Big Love 10 July (open spoilers)

I’m really loving Margene’s growth as a character. I’m glad she’s the one who saw Ana and is checking her out. I also love the unfolding story of Joey and Wanda. It’s turning out that he’s the crazy slow one and she’s quite bright actually. I like the fact that Don grew a pair and cut Bill off. It really isn’t **all ** about revenge, but it is to a large extent. Rhonda is downright dangerous, and Sarah is an idiot to fool with her.

So far I’m liking season 2 better than the first season. It’s hard to believe that Margene is turning out to be the one with the most common sense. Bill definitely does not need another wife. The whole taking the wedding ring off thing almost seems more like affair territory than wife territory. I can’t say that I would call Joey slow. He seems to get some things a lot better than Bill. He just has a weakness for alcohol and a seriously flawed wife that he’s in love with.

But didn’t you think it was a bit creepy the way he was coming on to Barb?

Creepy? No, I wouldn’t call it creepy. It’s understandable in some ways. Barb is still getting it done. :wink:

It is wrong though, if that’s what he was doing. It’s actually kind of out of character too. This is a guy that was willing to go to prison for his wife. It makes me wonder if Barb didn’t nail it. With Bill mad at Joey, he reaches out to Barb for support. It just comes off a little odd.

If you want to talk creepy though, I’m really getting creeped out by the whole polygamy thing this season. Obviously it’s not hard to be creeped out by Roman, but even Bill’s gig is bugging me. It really hit home last night as they start to set things up with Ana. Joey really did get that one. Bill is very selfish. Oh, the oldest son, he creeps me out too.

Ben? Why?

I didn’t know whether it was “affair” or “wife”, but when he told Don, “I took my wedding ring off”, I think that was meant to be understood as “I’m working on a new wife.” Don got jazzed up about it.

That waitress played the Eastern European model who wanted to bed Vince in Entourage.

I too am liking season 2 a lot more than season 1.

Totally funny when Barb said something about Margene’s snoring.

Every week I am more impressed with how good an actress Chloe Sevigny is. Everything from how she holds the phone, to how she walks. She uses her body, her eyes, her hands. The scene where she went to get the boy at school. . .you could really feel the hatred mixed with suspicion.

I agree that Bill’s interest in the waitress is skeezy - it seems especially creepy to behave that way when your wife is pregnant. And somehow I don’t think Ana is the type who’s going to be open to polygamy.

Way too controlling of his girlfriend. Way too fundamental. He has abusive written all over him. He’s going to catch his girlfriend having a wine cooler with Margene, snap, and try to beat them both up or something.

Wow. That’d be cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I knew I had seen her somewhere.

I agree. And she’s totally hot, too! I’d take her for my second wife any day! :wink:

This was a really good episode. I liked all the nuttiness that Lois displays, the calm, rational insanity that Wanda has. Rhonda is at her bitchy, controlling, and totally lost best. Joey is helpless and vulnerable, but he has a big heart. Etc…

So, when Lois said to Ed something like: I wonder how much money we’d make if we opened the doors… is she saying that the laundromat is a money laundering operation? If so, I predict trouble from that loan he gives to Bill.

I loved these lines:

Joey: I just want to live in peace with Wanda.
Bill: Then get her to stop poisoning people!

I agree with this too. I’m glad that disastrous Brown Bunny incident didn’t completely derail her career.

Did anyone else think that Nikki was kind of jealous/fascinated by Catholicism, and it’s her screwed up way of expressing it that she took out on Wayne? Kind of sour grapes, because Catholicism is just as arcane and weird as her religion, but they have social acceptance and status, and her religion doesn’t.

I really have to question Bill’s sanity at this point. Does he just want to have an affair with Ana? Or is he looking for another wife? How can he afford what he already has, 3 houses/wives, 7 kids, no social acceptance? I hope Margie foils his attempt rather than fosters it, because it seems like a really bad idea to add to the family when so much scrutiny is on it already, AND a baby is on the way.

What the hell are they going to do with Rhonda? She is a little monster.

They’ll probably have to marry her too.

Yep. She had this weird look of fear and awe on her face at the same time.

I also had to question the whole bit about the school being a place where he could publicly acknowledge Wayne-- he’s a public figure around that whole area, and the school has to be within driving distance of where they live. Someone at the school is going to recognize him sooner or later.

I think he’s thinking 4th wife. He’s nuts, for the reasons you list.

I think the best thing would have been to ship her off to Nikki’s 2nd cousin in Wyoming (or wherever he was). I think it’s funny how she’s gravitating to Heather.

Anyone have any thoughts about the whole laundromat thing I mentioned in my earlier post? Something very fishy is going on, and I’m not quite sure what it is.

I love Bill’s mother - having Wanda committed, then complaining: “And it was very hard on me!”

Poor Nicki. She tries to conform a little by wearing pants to Wayne’s school - but can’t forgo that little bit of Little House on the Prairie lace on her shirt. Are the compound women required to wear a minimum yardage of lace at all times?

Why does Wayne call Nicki “Mother”, when she calls her own mother “Mama”? That seems off to me.

In my family, my sister called our mother “Mother”. The rest of us called her “Momma”.

I, too, think that Bill is crazy for wanting a 4th wife.

I’ve sort of convinced myself that it’s definitely for a wife, not an affair. In addition to his exchange with Don – well, sometimes you just gotta ask. . .what makes the show interesting? That a guy with 3 wives has an “affair” that will start up and resolve with petty conflicts, or that he takes on another wife and re-ups the encumbrances and strains on his life, that which we watch the for?

Or at least make the effort to get a new wife – whether she’s into it or not, I don’t know.

If he does, perhaps the pressures become too great, and moving into the hills with Don and his brother and starting his own community begins to make sense?

I don’t know if it’s money laundering or what, but there’s something less than legal going on there. I’ll spoiler this next part since I can’t remember if it was from the end of the episode or the previews.

The uncle’s wife (GF?) expressed concern that he was using some cash too soon. That would imply stolen to me or something along those lines.

Jim Beaver’s character needing to unload these machines/business this fast should be sending up all kinds of red flags with Bill too. He could end up with legal problems (or problems with organized crime) from both sides of the deal. Bill really shouldn’t have ignored Don.

Although I don’t disagree at all, has anyone given any thought to Rhonda telling the truth about Sarah’s boyfriend? He did say that he was going to try to have someone come over so he wouldn’t be alone with her, but apparently that didn’t happen. Also, a 28 year old dating a 16 year old? That doesn’t mean he’s pure evil, but it does put his ethics in question for sure.

Don definitely got excited, but I did wonder if a new wife was the point that Bill was trying to make. He seemed to be feeling pretty guilty.

The more I think about this, Bill is probably the least sane one of the bunch. That’s saying something!

Oh yeah that Uncle character seemed like bad news from the moment he was introduced. When we first saw the laundry mat it was open wasn’t it and it seemed Lois was working there.

Why hasn’t anyone asked or considered why “Ellsworth” (the casino machine guy) is in such a hurry to sell?

I love the focus on Sarah over Ben. They had no idea how to write teenage boys in season 1 so focusing on the teenage girls may prove better. When Rhonda accused Sarah’s boyfriend of rape I expected Sarah to cut her off not shuffle her off to her devout LDS-daughter of a cop best friend.

Ben has never shown an ounce of aggression in the entire show, so any call that he seems too controlling is just ridiculous. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to drink. That means he might someday abuse her? WTF?

They forshadowed some Joey/Barb stuff last season. Remember a lot of people took this to mean that Ben wasn’t actually Bill and Barb’s son but rather Joey’s and an unnamed woman.
At the end of last season I predicted that this season would have more of Bill trying to wrestle control of Juniper Creek from Roman and assume his rightful place as the religious leader of the sect. He is the grandson of the founder. I think we might actually see that come about in Season 3.

Yeah, I had the same thought, because of the way it was meant to seem like Rhonda was obviously just making it up to get what she wanted.

I agree with whoever said Joey was right about Bill being selfish. He convinces himself it’s God/fate every time he’s attracted to a woman. If I married every woman I was attracted to I’d have 5000 wives by now.

I don’t get how Megatouch machines are “gambling”. They’re just entertainment around here, usually in bars. I’ve never seen one in Vegas, either. At least not one that gave money in return.