Big Love 10 July (open spoilers)

I think she was just doing her own clothes. No one else was in there.

Look one post above yours. :smiley:

It’s happened more than once and about more than just drinking, but I don’t remember the context in the other episodes. He definitely has control issues. He also takes a scolding tone with her. I’m surprised that his girlfriend hasn’t kicked him to the curb. Also, he got in a fight (and lost from the looks of it) two episodes ago while hanging out with the Straight Edge crowd.

I’m not sure about Megatouch machines in particular (or your area), but video poker/slot machines are pretty common in bars around here. None of them have slots to pay out on the machines. They all have signs saying that they are “for entertainment purposes only”. However, if you aren’t a stranger in the bar, they definitely pay out. You just have to talk to the bartender. They will clear the machine and give you your cash. I would be willing to bet that this is the case in most places.

I thought Rhonda was making the whole thing up in order to manipulate Sarah into bringing her to Heather’s house. The screaming, the whole bit about Jesus, totally calculated to get sympathy should she have to escalate. Her hysteria seemed so rehearsed, as if she knew she had to give a performance and would repeat it on command if Sarah didn’t comply with her wishes.

As for Sarah’s boyfriend being a perv, she did originally lie about her age to him, saying she was older when they were in group together. I don’t think he molested Rhonda. It’s just another gambit in Rhonda’s repertoire of tactics to get people to do what she wants.

I’m pretty sure you’re right and it looked like Sarah didn’t give it a second thought. Still, there’s enough for them to pull a twist if they really wanted. One of the reasons I say that is a small part of me is expecting Alby to get a chance to do some good somewhere along the line. Rescuing Sarah would be one way for that to happen. More likely Alby is going to do something completely reprehensible though.

I’m not sure if it will happen, but I’ve been thinking it would be a very cool way to work the plot for some time now. Bill tries to take the Juniper Creek gang mainstream. Now that would be fun to watch!!

I like the waitress subplot, especially if Bill’s looking for another wife. In the first season, we got a good idea of how they manage things in plural marriage, but we haven’t seen how it starts.

Seems like the very first thing Bill needs to do is find out if Ana is even Mormon, even before exchanging phone numbers. I’m curious to see how Bill goes about finding out. Unless someone’s born again or a fundamentalist, religion doesn’t often come up in casual conversation.

He wouldn’t seduce Ana and just spring it on her, would he?

I’m not sure they even have to share the religion, only the polygamic principle. In fact, Margene wasn’t baptized into the faith until well after she and Bill were married. (He baptized her in the backyard pond last season.) There’s probably a pretty standard approach strategy. It will be interesting to see what it is.

Speaking of processes, I’m wondering whether Bill will be angry about Margene making contact with Ana. There might well be an established protocol in which the husband introduces the sister-wives at some point. I seem to recall that their acceptance is a prerequisite to the deal. They vote on it.

Fascinating subplot…I was raised (now lapsed) Catholic, and I reacted to Nikki in a “hey…stop hatin’ on my faith” kinda way. Although they did lay on the arcane & weird really thick – I spent 8 years in parochial school without ever dressing up in bishop’s robes. :slight_smile:

According to Nikki, Rhonda can spot-weld. (another great line from a previous episode)

Well that appeared to be a straight up lie to get Rhonda taken in by the Machineshop for Wayward Girls.

While counting & canning the money, Lois said “I wonder how much we’d make if we actually opened the doors to that place.” In a previous episode Lois told Bill that she was given a loan from the SBA [federal Small Business Administration] to open the laundromat.

Lois is acting as a front for Eddie in a scheme to defraud the federal government: they’re pocketing the loan proceeds instead of spending them to get the business up and running.

Apparently, scamming the federal government is a way of life (not at all frowned-upon) in some of these outlying communities. (This gets mentioned in the documentary that’s in rotation on HBO.)

Recall also that Rhonda wanted to go shopping with the girls-- and offered to use food stamps to buy them something.

Ah, that must be it. I had forgotten about the SBA loan. Good catch!

BTW, that scene where she was canning money had me rolling on the floor. She is such a whacky old lady, but things kind of make a certain logical sense in her whacked out universe. She and Wanda are quite a pair!

Ditto. Nicky and Lois: my favorite characters on this show.

Chloe Sevigny = Nikki (or Nicky, or however you spell her name).

Sarah claimed to be a college freshman until he suggested they go to a concert on campus and she asked if she’d need a college ID to get in. She’s a high school senior and at least 17. It’s still odd, but nowhere near as creepy as what we’ve seen on the compound. He didn’t try to molest Rhonda; she’s just being manipulative. Although it’s utterly insane of him to let Sarah leave him alone with her. What is the age of consent in Utah anyway? Didn’t Rhonda mention something about the pre-marriage placement being to get around the law until she’s 16? :confused:

Another woman tried to come in, but Lois shooed her away and said they weren’t open.

Anyone else think that it was strange that the vice-principal (a nun :confused: ) addressed Nikki as “Mrs Henrickson”? True she and Bill are a “public couple” at the school, but wouldn’t Nikki at some point need to show ID or something? These days no school (even a Catholic one) would think it odd for a woman to have a different surname than her kids or husband.

Hi all,
Not a bad episode, kinda a lull after all the fun last week but I agree with how great Chloe Sevigny (sp?) is. What was the Brown Bunny incident though?

Barb just annoys me. Every scene with her makes me want to throttle her. Always the martyr, always 'saving" someone. The only time she was interesting to me was when she and Bill were having an affair. I think the best thing they could do with her character is to have her split from Bill/other wives. I would be sad for her family but actually, might be doing at least Sarah a favor as she doesn’t seem to have much of a father/daughter relationship and she really doesn’t care for the family set up. Nikki might become intolerable though as a result…

Sarah told her new boyfriend she was eighteen- wondering if she smudged that a bit too but seems like a good storyline. Loved her face when she saw the “surprise” her coworkers had called her out for.

Heather (who I used to like) and Rhonda seem to deserve each other.

I agree, the character’s definitely coming into her own a lot more this season, and that’s great. Her being the one to find out about Ana raises a lot of questions. What was her motive for going to meet Ana? Curiosity? Sabotage? Or just wanting to have some bit of information, for once, that Nikki and Barb don’t? The last possibility seems the most interesting to me. Margene’s always been the odd one out, and it’s clear that Barb and Nikki see her as childish and not so bright. We’re seeing her act a lot more as an intelligent and confident character this season, and I can see where she’d love to have a little secret knowledge that she doesn’t share with the older wives. This is, in my opinion, the most intriguing program on TV–the only one that leaves me thinking after every episode.

…I was thinking that. None of the kids, except for Barb’s, would have the Henrickson last name, right? I mean, they certainly wouldn’t have Bill as “father” on their birth certificates, would they? Sure, they can keep their polygamy underground, but I’d think it would be just as scandalous to have him publicly “outed” as fathering children by three different women, as shown on the hospital records.

Surely Wayne’s birth certicate was required for enrollment in the school. With the underground life that they lead I would expect Nikki’s children to have the Grant last name, and Margene’s children to carry her last name. Anyone else have any thoughts along this line?

The Brown Bunny incident was Chloe Sevigny appearing in The Brown Bunny, a movie which I personally liked but which was trashed as boring and pointless by a lot of people, including Roger Ebert who got into a feud with director Vincent Gallo over the movie. Sevigny does not play a very large part in the movie, but she does suck a very large part - namely, Vincent Gallo’s cock, in the infamous climax of the film. The act was unsimulated and filmed in explicit detail, by the way.

I think Brown Bunny is a great example of avant-garde filmmaking and a misunderstood movie. First of all, Gallo wrote, directed, produced, and starred in it, and he also wrote and recorded all the music for it, which to me is very impressive. Second of all, I think it has an interesting story and good acting, although you have to have patience to watch it. Third of all, the blowjob scene did exactly what it was intended to do - stir up controversy, and that is a good thing and I like that Gallo is brash enough to have an explicit sex act in his movie. We live in a bullshit hypocritical sex-obsessed culture, where everything in our popular media is screaming, “SEX! SEX! SEX!” at us, but we’re supposed to deny that it’s a part of our lives and deny that people have genitals and yes, we use them to fuck each other. We’re allowed to insinuate a blowjob in a movie, or show a woman’s head bobbing up and down under a sheet (because of course everyone has sex under a sheet in real life) but actually show the guy’s cock and all hell breaks loose. I don’t know if Gallo thought this hard about the issue or if he just said, "I’m going to show a blow job in my movie, hee hee!!) but either way, the movie accomplished what it was intended to do, which was to shake people up. And I’m always in favor of that.

Whew. Sorry for sidetracking there. But I had to say it.