Big Brother Season XI [edited title]

She’s a diva princess…I’m so hoping she’s out this week. I’m rooting for the Brains at the moment, mostly as a throwback reaction to that being one of my cliques back in high school. However, they’re just not bringing the smarts yet, and that worries me. I may have to switch allegiance to the Outcasts (another of my hs cliques), despite “Casey G” and his middle-aged-acting-like-a-teenage-douchebaggery. I stand relentless in my hatred for the Athletes, mostly due to Jessie’s completely-unasked-for-by-me presence in that clique (I really have no problem with Jeff or Natalie…Russell is another douche, though). And once the Populars ditch Boobzilla, I can start to like them (I find myself not minding either Southern Belle or Surfer Dude…it’s Boobzilla that kills me). So…there’s at least one person in each clique that I hate, and two people in each clique that I can at least stand so far.

Yeah, that temporary luxury competition didn’t go well for the Brains. Why did the two women LET Ronnie run the whole thing, I wonder? Especially when it became obvious that he had no idea what he was doing? I think the man needs to have spent more time playing Pipes or something…his spatial relations skills suck.

Yeah, I know the editing makes things look worse than they really are, but when they showed that one shot of their pipe being built in a circle I laughed out loud.

I did enjoy Boobzilla trying so hard to get Jesse’s attention as he ignored her. A.) She’s probably not used to being ignored, and B.) She needs to understand that Jesse only has eyes for Jesse

The brains’ inability to complete that task was just horrifying.

And jayjay, I’m with you – at least one person I like, and at least one person I really dislike, on each team. Well sorted, BB staff!

His boobs are bigger…

Jesse didn’t come off as big of a douche as I would have imagined, but that’s not saying much. I still think chances are good he’ll be off in the first few weeks, especially if they decide to do an America’s Player type gimmick.

Yeah, I didn’t get it. He has a genius idea! Tell Jesse that he wants an alliance!

…wait, that’s it? That’s your genius idea? Very original.

I had the same thought myself - if she wants to get Jessie’s attention, she’d better tie a mirror to her face - he’s too busy being in a relationship with himself for some silly showmance.

And I’m with everyone who wonders where Ronnie’s “genius” is. For someone who’s supposed to be such a fan of the show he’s doing a pretty crappy job so far.

I don’t mind anyone in the Oddballs clique, but I can see what jayjay is saying about the Casey/Mike Boogie comparison - he hasn’t annoyed my yet, and he seemed to do a good job in the Have/Have-Not competition, but he definitely gives off that vibe.

I take back what I said about Chima’s looks. She HAS had cosmetic surgery, but for good reason. She was the victim of a serial killer/rapist, who killed 2 women and raped 5 over a period of several years in Texas.

Apparently, she had to have 2 facial reconstruction surgeries due to the beating she received.

Also…the veto competition and ceremony were held…

Russell won the veto and took Lydia off. Jessie then put Braden up. The stress of being on the block has gotten to him…he stopped being mellow. So far he’s told Kevin to stick a banana up his ass and to go back to Mexico, because Kevin played blameshield for Lydia on the subject of Braden going up in her place.

I’m sorry, that’s way too much reality for a reality show contestant. Seriously.

That veto competition was completely disgusting. I couldn’t even watch. I had my eyes closed until they were done.

Russell’s a tool. That little performance was supposed to show that JEFF was unreliable and unstable? Really?

Yeah, those power plays have a way of backfiring.

So who do you think is out tonight? I think it’ll be Chima.

The bathtub killer–I remember that! My sister was living alone in that part of Arlington at the time, it was a relief when they finally caught the guy.

I was hoping it would be Chima, not that I cared that much for Braden, but just because I despise Jessie, Russell, and Lydia and I wanted their plans to fail. And Ronnie, too. He is such a weasel–I hope his scheming bites him in the ass soon.

I don’t get why everyone hates Jeff.

I don’t much care for Chima, but I was hoping it would be Braden. He said some pretty unforgivable things that they bleeped out and glossed over in the editing. He called both Kevin and Lydia “beaners”, told Kevin to “stick a banana up your ass” and later defended those words by claiming that he was a “white and American”. They completely whitewashed the stuff he was saying during that fight.

They also blocked out Chima when she reiterated exactly what Braden had said during her pre-vote speech.

Yeah, I was wondering what got bleeped there.

If he said those things, he absolutely had to go – and the BB production team needs to do a better job of screening applicants.

ETA: Do we want to just have a single thread for the whole season? That seems to work well with the shows that not a huge number of people watch, where there are 10-12 comments/week (So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars). Doesn’t look so far like this is going to be significantly more active than that.

If you want a single thread for the season, let me know and I’ll adjust the thread title.

Yeah, I’m kind of glad that Braden’s gone, because of what he said. At the same time, it was pretty stupid of Chima, Kevin, and Lydia to call Braden out while taking sides with Russell, who I have heard utter something to the effect of, “Why don’t you just go up there (HOH room) and suck Jessie’s dick, you fucking faggot.” I don’t know how many of the people in the house have heard him talk that way, but I certainly heard it loud and clear on After Dark a week ago.

It’s so interesting how things can change in a week. I now can’t stand Lydia or Kevin, who I really liked at first. I find myself no longer despising Laura (Og forbid). Jordan is my current favorite, with Jeff second. If those two, Michele, and Casey go quickly, I may bail on this season.

I think one thread is fine.

I think one thread is okay. Hell, the currently active World of Warcraft thread is 50 pages! I doubt we’ll get even close to that far even IF we get more active in commenting as the season goes on.

Good to clear that up. I thought that maybe the sound had gone out at my local station when they blanked out what she had said. I don’t watch the After Dark or any of the online stuff so I was kind of confused when she mentioned the racist stuff. Sure, you could make a case for “bitch” and “slut” being sexist. But racist? Seeing as how the producers’ bottom feeding tendencies know no bounds, I’m kind of surprised they didn’t show him saying that stuff on last night’s show.
But seeing now everything he said, I’m glad to see him go, though I’m no fan of Chima either.

I started watching this season of Big Brother US just as the current Big Brother UK enters its 6th week. I didn’t realize the shows’ formats were very different.