Big CSI Shake-up on the horizon. [linked spoilers]

I apologize if this has already been done, but it appears Gil Grissom’s reign on CSI is coming to an end. Personally, I am flabbergasted. I love Grissom, he’s the original anchor to the series in my opinion.

What are other people thinking about this? I heard a few mixed up stories on who will replace him, one being Lawrence Fishburn the other being Christian Slater. I can picture Fishburn but not Slater.

If I am coming late to this and this has already been done feel free MODS to delete it. But if not - What are other CSI lovers thinking about this? Who do you think would make the best replacement for Grissom?

Christian Slater would be terrible. I think last week they confirmed that Fishburn was the new CSI lead.

I think it might have been mentioned before on the boards but we can re-hash it again. I don’t think it had its own thread before.

My thoughts? I think the need to end the show when Petersen leaves. The show has already peaked IMHO. I don’t really miss Jorja Fox but I don’t think CSI is like Law & Order where you can just move people in and out and call it the same show. If it were good enough to stand on the goofy forensic science alone, more people would be into the spinoffs. But I don’t think they are.

William Petersen is a gem. I’ll be sorry to see him go.

Yes, end it now before it jumps the shark. William Petersen leaving? We are not amused.

Slater has his own show coming in the Fall.

It’s got to be Fishburn then. I’ll look forward to seeing him in a sitcom. Morpheous as Grissom. Cool.

It would become CSI NY . Grissom was the glue holding the team together. He controlled the rash instincts in his people and forced them to trust the science. It will not be the same.
They will have to go off on a different direction. The new boss will not be able to compete with his legacy. They will have to go in a different direction .

This will give me time on Thursdays to do something else. Too bad, I enjoyed the show, but without Grissom it’s just another stupid cop show.

Shades of Mandy leaving Criminal Minds.

Yeah…I’ve pretty much already gotten to the point where I DVR CSI and watch it when I have free time (as opposed to the way it used to be, when it was one of my few “event shows” that I made time to watch). Grissom was always far and away my favorite character on the show, and without him…meh. His combination of nerdiness, insight, humor, tolerance of and fasincation with fringe lifestyles, and an offbeat unconventional sex appeal really did it for me–I doubt Laurence Fishburne will be able to compete with that, cool as he is (I loved him as Morpheus).

I gave up on CSI: Miami a long time ago, and never got past one episode of CSI: NY. I’ll probably be taking a pass on this one from now on, too. :frowning:

Yeah, someone’s not been watching enough Olympics, because it has been advertised incessantly. “My Own Worst Enemy”, I believe it’s called.

this posted 2 hours ago… Good timing

Nah…as winterhawk said, Fishburne is TOO cool to just laterally replace Peterson. There are tons and tons of fans who tune in just for his drop-dead nerdishness.

Seems to me like they’re trying to replace Dourdain and Petersen in one person, and ended up with Fishburne. Meh.

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

CSI sucks. Stupid patronising piece of superficial nonsense.

If you hate the show so much, why did you take the time to read a thread about it?

Did you just feel obliged to live up to your username?

It was in hope it would signify an improvement. And it might, though the characters aren’t really my problem with it, it’s the uninspiring lacklustre scripts.

Urgh, you’re right. I shouldn’t have done that. Sorry, I’m in a crappy mood and I let it spill into this thread.


I pretty much lost interest when Jorja Fox left. Call me a fangirl, I don’t care, but the Grissom/Sara relationship kept me watching after CSI took a turn for the boring in season 5. There were definitely some great episodes in the last 3 seasons, but overall I don’t think any of them compare to 2-4. The best thing was the increased Grissom/Sara stuff. So I will probably watch until Petersen leaves then quit for good unless he or Jorja makes an appearance. The cases rarely interest me anymore; I feel like they’ve run out of ideas sometimes.

So? It’s going to be cancelled within 4 episodes, tops.

CSI without Grissom will be odd. The only character left I like will be Greg :frowning:

fcuk yeah!

I thought Liev Schreiber did a good job filling in for Grissom for a while. oh well.