Big Brother 2/19

Yikes – I didn’t see another thread… my apologies if there is one.

Okay, all that drama with Amanda that Lib described – not visible on the CBS show last night. Amanda is coming across as a total bitch, though – no, honey, not all women dress like hos – and I hope her and her whiney voice are out soon. She’s vying with Jen for my “most-hated.”

Alex is a frigging idiot – a) she’s not really your soulmate, she just got assigned that role on reality TV, and b) yikes, what’s the attraction anyway? She’s an attention whore with a horrible little girl voice (and, okay, a nice butt and nice tits, I forget, men really are that easy).

I’m with Lib on this one – I’m utterly riveted by how incredibly stupid all these people are.

So was the POV used? My our VCR (yes we still use a VCR) was accidently stopped with 15 minutes left last night.


The POV was not used, despite Alex (who won it) swearing up and down to Parker that he’d use it to save him.

What a weasely bunch of idiots they are!

I agree that Amanda is annoying, but she doesn’t even come close to Jen in the hate competition. So far she’s poisoned everything she’s touched in this house. She’s going to get Parker evicted, she’s willing to sacrifice Ryan just to stay in the game, she’s screwed over Alison–I can only imagine what kind of treachery she has planned to keep herself in the house. I can’t believe that she and a nice guy like Ryan have lasted this long in an actual relationship.

Not that Parker is anything to write home about. Talk about a HUGE chip on his shoulder-- each week is becoming the “who does Parker want to punch out this week?” show. Between his attitude and Jen’s total bitchiness, I don’t see them in the house after tonight.

Loved Joshua’s comment about him now being the “straight guy with the hot wife”. With no drama or jealousy between them, he and Sharon should have a big advantage in the game.

“I swore on the HOLY BIBLE!”–oh PLEASE! James is the only one with his head screwed on right on this score.

Favorites to win right now–Joshua and Sharon, James and Chelsia. If the game breaks down to individual play, I have to go with Joshua or James.

Agreed, Amanda is annoying…b-but BOOBS.

Can’t stand Jen, and I think I identify with Ryan, and he should run. Actually, their relationship reminds me of the time I dated Mean Michelle. That’s a long story, but you can tell what I think of Mean Michelle by her nickname.

The bicycle guy still creeps me out. I can’t put my finger on it, but bleargh! The pink hair? Nah, that’s ok. The bow tattoo on his collarbone? Not for me, but still that’s ok. His too too wide smile? That might be it. Still not sure.

Well, we know what treachery Jen would try to stay in the house now. Way to throw the love of your life into traffic by saying he’s a racist on national television!

And THERE was the drama. And the drama queen…Joshuah (god, I hate that terminal “h”) MAY have been able to turn that little contretemps into an advantage but, like snippy drama queens everywhere, went a step too far. That was vile. There was apparently more to that, as well…after everyone got all made up with Amanda, Joshuah, who had been…somewhere…calming down and/or drying off and changing, came barreling out of wherever he was hiding and laid into her again, thinking everyone was still hating on Amanda in his absence. Smooth move…

I agree, Yeeter. There’s something about James’s face that just sits wrong. He looks almost reptilian.

Is it James’s teeth? I can’t figure it out either.

I’m glad they showed some of Amanda’s shenanigans – makes it clear that it wasn’t just an unprovoked attack.

Amanda and Alex are both playing for their dead fathers – oh, barf.

Loved how Parker was too pissed to even talk to Julie last night.

“It is what it is.”

I don’t think I have ever heard someone say this phrase who was actually resigned about whatever “it” was and willing to forgive and warmly embrace the person who brought “it” about.

I’ll tell you who has a definite right to be pissed, though…Ryan. Even IF Ryan “doesn’t agree” with interracial dating, that’s his business. If he never mentions it, and doesn’t act as if he has the right to force other people to follow that belief, then “outing” him about it for the sole purpose of trying to make him look bad so you can stay in the house is bitchitude of the first order. There was NO REASON to bring it up, except to smear him with it. I’d be appalled at that tactic even if Jen and Ryan had no prior connection, but considering how often she says she loves him and the fact they’ve been dating for 10 months…it’s despicable(or, in Allison’s favorite phrase to use in conjunction with anything Jen, “disgusting, sickening”).

James, especially when he smiles, looks like The Joker as played by Jack Nicholson.

It’s a shame they had to cut out so much of the yard attack.

Glad Parker is gone. “Alex said hello.” … “What, to me? Did he use my name? Okay, everybody spit out your food and come into the livingroom. We gotta have a meeting. Did anyone else say hello to me?”

Glad Jen is gone. I reckon she figured bastard was too weak, child abuser was too strong, but racist was just right.

I honestly think it might just be the haircut. supervenusfreak found one of James’s gay porn videos online*, and in that he’s actually kind of cute, but his haircut is different. So I really think it’s the hair that makes his face look goofy.
*And yes, it IS him…the tattoos match exactly. Unless there are two people in the world with a string bow tattoo at the base of their neck and Alice’s Queen of Hearts on their right bicep, that is.

Why does shit like this* still suprise me? I feel like such a fuddy-duddy sometimes.

*that he has a gay porn video and that it’s online and that it’s apparently not hard to find if you’re looking for it.

And, I guess, that you’d be looking for it.

FTR: there are no porn videos of me in existence, gay or straight, online or off, so don’t bother looking. :wink:

He’s been homeless, as was noted in his intro in the first episode. Homeless people will do desperate things for money, including, for the young, halfway cute males, gay porn. It doesn’t even really reflect on his own orientation, or at least only on his orientation toward wanting to eat.

As for us looking for it, we’re reality tv addicts. If it’s halfway interesting or scandalous and connected in some way to a contestant on a reality show we’re watching, either Dwight or I will find it.

He got completely naked one night on After Dark and showed himself front, back, and sideways to everyone. Can’t remember if we discussed that.

I hope you didn’t take that as a criticism of you – I’m fascinated by the news – I’m more remarking on my own fuddy-duddiness that it wouldn’t occur to me to look, because it wouldn’t occur to me that it might exist.

Middle-aged? check. Straight [in every sense of the word]? check. Fuddy-duddy? check.

No worries! I wasn’t offended by it. I took it as more astonishment that someone would hear that such a thing existed and actually want to see it, even as a curiousity. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I couldn’t stand Pahkah. You couldn’t even mention his name without him calling you out about talking behind his back. Ironic that a paparazzi is so concerned with his own privacy.

Glad Jen’s gone though. Ye gods, what a cunt.

And couldn’t you just hear the subtext behind Julie’s questions? CBS thought up all these twists and you guys blew it. How are we going to manufacture drama now?

Matt: 'Ey. I tink I got my dick cot in da can openah.

Adam: HA ha! He got his dick caught in the fucking can opener! My eyes are fucking bulging!

Sheila: Must you be so crude? I can’t believe they didn’t pair me with a hot guy.

Natalie: Could someone please help me with Matt’s dick?

Alex: God, youse all are crazy. I’m in a house full of crazy people.

Amanda: Psst. Alex just called all of you a name, but I’m not saying what it was.

Chelsia: He called us crazy, you dumb bitch. We all were here when he said it.

Joshuah: Dumbass whore! Worthless cunt! You fucking gossip hag! If I were straight I’d fuck your mother.

James: Oh, yeah! I’m getting pretty close!

Ryan: That’s pretty gross, dude. Could you aim that thing away from me?

Allison: I used to be a man. I became a woman because I wanted to be a lesbian.

Sharon: God, why did I come back here? I could have said no.

Julie said something last night about the show going 3 months. With six couples left and a couple being evicted each week that only leaves 4 weeks plus a finale with the final 2 couples being voted on. They must be planning on splitting them up pretty soon to compete as individuals like normal.