Big Fat Dead Guy Leaves Library of BS To College. Newslink

Jackie Gleason left a library of parapsychology materials to the University Of Miami.

Why they accepted them, OG alone knows.


That Jackie Gleason

U of M website on this collection–


Yeah, so?

Libraries accept all kinds of data regarding the superstitions of ancient and contemporary cultures, so why shouldn’t they accept this?

Even if you think it’s BS, that’s still no reason to reject it’s potential as an insight into the human mind. Plus, it can be entertaining to read.

Demeaning Gleason as a “big, fat dead guy” doesn’t do you any credit, either.

A “big fat dead guy who popularized wife beating as a form of family entertainment”, then?


I’ve watched plenty of “The Honeymooners”, and I never saw him beat his wife. All I ever saw was him saying 'One of these days…"

Now, you’re going to come back and say " big, fat dead guy who popularized the threat of wife-beating".

Just drop it. Nobody cares.

Not exactly breaking news, is it?

He never hit her. He just shook his fist while threatening to send Alice right to the moon.

Hummina hummina hummina hummina hummina POW! Right in the kisser!

Yup ole Bosda has his finger on the pulse beat. Not only was the collection not left to the university this century, it was not left to them by Mr. Gleason, but rather his widow.
Really Bosda, was this the best you could do?

I bet she was fat, though.

Nice thread, factually wrong and then a stupid statement like this as a followup.

Did you even bother to read the articles you linked to?

This is sad, really sad,

This would’ve sounded cooler if it was Aleister Crowley’s or Jimmy Page’s (who’s still very much alive) private stash of parapsychology literature, but then it wouldn’t likely have been the U. of Miami on the receiving end, either.

Pretty much.

Remind me Bosda not to let you write my obituary! :slight_smile:

Wow. I actually wouldn’t mind browsing through that. Sounds like an interesting collection.

They usually ended the show with him grabbing Alice, saying “Baby, you’re the greatest” and giving her a big kiss.

Perhaps it should have been “A big fat dead guy who played a character who loved his wife very much.”

And his wife (at least at one time) was a June Taylor dancer - I don’t know about her weight when she died, but she used to be a knockout.

The evil that men do lives after them.
The good is often interred with their bones.

It was a kind, generous thing for Mrs. Gleason to do. If the University doesn’t want the collection, I am sure they can sell it to raise money.

Evan Hunter left a collection of signed copies of the foreign translations of his books to a Connecticut library. I snapped up the collection in an on-line sale.

Although I originally enjoyed the Honeymooners quite a bit, I found it too depressing to watch. All of the plans made to get ahead invariably went wrong and they were incapable changing their station in life, which they apparently wanted to do.
My father would always shake his fist and quote the show while looking me in the eye, his own filled with unending affection.
On another note, I would rather have B.B. King’s record collection.

And she mostly just snorted, rolled her eyes and made another fat joke.


Bosda, have you ever actually WATCHED The Honeymooners?

As for books on parapsychology and the supernatural, yeah, it’s all bullshit. But some of it’s entertaining to read. (Who DOESN’T like a good ghost story?)

How about “A big fat guy who pioneered the idea of female astronauts.”