No viva Fidel! - Castro 1926 - 2016

Here you go.

Weelp… hasta no mas vista, baby. Somehow this is one big commie icon I DON’T expect to get preserved under glass.

Stuck around too damn long after everyone else knew the whole deal wasn’t working. His rule did as much to bury the “romantic” notion of revolution as any of his enemies. Then again he got to see hints that the order that emerged after the Cold War was itself having major issues, it may have brought him some small comfort.

Still, you know what picture will be next to “Latin American Political Leader, 2d half 20th Century”. Made his mark for sure and even influenced US politics beyond reasonable proportion.

And oh yeah, SW Miami has got to be the wildest scene in the land this weekend!

Of applied metaphysics.

Yeah, but sorry, Bautista’s former cronies still do not get to go back and take over the country with their own thieving and corrupt dictatorship.

FWIW, this is what I posted on Facebook about Fidel’s passing:

Fidel Castro finally died! Probably had a look at Trump, decided there was no further competition in the “fuck up America” department and passed peacefully, with a smile on his face and a hard-on.

I’m sure his next tweet will take credit for it, and his followers will believe it.

I really thought he died a few years ago…

The news here in Colombia says they’ve already declared nine days of mourning within Cuba.

Al Jazeera aired the Cuban state media video of Raúl Castro delivering the news of his brother’s passing. They report that Raúl made the broadcast around 10:20pm local time last night.

And reports are that Fidel will be cremated, so no full body preservation under glass. Still not sure what will become of his ashes.

You mean, what second picture will be next to that caption if they had to pick two. The first pick is already on t-shirts :slight_smile:

Stupid US policy was Castro’s greatest asset. Strangely it’s the one conventional policy Trump has decided to continue. Or at least says he will. I can’t believe he hasn’t already made plans to build a hotel in Cuba.

I don’t like to travel anymore but I told my wife I’d like to go to Cuba. We both have know Cuban immigrants who weren’t the insane anti-Castro types who spoke glowingly of their beautiful country. I guess it was something I’ve wanted to do before I got tired of traveling. I really hope we can get over the stupid embargo policy that kept the Cuban people locked up in the Castro regime for most of my life.

Also, stupid NY Yankees, it’s all their fault.

That’s my view as well. He ran a regime that trampled on human rights and relied on foreign subsidies, yet always had the bogeyman of the embargo to explain away economic problems. The US should have abolished the embargo years ago and taken the position that Cuba’s economic problems were its own fault.

It is a lovely country, though. But Havana is a city of crumbling wrecks of buildings.

Having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, I shed no tears for a man who terrorized me as a child.

The US embargo is a red herring. Economic and tourism relations with Canada and Europe have always been available, yet the regime never allowed those contacts to loosen its repression or alleviate the country’s poverty. As NP points out, the Castro regime needed an external enemy in order to justify its own misgovernamce, and it would have made the US into one regardless of our own policies. Note, for instance, how the recent US outreach and concessions affected nothing about Cuban government policy.

That is an important item to not forget, Castro replaced one of the right wing dictators that the US typically supported and nurtured back then. Still, I’m consistent in saying that I will celebrate the passing of guys that caused the deaths of many, regardless of ideology.

It will be interesting (and yes, “may we live in interesting times” is not a blessing but all are getting cursed) to see what Trump will do at the sight of Putin strengthening ties with Cuba to undermine the USA further, when there is the overwhelming conflict of interest that Trump has with the personal businesses that he will like to do in Cuba and his willingness to be petted by Putin.

Has Sean Penn been contacted to do the eulogy?

What is the status of Generalissimo Francisco Franco?

He’s now an extra on* The Walking Dead*.

A Spanish-accented reporter made this announcement in the early Sixties:
"Consensus of opinion in Havana is that the people of Cuba are beginning to join antro-castrate forces…no, don’t castrate Castro…they–they going to join!: " :smiley:
In one of the Fireside Books of Baseball, major-league infielder Don Hoak tells of the day when, playing winter ball in Cuba, he actually batted against Castro, who commandeered the pitcher’s mound at the ballpark. Castro was wild and threw dusters until Hoak and the umpire lost their patience with him.

That would not surprise me.

Say, maybe he died from residual effects from all those CIA attempts. How often does a 90-year-old man die anyway?