No viva Fidel! - Castro 1926 - 2016

Well, he survived long enough to see us elect Trump. I wonder if that would have eased his passing any…

And meet his good friend Pierre’s son Justin, I guess.

First Florence Henderson, now Fidel.

Trump’s first casualty.

CNN is saying this is not being reported at all inside Cuba, but the authorities are reporting it to the rest of the world, so it looks like the Cubans themselves will be the last to find out.

Eh, they’re used to being a bit behind the times.

According to the BBC it’s being reported on State television

CNN just had on their man in Havana, and he said there’s been nothing yet.

To think, it he could have survived just a bit longer, he would have been “in power*” during TWELVE different U.S. Presidents.

  • OK, that’s counting the time since his brother’s been in power, hey it’s still the Castro regime…

And the BBC just showed a clip of his brother making what they said was a “surprise late night broadcast”

Sky News is also reporting it was announced on State Television

That just means they’ve finally gotten around to telling the locals.

There is internet and phones in Cuba. Might not be cheap, widely available or fast, but there is nothing that would have kept it from being widely known soon enough.

There is a big crown dancing in the streets in Miami.

Still seems odd to make sure the rest of the world knows before telling your own people.

Nobody but CNN appears to be making that claim .

Other organizations are saying the news was broken on State television

A big crown? Do you have a picture of this?

Finally. A death in 2016 that doesn’t make me sad.

I had forgotten about him - there were times I thought he’d never die. Adios, Fidel…

Typo I expect. Most likely a big clown dancing. Maybe this one.

The Republicans were right.

If we just keep the embargo up long enough, Castro will be out of Cuba’s government.