Big change in Cuba! No, he's not dead.

For the first time ever Cuba has issued an invitation to a UN Human Rights special rapporteur. Article here. .

It looks as if the rapporteur being invited is only limited to looking at the “right to food”. Not as big as other rights maybe, but in Cuba that should be interesting.

If you have not followed the issue of human rights rapporteurs and Cuba, and really who has, for decades Cuba has simply refused to allow any one of them to visit the island. It went so far as lobbying successfully to have the UN abolish the position of human rights rapporteur to Cuba, only last June. And now this.

Is it a signal of change at the top? That’s my guess, but who knows.

Interesting - so maybe Raul isn’t Fidel II?

Rumors are rampant about Fidel being dead or really, truly dying now, what with his birthday passing almost unacknowledged (according to what I’ve read.) And it’s been a while since Hugo Chavez has declared that his mentor is getting stronger every day.

I don’t know why I find myself so fascinated with Cuba, but I admit I pay attention more than I used to. I’m really curious to see what Fidel’s passing will mean.

First off, Miami will hold the largest street party the world’s ever seen. Civic leaders will try to pass it off as a “celebration of Cuban-American culture,” or something like that, but everyone will know the true reason. The T-shirts showing Castro burning in Hell are probably already stockpiled in a warehouse somewhere.