Big honey bee plus finger flick = nothing.

I had one of them big ass honey bees sitting on the seat of my motorcycle yesterday. I figure the best way to shoo it off was to give it an aggressive finger flick. You know the kind where you curl your middle finger inside your thumb, straighten out the other three fingers and then cock it to the point that your hand shakes? Well, I lined up the flick to hit squarely at the peak of flex right on the bee’s ass.

Flaaccckkkk, bee goes sailing off into the lawn. I figure I’d just go over and finish it off so it doesn’t sting me, 'cept it never touched the grass. The damned thing, after sailing about ten feet at 600 miles per hour, somehow recovered and actually flew away, seemingly unharmed!

I gave it all I could folks and that damned bee took it and just casually flew away like nothing happened!


Has nature somehow created a defense for the finger flick?
What’s next, a windshield immunity?

Just when I thought man had the upper hand…

Imagine if something 3000 times your size flicked you? All that’d be left is some combination of vapor and smear. Smapor.

So now you’ve got a big ass honey bee in the neighborhood who doesn’t like you much and thinks you flick like a sissy. He went home to tell his friends.

That might explain the behive in my lunchbox today…

Seriously, I squared off on that bastard with a crushing homerun swing of a flick. No sissy involved, no-sirreee.

It friggin jarred my shoulder I tell ya!

Mmmmm… big ass honey.

Sez you. Back at the hive, they’re calling you Sally.

I hit one of those wood-boring bees on my garage with some bee-killing spray once, and the bee flew straight up in the air. I watched him getting smaller and smaller. He flew past the top of a sixty-foot spruce, then he started getting bigger. He was coming back! I ducked inside the garage and watched as he crash-dived into the concrete, dead. He had me worried for a second there.

You saw an actual honey bee? Neat. I haven’t seen a real honey bee just in nature around here for awhile, after that one mite stormed on in and killed most of them off.

That must have been one tough mite.

Seriously! I think he was on PCP or something.


Theres a lot of accelleration, but barely any mass. The amount of force the bee feels is nil.

That was a kamikazbee, I think.

There was a young man from St Bees
Who was stung on the nose by a wasp
When asked “Did it hurt?”
He said “Yes, it did”
“But I’m so glad it wasn’t a hornet!”

Yeah, there’s a beekeper that lives by me. Said there was some sort of virus or mite that killed virtually every honeybee in the area. Makes me wonder what kind of impact that’d have on the environment as a whole. Makes me wonder if we can’t use that as the atomic bomb against killer bees.