No viva Fidel! - Castro 1926 - 2016


I read that Mao biography, the famous one by his ex-physician, and the author wrote that when Mao died, one of the top generals believed with all his heart that he’d been poisoned. He simply could not believe that a sick 82-year-old man could possibly die of natural causes.

Fidel’s priority was education. Cuba’s literacy rate is one of the highest in the world.

The sad part was Cubans were not allowed to read everything.

I believe they have also had better access to healthcare than many other Latin Americans.

Sounds hypocritical.

Yeah, but if they’d had the designated hitter back then, he might have gotten picked up.

Good to see the US propaganda engine works so well… I guess none of you have been to Cuba?

A man has died and you slate him. Well, despite the US hating him, he was much liked in a lot of the rest of the world.

On the contrary. I have been to Cuba and I’m not American.

I care about the rule of law and human rights. The Bautista regime was terrible on both fronts. Sadly, so was Castro’s regime. Health care and literacy are impressive accomplishments. Pity he couldn’t achieve that with free speech and free elections.

Try this on for size.

Exactly. No matter how bad things look, they can always get worse.

It’s a tough choice. DH or Castro? Turns out we lost on both counts. If the DH enacted earlier would have freed the Cuban people I’d grin and bear it. Trouble is it was really our fault for our whole fucked up policy that left Batista in power in the first place. Maybe if we tossed that bastard out we could have avoided two evils.

The Cuban Revolution that put Castro in power was a trip from the frying pan into the fire.

Not that I think this thread has been all that hostile, but besides the US, there are plenty of people in other places that have even more legitimate reasons to hate the guy.

After surviving countless assassination attempts, not even Castro could survive 2016. It has been quite a year…
Just had to repeat a popular (kind of) meme that I have seen recently. 2016 is truly a bizarre time.

Robespierre couldn’t have put it better.

And another:

He outlived everybody who tried to assassinate him.
An achievement, of sorts.

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Naturally Twitter is mocking him mercilessly.