

Yeah, she’s at the top of my list so far.

I probably won’t watch this season all that much–I get BBoverload fairly easily–but I did watch last night. I’d like to see Ronnie (he’s most like me), Michelle (smart chicks rock), or Lydia (she’s unspeakably cool) win, based on this short introduction.

However, I’m fairly sure they won’t. I’ll be surprised if any of those three are still there in the second half of the season.

The winner will be one of the jocks, or maybe the Surfer Boy (forgot his name).

What will be interesting is when the jock and popular egos start rubbing each other the wrong way. I think Jessie and the Mixed Martial Arts Guy will end up working together, but they’ll hate each other and play a lot of dominance games against one another.

Of course, the brains and offbeats won’t have to do anything at all to start getting on the nerves of the populars and the jocks. I fear the high-school second-class cliques will be deeply depleted in the first few weeks of eliminations before the jocks and populars lose even one player. But I’ve been wrong before.

Anyone watching After Dark or the live feed? Anything going on?

Did anyone else watch last night? I loved how the “brains” over-thought the challenge. I don’t think Ronnie is as smart as he keeps saying he is. Chima’s reaction to losing the challenge was funny too. Has she never watched the show before? You have to keep that reaction to yourself.