Heh. Father sues over sons "traumatized" by lesbian book


The mockery just writes itself, doesn’t it ? Sleepless nights indeed. And was their “pain and suffering” due to friction burns and repetitive strain of the wrist ?

'Cause his boys are REAL MEN, yessir. And everyone knows that you file the lesbian sex manuals next to the section on military acadamies.

Shame on you for mocking them, Der Trihs. How are those children supposed to focus on serving their country when their minds are filled with thoughts of the smooth bodies of beautiful women as they do naked, unspeakable things with each other?

I can relate. That’s what kept me out of the service, too. :mad:

I’ll be in mah bunk.

Most books about military academies would be in the 355 section, according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system, whereas gay and lesbian studies would be around 305-306. It’s possible they could have even been shelved in the same row at their local library. Still, this man is a moron and it’s a shame the library system capitulated and removed the book and the director is resigning.

Mmm hmm. And we know* that’s * the first time ever that these fine, upstanding young men ever heard of them lez-bee-uns! How traumatic.

Many sleepless nights in their house? Erm - why?

Thinking about how to parlay this little incident into an attempt to extort the city library system for money, maybe?


Thanks goodness these boys became known to the general public. Think of what might have happened had they come into contact with an actual LESBIAN. Or a gay man! Or (gasp!) a bisexual of either gender!

They came across the book. Heh. Hehhehheh.

I don’t think we can blame the Dewey Decimal System for this one, Lou. :smiley:

ETA: If I had teenage boys, I would probably be happier at them looking at lesbian sex manuals than at info on military academies. But that’s just me.

Well, it’s a good thing they’re apparently planning on a military career. As we all know, there are no lesbians in the Army.

I recall an anecdote about Queen Victoria. As she was about to sign an Act of Parliament criminalizing sodomy, one of her counselors suggested it ought to be amended to include lesbians. Victoria replied, “Lesbians? What are they?” When the matter was explained to her, she retorted, “Nonsense! There are no such women!” And signed the bill as it was, leaving lesbo sex uncriminalized in the UK.

Possible, but if it’s a sex manual it was in the 613s somewhere.

Came across the book indeed.


I’m picturing two kids, sent to the library to “get some books on REAL MEN” who, the minute Dad’s back is turned, go for the good stuff. Dad makes an unexpected check up on them, finds them reading the “how to” manual, and they have to do some real quick back-peddling.

I bet they are embarrassed as heck that he made it an issue…

And “offensive, with no real literary value”? Not in MY life, I tell you!

gotta keep those middle teen’s wrapped in cotton wool! It would be negligent to let them get any sort of realistic picture of the world they’re living in after all. Particulrly if it means they will be ‘tenting’ at night

The Dad is an utter idiot. (I wonder if we could suggest that every citizen of Arkansas sue him for $1 for embarrassing the state.)

I note that the Benton County Dailty Record/NorthWest Arkansas News provides a bit more detail than 365gay.com did.

The book has been temproarily removed pending finding a book that is presented in a less “crude” way (based on a comment by the library advisory board), but they have no intention of simply removing or discarding the book and the board seems quite supportive of the librarian (whose resignation of the part time position is reported to be connected to spending more time at her private business).

Lesbians? In a library? In Kentucky? Jeebus, whatever will we do?!!!

I thought in Kentucky that they still thought the sun circles the earth.

In any case, libraries in general tend to carry anything highly sexual in the reference section or the stacks…where you have to specifically ask for it. When I was a kid I never “happened on” anything good in a library…no matter how hard I tried.

I hope someone kicks the dad in the head until he bleeds. I hope the city files criminal extortion charges over his attempt to shake 20 grand out of it. I hope his kids have all been exposed to high levels of radiation that has rendered them sterile, preventing this fucktard’s genes from polluting the pool any more than they already have.

Me neither. :frowning:

I second Fetchund.

When asked to comment, God stated, “Tell Earl I said he should lighten up and stop trying to blame me for every crazy idea he gets in his head.”

Nothing really to add here (would saying “this is stupid” for nth time be considered a pile-on?) except, it’s Arkansas, not Kentucky.

So, anyone know a way I too can happen to come across this book?